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Direct TV / now I am the big loser in all of this and they still say, oh well!

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I had direct TV installed in march of 2005. Unknown to me at the time the installation was done using my local cable carriers line. Our home owners association has a deal with the local cable company and for a small fee tacked onto our yearly dues, we get expanded basic for pennies on the dollar. Well when I called our cable company to have dsl set up, they came out and found out that the Direct TV installer had not only used their lines, which I never gave them permission for, they cut a line into my living room for faster installation. Needless to say I lost my direct TV service.

Here is the frustrating part. When I called them today to complain about it, they told me they had the right to do what ever is necessary to get the service going. they said they can not use their lines on the poles, or their small junction boxes by the property. But they have the right to use the cable outside of the home. I told them I would never have allowed it to be done that way, as I should be able to use both if I choose when ever I want, since both are being paid for and it is an active account. They told me again they had the right to do what they did. I told them they do not have the right to disable wires inside my home without my permission, which they did do. Again I was told that was not true. Now in order to get my service done the right way they said, I have to pay 99.95 for a secondary line into my home since the first one is not being used. I can't use it, they cable company took back their line. I also have to pay any other charges that might occur.

Now I not only do not have direct TV, I have no cable either. I now have to call the cable company out to fix what direct TV did to their lines, and pay for that as well. Somehow something does not seem legal here.

Direct TV used no common sense when installing this into my home, they looked for the easiest and cheapest way to install it without checking with me first. Now I am the big looser in all of this and they still say, OH WELL!

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  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    Direct TV, Inc.
    Attn: Collections Department
    P.O. Box 6550
    Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

    Dear Collections Agent,

    In 2004, we contacted Direct TV about becoming a customer because we wanted to have high definition service in our home, particularly on ABC, NBC and CBS, which were the stations we watched most often.

    We were assured that the HD service was possible, and the technician who came to install the service also assured us of that fact. After he put the dish on our roof and connected the service, he informed us that HD was not available on the channels we had specified.

    We were stunned that we had been misled so deliberately, and we immediately told the company that we did not want to be a Direct TV customer. We were billed anyway, and we disputed the invoice at the time. I talked with numerous people at Direct TV, including supervisors, and we had the charge removed from our credit card. We thought the matter had been resolved, and I even followed up with a letter to Direct TV, outlining the unsatisfactory experience we had, hoping this would not happen to anyone else.

    It is November of 2006, and we have now received notice from Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc., that we are being charged $328.08 by Direct TV. After talking today with yet another supervisor at your company, I was told I could write this letter but that, in short, Direct TV had washed their hands of this matter.

    Clearly it is wrong to hold us responsible and to jeopardize our credit rating. Direct TV misrepresented their service to us ? twice ? and now is expecting us to pay for the mistake.

    We ask again that you remove this claim immediately and notify us and the collections agency that you have done so.

    Cathy and Lee Jenkins

    Cc: Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc.

  • Ev
      10th of Jan, 2007
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    On dec .28 ,2006 my parents have direct tv, and have no complaints. So a man call there house and told the company was offering them a free installment . So they told them about me my mother gave them her # so i can get free installment . I answered the phone at this time it was 8:00p.m .i talked to a man name (miguel diaz )and gave him, my information we where fine about the agree, but there was something about giving the card # . So he told me that i could speak to boss and may be she can insure me everything would be ok, I spoke to a (cynitha) . After i spoke i gave my information. We set up a date and everything was fine. 20 min. Later he called to tell me that they wanted keep the card #, but with my cousins name that was not the agreement . That was my sisters name i never said my sisters name to him, how he found out i don't now. I told him to cancel it and he keep repeating the same thing.i went home upset and listened to my messages on the phone, so guess how left me a message miguel tell me again his fraud agreement that he wanted to because, i had to pay and she didn't ... W.o.w that how u have working for your company. Will i call my lawyer and he told me that i have, a great case, because i have witness ,and that i have recording on my phone. I was offered a free directv and end off with nothing only a mess, so i would like to what is this company going to do about this people who are doing this fraud...? If this doesn't act on anything i will precharges to the company. Contact me 856- 462 -4121 my# thank u

  • Cn
      1st of Jun, 2007
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    If you are going to post a complaint about a company at least do it in proper English and in complete sentences so we can understand what you are trying to say. I have no idea what you are talking about with all the misspellings and broken sentences. Maybe that is why you are having issues with this company. You cannot speak English and this is an American company you are complaining about.

  • Ed
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    I live in an apartment and the tenant next door complained about our satellite blocking the door. I called the company to request to move the satellite in front of our door instead so that it's no longer blocking and causing problems to the tenant next door. Direct TV is charging us $99.00 just to relocate it. Right now, the apartment manager moved the satellite to a different direction so that it's no longer causing problem to the next door tenant, however, as a result we lost our satellite and can't watch anything on the television.

    Does it seem fair to be charge $99.00 for a problem that was even caused by you?

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