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Direct TV / terrible customer service!

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I am just going to include here the letter I just sent off to Direct TV, and let it speak for itself.

Direct TV Office of the President
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 880155

RE: #[protected]

To Whomever Might Listen to My Case, and Stop Quoting the Customer Service Manual,

I could take you through the hours spent on the phone, the letters faxed and mailed, and the complete and utter frustration of just having spent valuable time speaking with no less than four of your agents/supervisors in Phoenix. But instead, I will tell you that Agent #1, Agent #2, Dexter and Alexandra all repeated the exact same information to me, ad nauseum, no matter how many times I explained to them that no, I did NOT receive notice of "pending programming activation", and no, I was NOT "fully and duly aware that service would resume August 12, 2007.

It would appear that what gets typed into a customer's account becomes sacred, no matter what misunderstanding might have transpired, and that no pleading of the customer to say, be human and have a heart, will be heard.

Bottom line. My account says we owe $80.17 in service fees I was "fully and duly aware of", and I say this is not true. Some mistake, somewhere, occurred. $80.17 means something to my family, with four children, on one income. It is probably not such a huge deal to Direct TV. I was told that no matter what my stance, "integrity is valued in our employees at Direct TV", so whatever note was on my account was there to stay, and influence the reversal, or lack thereof, of the fees aside from the early cancellation fee. What happened to the customer being valued? What happened to, oh, I don't know, giving a person a break and maybe admitting someone on Direct TV's end somehow could have misunderstood the situation?

To quote that last letter from Phoenix:

We could only assume service was satisfactory because we received no request to extend the suspension when we sent notification of the pending programming activation, and no statements were returned to us as undeliverable.

We suspended service in July of 2006 because we had to move to take a job. We moved in with my parents, who had their own TVs and systems. We had no means to use the services of Direct TV, and to this day, do not. I never received any notification of "pending programming activation", or interim statements, making me aware of compiling fees.

No matter how many times I tried to explain that I would have never allowed charges to add up, that until I started receiving bills in the amount of 164.17 in Sept. of 2007, did I even know this was an issue, I was repeatedly told "we have a notation that you were aware". I called in September of 2007 to be sure the account was canceled. I began disputing the charges in late fall of 2007, and in January of this year, received the letter stating that the charges remain valid, and therefore, should be remitted.

And really, while the money is an issue, almost worse is the most insulting, offensive tactic to repeat over and over "I understand, BUT..." as your representatives did today. If someone understood, I wouldn't have spent 2 hours on the phone while my baby was cranky and crying, and my neck got wrenched while trying to prepare lunch and simultaneously handle this matter, while being told each supervisor on up the ladder was going to be harder to convince to even take my call. Oh, and then the endless time on hold. Hearing the cheery lady tell me how great Direct TV is and how simple simple simple it is to sign up, and get what I really want in total entertainment. Really. Someone should really explain how difficult difficult difficult it's going to be if you have unexpected circumstances derail your plans to to be able to enjoy fast-forwarding and rewinding live TV for a contract minimum of two years. Also, you really should just tell your representatives to say, "tough ### sherlock", because that's really what they think. And honesty, while potentially brutal, is always so much easier to swallow. Or if they do care? Then give them the power to choose who they may think they might help out.

My dealings with your company over the last few months are exactly what all "The Man" jokes are about, and why we, who are not The Man, really love to hear stories about how somebody finally got to stick it to Him. Big corporations who play all that "we care about you, our customer" jazz on their automated phone systems, where it is nearly impossible to get a real, live human (and who does finally answer, is questionable, here) while we languish on hold, just waiting to ultimately be told we, and our case, don't amount to one tiny ant crap.

So yes. I am disputing the $80.17 in assumed satisfactory service. And you may decide I have not one child-clung-to leg to stand on, but I just couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't one person in all of Direct TV who might just have the power, the cajones, and maybe even the kindness to say, "Hey, we're sorry for all the trouble, the time, and effort. Somewhere, clearly there was a misunderstanding. Here. We'll take care of that, for you."

Wow. Wouldn't a little of that go a long way.

Very Unsatisfied,

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  • Pa
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just spent an hour trying to find out what happened to an access card that I ordered on 1/23/08 that was supposed to be here 3 days ago. Rep/Cust Service found that the address that I have corrected at least 5 times since I moved 4 years ago is still wrong. So after several attempts, Rep says it is now fixed. However she had to transfer me to Access Card Distribution Team/ Rep there says card was sent to my old address and she would have to resend to my current address where I have
    been for 4 1/2 years!!! Also I told them both that I could not access my account on-line due to a wrong E-Mail or Username error---they could not help with that and said I would have to call another dept. Talked to supervisor/ and basically was told the same thing. I said you either need to get your processes fixed or get people more training as this sort of customer service is anything but acceptable!!

  • Ru
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been frustrated with Directv owing to their ignorance toward MLB viewing. They automatically renew the following year even though they were not told or given approval to do so. Despite four (4) instructions to STOP the service they continue to plug it into my receiver and bill me. Four times! I am about to inform Chase Carey of this [trying to find her/his name is chaotic].

    Despite repeated verbal and written attempts I have still not gotten a running [cumulative] tally showing the [unauthorized] MLB/MLB Extra Innings Service, a total of $55 each month! Now they have the audacity of hanging on another $5 late fee. I continue to pay my monthly authorized fee of $134.05.

    They can go to hell. I am moving to DISH, after spending $10, 000 on Directv over several years.

    They even had a woman from the Phillipines call me about my account being in arrears! OMG!

    Incredible how all the airheads end up at Directv.

  • Ex
      15th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    having worked for directv for over a year and being insulted, cheated, lied about & to as far as products, training and administration of corporate ineptitude is concerned i can most assuredly predict that you will NEVER recieve any sort of satisfactory response from an organization that has spent every available resource and effort to exploit EVERY morsel on its food chain, from its products, personel, employees, and the absolute very LEAST of all its annuity paying clientel... its policy is EXPLOITATION...spare no expense...and return profit to the corporate bottom line...REWARDS to the employees that can wear out the complainers...keep putting them on hold...sell them refurbished as if its new... deny them required service... charge them more when they need it..act like its an unknown problem...on and on... best of luck with the liars

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