Direct TVpoor service and false advertising

Signed up for service in November of 2007. Signed up on the internet for a one year agreement for service plus local HD channels. Now it is September of 2008. Still no HD local channels and I was told by customer service that I am now locked into a 2 year contract. They also told me that I would have to purchase an external antenna for local HD channels. I contacted an installer for a HD antanna and he laugh when I mentioned DirecTV. He said it would cost $250.00 for an antenna with installation. I was also told that DirecTV uses this as a scam to sign up new customer's. Customer service at Directv has an excuse for everything when you call them. I can't even get reception whenever it rains. DirecTV informed me that the dish was installed wrong ! They are the ones who subcontracted the installation when I signed up ! This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will not keep this service and I have an attorney looking into my complaint.

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