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Direct TV / unauthorized charges!

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I have had DTV since 1999 and never had a issue until now. I moved to S.C. in July 2007 but kept my DTV hooked up in Jersey because I was still going back and forth and because a female who lives with us was still in the Jersey home until we could buy a house out here in S.C., I had kept a balance on the DTV just because I was in know hurry to pay it off since I knew I wasn't moving the service right away. In November we found a house in S.C. that caused us to have to put all our bills on hold for a month so we could come up with the closing costs on the house and I informed the DTV people of this and got an extension, Unfortunately, the house fell through and we paid all our bills then a week after the house fell through we were talked back into the deal for the house and in the middle of January finally closed on the silly thing. Because again we had to put all our bills on hold starting the second week of December until the middle of January I again called DTV and explained this. I had a back payment and the new payment for January and was informed the day I called that my service was to be shut off the following day so knowing there was no way I could pay it I said go ahead shut it off but had explained in detail I intended to re-hook as soon as possible and was assured that when I did they would remove the charge for the reciever and some other charge and all I would owe is the balance and late fees, I said fine. On January 30th my husband got in his E-Mail a notice from DTV stating they were canceling my contract and 3 days later we were short in our account $ 581 and when we called the bank we discovered DTV took the money. I called to complain that this is not what I was told when last I spoke and that I didn't authorize anyone to remove funds from my account at which point I was informed that it was in my contract. I don't think so... I switched to HD in April 2007 and had my Step-Daughters boyfriend hook me up since he was working for them at the time. I just had him confirm I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT AND WAS NOT IN ANOTHER 2 YEAR ANYTHING BECAUSE I BOUGHT THE RECEIVER ON MY OWN AT BEST BUY, ALL HE DID WAS CALL AND HAVE ME HOOKED UP TO HD. I fell through the cracks on the deal. if anyone has bought the receiver make sure they DO NOT put you on a 2 year agreement you don't own the reciever because you are "renting" it from them but you do not need to join the 2 year agreement since you bought it yourself and not through the company. We are fighting this of course, we have gone through our bank who will refund our $ 581 then go after DTV for their money. When they try to pull up the 2 year agreement they will finally get it through there thick skulls that I DON'T HAVE ONE, I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING. We are also considering finding a Lawyer for Criminal charges and Unlawful Withdrawals. Clearly, we will NEVER use these A**holes again!

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  • Su
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Maria and to all others,

    I tried to find your reply on here Maria so I could answer you but was unable so I am sending this in hopes you will see it and others should read it as well.

    To your question Maria, No I Do Not have a fax number for them.

    As far as what is happenening with us and our case:

    First and most important, I, along with many others on several different DTV Complaint boards have filed with BBB, FTC and FCC and stated our complaints, unfortunately, although I heard back from the FTC they literally filed my complaint away and stated they will hold it for future reference... What that means is they are waiting for more complaints and until they get them mine and everyone else who has complained so far will be "sitting around collecting dust".

    If you want these people to do something about DTV ALL OF YOU NEED TO FILE COMPLAINTS! They won't do anything until they get enough. Once they have enough complaints they will investigate and most likely begin a class action suit.

    As far as we go, we are not waiting for a class action suit although I am doing all I can to get one started WE ARE GOING AFTER THOSE ###S DIRECTLY.

    We wrote them formally, signature required, explaining their mistake and they called us back. We explained to a rather ignorant woman (CC) who literally refused to let us speak to a manager, the situation. She got very upset with my husband who kept trying to explain we were taking this to Small Claims Court unless she could produce a document stating we were FULLY AWARE and SIGNED that we entered into another 2 year agreement when we upgraded and where it states they can charge me $330 for a unit I already bought at Circuit City to complete the upgrade (For $99) and that they may want to reconsider letting this go to court. Of Course "It's in the contract I signed" and she ignored us.

    Well we gave them 60 days to resolve this and naturally they did nothing so we are filing charges against them for fraud.

    My husband seems to think it will never see court, once their lawyer realizes they have No documentation for the upgrade (all done over the phone NO papers signed) and sees we had No knowledge of being put into another 2 year agreement they will be advised to settle out of court.

    We shall see.

    I have a written statement from the fellow who hooked me up and called to have the TV turned on with the upgrades and he states he DID NOT inform us we were entering into another 2 year agreement and that HE HIMSELF was unaware we were being entered into another 2 year agreement and that the CC who hooked us up via the phone call NEVER stated to him or INFORMED HIM HE MUST STATE TO US we were entering into another 2 year contract.

    I have the reciept from Circuit City along with a written statement from the Main Office VP stating that although they sell the products for DTV and are in an agreement with them they are unaware of agreements between customers and DTV. They are also unaware of any knowledge stating when we buy from them we are automatically entering into a 2 year agreement and that they Do Not practice "warning" potential buyers AS THIS IS A DIRECT TV ISSUE not Circuit City's.

    That means they (DTV) Can Not claim when I bought the unit from Circuit City I was automatically entered into a 2 year agreement. If they try to claim that... How could I have known if Circuit City didn't????

    I really don't want to settle out of court, I would like to take this all the way and get it into the papers and really make it huge and blown out but I don't think my hubby will let me all he really wants is his fundage back and a little compensation for the headache.

    I will keep all who are interessted posted on the outcome when it happens but seriously folks if you want the BBB, FTC and FCC TO GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING ALL OF YOU NEED TO FILE COMPLAINTS WITH THEM. otherwise we are all just a bunch of losers whining to eachother about our woulda, coulda, shouldas...



  • Ja
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    My DTV HD Receiver kept giving me a message that they were trying to download an update but the progress bar never moved off zero. I called to report this and they had me go thru several steps to see if it would take, but it would not, so I told them to send out a technician, but that it would cost $79.95 because I didn't have their service protection plan. I asked how this could be since it was their equipment and their software they were trying to send that was failing. They just repeated that I didn't have the service protection plan so I would be charged $79.95. I thought, this couldn't be and the woman I was talking to didn't know what she was talking about so I told her not to send out the tech since this was a weekend and I would call during the week when I would get someone who knew what they were talking about. I did call on Monday and related the problem to them. After going thru the same routine to try and clear up the problem they said I would need a technician. So I said OK, because in this case there was no mention of any service charge. He showed up and spent an hour or so along with several phone calls and said he didn't know what the problem was. He left me his personal number and told me to call him directly if it didn't clear up over the weekend. It did not so I called on the personal number and he said they had determined I had an incompatible dish that he would have to replace. He did and everything was working then the bill showed up with a $79.95 service charge. I called DTV and they told me I didn't have the service protection plan therefore I was chargeable. I told them I didn't request any software upgrade and that was the only reason the dish didn't work so how could I be charged as it was their service that was the problem. They kept repeating that I didn't have the service protection plan so that is why I was charged so I asked for a manager. I got transferred to a different person, but it may as well have been the same guy as he repeated the same story. I just don't understand how a company can charge you for a service each month and then when they want to make changes you have to pay if they don't work properly. This doesn't make any sense to me and I would venture a guess that 99.999% of people would agree. Bear this in mind when making any decision about DTV service.

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