Direct TVfraudulent banking practices

Went to Mexico to live for a while, was given the local directv rep phone# by our real estate agent. He came out and installed the equiptment. Took my debit card for automatic payments .Paid for the entire time we were in Mexico. During our stay we moved from one house to another. I called Directv to get them to move the dish. I was then informed that Directv does not service Mexico and they couldn't move the dish.I then called the installer, and he said he would move it for $150.00 cash.I again called Directv and they found out an account for me with a San Diego address. Iv'e never lived in San Diego. The installer then said never contact Directv always call him for any service issues. in Sept.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in El Segundo, CA we decided to move back to Montana, called the installer and he said to keep the equipment it was ours and we could move it and use it here. On Jan 20th I noticed a $4.00 withdrawl on my debit card. I called the issuer Direct Express and notified them that this was not authorized and do not pay Directv any more money. They agreed. I also contacted Directv and disputed any outstanding balance. ON Jan 21st I received my SSDisability funds on my Direct Express debit card. I used about $260.00 and later that day Directv took the balance of $1001.00, leaving me penniless. Without funds for food needed medications or rent money. I called Direct Express and Directv and they both said they would get back to me. Iv'e called them numerous times since with the same runaround results. Neither business seems to care that creditors can not garnish disability funds, even though I don't owe Directv anything. I hope this is enough data to get something started.

Jan 26, 2015

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