Direct TV / contract lie for free movie channels

United States Review updated:

We recently had Dirct tv installed and was offered a “package” deal which included free movie channels for 3 months and free NFL Ticket. The installer showed me where the NFL games were, (channel 700s)and told me to enjoy the games on Sunday. Well, Sunday came but I did not have access to NFL Ticket. I also do not have the free movie channels as promised. When I complained to them, they lied and said they had not promised those things in my package.

They said we were locked in to a 2 year contract and there was nothing they could do about it. Funny enough, they let my wife make an agreement over the phone to alter the contract by paying more each month, but would not allow us to add the NFL Ticket we were promised the first time. I HATE to be lied to…..Sign up with Direct tv….you WILL be lied to!

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