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Direct TV / unauthorized credit charges

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In August 2008, my directv service was disconnected for non payment. I only owed the one month, which I do not dispute. Two weeks later, I received an email stating that they had discontinued my service. On 09/29/2008, I attempted to pay my electricity bill with my credit card. To my surprise, the charge was declined. When I checked my balance, DirecTV had charged my card, $179.17. When I called them, I first spoke with a girl who barely spoke english, becoming increasingly frustrated, after spending 10+ minutes on hold, I asked for a supervisor. I was then transferred to a Gentleman named Dax, Dax refused to give me his last name, but informed me his ID # was [protected]. I explained to him what had happened, and that my car had been charged for more than what was owed. I had service for more than 4 years, so there was no early cancellation fee. After he reviewed my file, he agreed that On 09/22/2008, DirecTV had cut my new Bill, now note that I had NO service for the month of August. On the same day, 09/22/2008, they [Directv] charged my card for the same amount that they billed me for. This bill was not mailed to me, emailed to me, nor was the charge authorized. I did not, nor have I ever, elected for automatic bill pay. THE CHARGE WAS MADE WITHOUT MY CONSENT!! After getting a long speech from "Dax", I hung up the phone. I am sure I will not hear from them again, but he assured me that I would hear from his supervisor, whose name is "Marlon" his voice mail number, NOT A REAL VOICE number, is [protected]. So on 09/22/2008 DirecTV cuts a new bill with inflated charges, On 09/22/2008, they also pre-authorize my credit card for the amount of the inflated bill, On 09/27/2008 they post the charges, aparently this 5 day period was to see if I would notice the charge. On 09/29/2008 I spoke with "Dax", and reluctantly I will see if they will keep their word. I will update this post when they do. Until then, Beware of DIRECTV!!! I would entertain hearing from any attorney who would like to file suit against DirecTV. Please note the following information listed below my name and account number is information that was cut and pasted directly from their website. If you notice there is NO automatic bill pay selected!

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  • Da
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had the same problem with them charging my debit card which I did not authorize. When I canceled the service, they said I would be charged a fee for early cancalation even though I signed up for a one year contract and all of a sudden they said I was in a two year contract because I had the dvr.

    Also, I have sometimes paid with my boyfriend's and parent's credit cards, when I canceled the service, they said they would bill the card on file the amount they felt I owed. I called and said there should not be a card on file because I just paid online and some of the credit cards were not even mine.

    Unfortunately somehow they charged my debit card (even though I didn't have funds available and my bank did not reject the charge) and now I have to pay an additional $27.00 nsf fee to bank. Good thing I didn't have anything else coming out of the account on that day or it would have been $27.00 per item.

    I really wish I could take Direct Tv to court for unauthorized charges.

  • Ja
      15th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Directv just charged my credit card account for the amount due the day after I cancelled service with them for horrible customer service that they provided us earlier this month. I found out about it when I called to find out what my new balance was so that I could pay it off. They said that they charged my credit card for the amount due, so they showed my balance as $0. I asked them who gave them permission to charge my account and they said that they didn't need permission. They already had my credit card. I immediately contacted my credit card company and reported fraudulant activity on my card. They closed out my account and are issuing me another card. I am in the middle of disputing this charge as an unauthorized charge and have asked that my credit card company reject the charge as such. Directv can then send me an itemized bill for the charges (the previous bill was for the entire month) and we will be done with them! I would LOVE to see a class action lawsuit against this company.

  • Sc
      10th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Something similar happpened to me. I had directv for 5 years paying at least $100/mo. on time. about 6 months ago my receiver stopped working so they sent a replacement. They now tell me that I agreed to an 18month contract extension in order for them to send the receiver. I would never agree to such a contract but they say I did. Now, I am forced to move and the place I am moving to doesnt allow satellite. when I called to cancel they told me I would have to pay $260 cancellation fee for breaking the contract. I even sent a letter to the corporate office pleading my case and they told me the fee would stand and they would use any credit card i have on file to get the money. My final bill was paid on time and a few days later, $260 was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. That is Bull----. I used to be a big fan of DirecTV but now I tell everyone i know to go with their competitors. F--- DirecTV.

  • Di
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yep this just happend to us too, customers for over 6 years, we cancelled because we got fiber in the area and could get more channels for less and were told we were under a 2 year contract. We never agreed to a new contract but I guess when they replaced one of our recievers they renewed our contract without us knowing, now I just find a charge to our bank account for the amount of the fee. I only found out because I went in to balance my checkbook and saw I had a lot less money than I should have. These guys are jerks, I have disputed it with my bank, emailed Directv a "nice" letter and complained to the BBB. Would love to know of other things I can do to get this money back.

  • Kk
      19th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Directv charged my card today for three movies that were ordered over a year ago. I cancelled my service back in January and returned my equipment. I even received a refund a couple of weeks ago from Directv for OVERPAYING. Today, they charged my card (almost two months after I cancelled my service) for $17.99 without my knowledge or permission. I was set on autopay throughout my active term with them so they used the card on file. These movies were already paid for on a previous bill might I add.

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