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Direct TV / fraud and scam

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Phone: 800-494-4388

We've been a loyal customer of Direct TV going on 10 years. We've always paid our bills on time and used to recommend them to everyone. In the last several years their customer service has tanked and their prices continue to go up.

When we moved at the end of 2007, we used their move services. They stood us up for installation NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, NOT THREE TIME, but 4 times!!! A manager had to get involved to finally get someone to show up. We took off of work each time to be home and lost time and money waiting until Direct TV decided they wanted to keep us as customers and could find time in their schedule. After each incident, a 'resolution specialist' promised us credits and limited time of free movie channels if we would just be patient and reschedule the move installation.

Each and every bill we've received for the last 9 months has been wrong. They've overcharged us and conveniently left off credits they promised. Each month it takes at least an hour talking with someone who really doesn't care if you stay as a customer or not to finally get the bill corrected. We've even been charged for services we didn't even ask for - the supervisor decided to just add on top of credits. Every month we were charged for these extras she through in and when the time was up on them we were charged a disconnect fee!

I called again today because we again did not have one of the credits listed on our bill and promised for 12 months. The first operator told me that I had received enough credits and should be satisfied. I asked to speak to a resolution specialist and was transferred. The resolution specialist told me that Direct TV would not honor prior commitments to me on discounts even though it is fully documented in their system.

After all these years of being a customer, I'm now ready to cancel. They don't care if they have your business or not and they will lie to you and tell you they'll give you something that either you have to fight to continue to get month after month or that they will just outright say that they've decided not to honor their word. Their customer service stinks, their billing is inaccurate, and they refuse to follow through on what they promise even when they know that they promised it and it was the basis for you continuing on as a customer at the time.

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  • Gl
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    Notified Direct TV to cancel service. I was told that since a few weeks ago I had a failed HD receiver fail and it was replaced by a Direct TV technician that a new contract was initiated. I was never told of this. Why would a failed rented receiver start a new contract? I was on a month to month contract as I had already had the terrible service beyond the original contract period. I told the Direct TV agent that if I saw the fraudulent charge on my bill I would institute a charge back immediately. My service shall end on July 11, 08 and I am sending back the two receivers to the address given to me by the agent. I still can't figure how replacing THEIR FAILED receiver is resulting in them claiming a new contract has been started?

  • Th
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    I believe everyone should review all complaints on dtv on this page we all have the same story and I believe we should all get together like fred in vulsia county florida said and file a class action lawsuit against this company.They are deceptive, sneaky, underhanded, rude disrespectful, bullying buisness.This company has left holes in my walls, bit the end of my cable wire, not finished the job, installed used equipment in my home{that's right the equipment they pull out of the box-is the used eequipment from people that have cancelled service or equipment they've replaced.They charge fees for cancelling contracts that were never signed, charge for service calls that they never showed up to-charge for service calls they shouldn't when you have payment protection plan. Lord we could all go on and on couldn't we.When you talk to these people ask for their name and employee i.d. number write down time and date, keep copies of your e-mails you send and recieve.Call your banks and credit card companies.It is called customer service for a reason-this company makes their millions off of our hard working minium wage backs.Their ceo made over 24 million dollars last year for his take home pay.I hope he enjoys his fancy house and cars-and sleeps well knowing he's ripping off hard working people. Well by the grace of the lord above if enough hard working americans cancel their service -and sue for the harrassment, abuse, stress, and robbery of our money out of pockets and bank accounts effecting our credit ratings and their deplorable buisness practices maybe we'll being seeing c.e.o. of dtv Mr.Chase Carey at our local drive-thru fast food restraunt someday.PLEASE EVERYBODY LET"S THINK ABOUT SUING THIS COMPANY AND SENDING ALL COMPANIES A MESSAGE>WITHOUT HARD WORKING CUSTOMERS YOUR COMPANY DOESN"T EXIST.

  • Va
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket will cost you $300. That's $75.00 each month for 4 months. No, it is NOT a free trial. No, you can NOT cancel it during the 4 months. No, you can NOT get a refund. During your initial, hour long, phone conversation to set up your Qwest telephone and internet and Direct TV account did the salesman mention the cost? No, you do NOT remember. And you did NOT record the conversation, so yes, you are screwed.

    Call them to try to sort this out and you may reset your 24 month contract. Good luck.

  • Va
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    My hd box is wired wrong per DirectPlus and I was to have it replaced this afternoon. He showed up @ 10:30 am refused the maintenance man toilet him in. Supposed to have been here at 1:30-5:00. Called said he was out of town now he will be here at 8 a.m. tomorrow. I called Direct TV and told them the problem, and they said service calls are to go thru them. Not what dplus said. I am so angry with them I could chew nails and spit out tacks. they better be here at 8 a.m.

  • Va
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    DirectTV is incapable of providing consistent connection with a satellite. Our TVs regularly lose connection (even on sunny days) and we have to reset them--big hassle! Then they might go out again in 5 min. or while changing channels. We purchased a DirectTV DVR from Best Buy for $200 about 7 months ago. It was a lemon and they have replaced it twice, but we still have problems with it. We are tired of dealing with so many problems!

    We have completed our original 2 year contract with them, but when we called to have them disconnect our service they told us we will have to pay a large penalty to close the account because when we added the DVR, it gave them the right to renew our contract for another 2 years!! This is such a scam... we never signed anything agreeing to another 2 years.

    Level 2 supervisors will not return my calls even when they've told me they will after checking into it. I think they know they have a lousy product and they want to wring every dime they can out of the customer before releasing him. I've been told the only recourse I have is to write the Billing Dispute Dept. I'm sure they'll be extremely helpful and honorable... right!!

  • Va
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I tried to get Direct TV for a year for my mom for her birthday. I scheduled to have it installed on her birthday. I made all the arrangements 3 weeks in advance. We waited and no one showed up. I called and they said there was some sort of fraud protection on the account. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME. I spent hours on the phone trying to get it straightened out.

    When they finally came on a new delivery date, they switched out the contract terms and when my mom tried to call about it, they hung up on her!

    Direct TV has horrible customer service!!!

  • Va
      22nd of Oct, 2008
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    We have been with direct tv for 13 years and only had problems when it snowed or rained hard. We bought 2 new High def tv sets and wanted to upgrade to hi def with dvr. The idiots brought 2 new dvr receivers not with HD. They say I have to pay about 400.00 to get it changed when it was their mistake! I am so tired of them saying it wasn't their fault. I can't talk to anyone but the small town dealers that are tight ***! I'm going to call Dish and cancel direct.

  • Sh
      11th of Nov, 2008
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  • Ki
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    Do not sign up for their NFL package or any specials. They scam you and than automatically renew you and you can't cancel untl the season is over. They charge you $45 extra dollars a month for 6 months that you can't get out of although you get no letter, no notice, no e-mail. So you pay for your regular service on top of this and there is nothing you can do besides cancel. You tell you will cancel and they welcome that as well. I can't see how they get away with this. I am so upset.

  • Va
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Direct TV is running a classic switch and bait. The sales people are purposely withholding vital info regarding the terms of their promotions which substantially affect the amount of money you will end up paying. It is outright fraud and deceit. I even got 2 CSR's to admit this and profusely apologized and that they are in the akward position of having to deal with irate customers EVERY DAY. What does this tell you? This company is ripping people off and this is no joke.

    For example, they purposely don't tell you that the promotional price is only good for 1/2 of the 24 month locked in term; that you have to enroll in auto bill pay to get the promotional rate. That you have to fill out a rebate form that takes up to 2 months to process and that you have to pay the full amount until it is processed. Gee, I wonder why you have to fill out a rebate that takes 2 months... gee, so they can charge you the much higher rate during that time. Thats the only purpose of the quote, 'rebate'.

    The sales rep also lied to me in stating that the $5.99/month fee for the DVR service will only be charged if the service is turned on. I opted to not have the DVR service, but was promised the DVR in case I wanted DVR service in the future. Low and behold, 2 reps told me that she was wrong and that there is nothing they can do. Same thing with the $4.99 lease fee for the 2nd box she didn't tell me about, even though I asked her TWICE to repeat to me an itemized list of every single fee and the total monthly price I would pay.

    She left out the $4.99 lease fee and the $5.99 DVR fee I declined. The CSR's were rude and stone walling and just repeated in a non caring, cold, matter of fact manner that there was nothing they could do and did I want to cancel - but, oh ya, there will be a $480 early cancellation fee. RIP OFF !!! I relied on an oral contract to my detriment and I am filing SUIT!! DON'T BUY DIRECT TV!!!

  • Sh
      13th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am a customer with direct tv and they were to send me a notice in 90 days so i could cancel the services i did not want.the date mar 11 still waiting for that letter..cant even get a phone nnumber to call.
    so get to me at sburr48@comcast .net and get this matter taken care of
    thank you sherman burr acct45159016

  • Ro
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    please have your lawyer contact as many people as possible for a class action law suit

  • Ar
      28th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered Direct TV in March 09 on a $34.99/mo special regularly 54.99. I filed my rebates on line two days after ordering. Called in April and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to process. Called after 9 wks, still no rebates, have called every two weeks since and it is now Aug 09 and I still have not been credited the promotional price,
    am being charged 80.00/ per mnth, have not been able to get anyone to resovle the problem, and am now being told it's too late to receive the special price because 90 days has past.
    I have been calling since the middle of April and in fact am currently on hold again (20 minutes so far) waiting for a supervisor and trying to resolve this. I am so upset I want to choke them. This is the last time I will be on hold

    Next will be a call to my local news station. When my contract is up I will NEVER order from this company again.

  • Al
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I had direct TV for more than 2 years. Had no real issues, just the occasional cutting in and out in wind and rain. But I dealt with it. But when in came time to cancel, that was a whole other story. I moved in April 08 and wanted my services to be connected and my new place. The tech came out and said there was no way to get service and that he would note the account and cancel the order. I then called customer service who was so rude and told me to suspend my account. I went back and forth with the rep ans explained I wanted it disconnected.

    They said they would take care of it. I guess feeling personally attacked the rep did not make the disconnect. 4 months later I am being billed $600 for service. No only am I being billed but they took it directly out of my bank account at the end of the month when all my bills are due. I was on the phone all day with reps, supervisors even managers that would not help me. They told me oh well, not is so many words, that it was my fault and they were not going to help! I then jumped online only to find hundreds of people havve posted complaints on the web with my same story. Direct TV can not continue to get away with this. Here is the letter I sent to them.

    Billing Dispute

    I moved in April and called to have my service moved as well. The tech came out and could not connect the service. I was in the hospital at the time and had my apt manager here with him. He called me in the hospital and explained it can not be connected. I was told by him he would cancel the service and order with nothing else for me to do. Your technician said he would document that the service was unobtainable at the new location at that time. I wanted to make sure so I then called customer service to let them know. The rep was short and rude and said no I should suspend service. I explained no that I just need to cancel. They assured me it was done. I heard nothing else until July when I received an email saying my account was past due. I immediately called and explain everything. The rep then told me the tech made no notes and shows he completed the work. I assured them I do not have direct TV nor a satellite dish here. I asked to speak to someone else. I then spoke with someone else who told me no they could see it was not connected and I had no service. I again was told this was resolved, after 2 hours of being on the phone. The rep I spoke to that day never told me there was still a balance and it would be coming out of my account.

    Today my bank account was charged $600 which was my car and bill money for the month. I called customer service and have been getting the run around all day. I was hung up on twice then finally explained my situation to a gentleman that could not help me so he connected me with a Supervisor, Sherry, who told me she sees no notes of a cancel order but would look into it and would help me. 5 hours later she calls and said there was nothing she could do and to write a letter. I was shocked. I explained to her that I always paid my bills and why after more than two years of service with direct TV would I call to move service then just stop paying. I told her also the company had my address, phone number and obviously my email but I never heard a word until July. This is 3 months later. Had I known this was going on of course I would have immediately taken care of it.

    One rep today said the charges were from a past due bill prior to April. I told him there was no way that could be true because I pay all my bills at and I was current when I called to have my service transferred. He told me no no you did not pay since Jan. He went back and forth with me until I finally explained I had all my banking statements in front of me. He then changed his story. Same with the supervisor, who was the least helpful. She had me on the phone the longest and all she did was break down the charges. I kept telling her I understood the charge but how do we resolve it. She had no answer. She had no answer when asked why I never received a call. She said statements were sent out but if that was the case they would have been returned to direct TV because you still have my old address. She had no answers.

    I cancelled my service in April. I never had any issues with direct TV until now. The tech did not do his job by not making better notes as of to what he actually did. Nor did the rep I spoke to make ANY notes.

    I do not mind paying for bills or service that are mine or that I used. But in this case, I am being charged for service that was never given to me. I do not have a dish so signals are not being sent to my location however I am still being charged for service. I also am being charged an early cancellation fee. I more than fulfilled my end of the agreement. And all I want it to have these charges removed. This has caused me so much heartache and heartache. I always was pleased with your company and referred everyone I could talk to. This is leaving a horrible taste in my mouth about your company and employees.

    I now can not leave my house because I have no money for gas, food and my car is in danger of repo because that was all the month I had at the end of the month. No one is willing to help me or even listen to me. They just keep telling me they have no notes. But the service was never connected here.

    I am being charged for services that were never rendered. I am not asking for free service. I don’t think my request is unreasonable. All I want is to have this charge of $598.84 returned to my bank account. I have paid for the time when I had the service. Please don’t lose a customer and a word of mouth advertiser because one representative did not make a note! All I need is someone to please put themselves in my shoes for one moment and please be fair. Again I am not asking for anything but to remove charges when service was not being used I expect you to refund the money in good faith that was taken from my account, and that we can resolve this issue amicably.

  • Se
      27th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Beware of Dish Network. My bill has never been late. They just turned off my service and would only turn it back on if I agreed to more than double what I was paying. My bill was paid to October 10, 2009 and they interrupted my service until I gave into their demands on September 25, 2009. Be very careful with Dish Network. The caller id showed Ecostar Purchasing that was holding my service hostage until they extorted more money. I hired Dish Network directly when I started my service over a year ago to guarantee it was done correctly.

  • Se
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    Read my comment on Dish above.

  • Al
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    I have the SAME problem with Direct T V on October, 28, 2009 - Broward County, FLORIDA. I called them to CANCEL my account because I found another service which is far better than Direct TV, they said of course, we will SUSPEND the account. Pay attention of that word, they are DIFFERENT! That is, they "suspended" for 6 months, and then they activated my account without ANY notice, and I realized this two months latter when they call me that I was past due... WTF is that? DONT DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT TV, they wont let you go without stealing your money, and NEVER NEVER NEVER give your credit card to this scammers.

    A funny part of all this SAD business practice is that they called me today saying: What we can do so you stay with the Direct TV FAMILY, y responded, with fAMILY like you, I prefer to be an orphan!!!

    What is my revenge? Since nobody cares about this, I will NEVER be a client again, and I started looking to cancel others services from companies that are offering the Direct TV services as well, like AT&T ( Ex Bell South), a total amount of U$400/month (U$ 4, 800 / Year... and for the first 10 years, it will be almost U$48, 000 that they will be loosing just with me!).

    Direct TV are the big fish in this market, but I am who feed this f animal, so I GOT THE POWER in MY HANDS ( and wallet). This is what I can do, and I KNOW it will hurt now and in the long-run!!!

  • Ke
      17th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Please stand up together we can make a right thing
    We will open a campaign to force Direct TV to provide their services to consumers rightful and Direct T V should obey the fed or/and state regulation that should protect consumers. Direct TV, They are running a big scam right now by giving out misleading information and flyers all over Medias. By many and many scams from Direct TV’ false advertisement, wrong billing, poor and incompetent customer service, Unauthorized over charge, cancelation fee and 24 hours only policy for cancelation, Harassing calls, scam selling, roof damage and more to notice. It is ridiculous for consumers that are allowed only 24 hours to cancel the services from the first day installation if consumers are not satisfied.
    We need stand up together to ask our Congress representatives, our senators, our local force law force, our State General Attorney to sent a clear and strong message to Direct TV. We want State and Federal open investigation on all over Direct TV misleading services to our consumers for many years. We should not allow this happen in our society today.
    We will collect all the problems you have, are facing with Direct TV and we will sent letters to all official agencies and Congress. Please have your name and address if applicable.
    Best Regards
    Kent Phh

  • Ro
      13th of Jul, 2011
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