Direct TVdirectv rebate failure

Fri Feb 13 2009 I signed up for DirecTV promotion promising a $50 & $200 rebate if I purchased a flat screen TV and subscribed to DirecTV service for 2yrs. I fulfilled all the requirements and soon received the $50 rebate. The $200 rebate was promised within 60-90 days but after more than 90 days without the rebate I cancelled the service. I was then billed a $322.85 early termination fee which I refused to pay based on their failure to uphold their part of the agreement. Within a year they stopped demanding payment. Now. nearly 6 years later I get a collection letter demanding payment. It is my hope that COSTCO will stop allowing vendors with dishonest and destructive practices to prey on COSTCO customers. Please request that they stop harassing me for their failure to honor their agreement.
Lance G. Peyton/Exec Mbr # [protected]; 26520 Keissel Rd, Colton, CA [protected]

Direct TV

Jan 29, 2015

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