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Direct TV / directv has gone evil - dont sign a contract

1 United States

Warning: do not sign contracts with directv unless you want to be their cash slave and be insulted by customer service when they screw up your order. Directv has become one of those big companies who trains customer service to use every opportunity to screw over every customer if they can. They made a mistake when I ordered their service for 4 rooms in my new second house, after I had been a customer for 10 years at my first house. They did not install hd, which I had ordered according to their ad that I had called on. I had called them about a specific ad for hd service and ordered the service with a 2 year contract. After the install, I figured out after two weeks or so that they did not install the hd service (After I finally got all my tv's hooked up and my roommate told me the hd "wasn't working right") directv refused to do anything about it or acknowledge their error because I "had signed paperwork and made a payment which is proof that I ordered what they installed and it's my fault and my problem. " they were very inflexible and rude (But with sweet voices saying "sorry there is nothing we can do because you signed the agreement for the installation and we can prove it. Basically they know how to sweetly tell me 20 times to go f myself. ) this continued with every person I talked to at directv in an effort to find a sane supervisor who would actually listen to me and use their brain while doing so. To finally get the hd going (Which I had promised to provide to my roommate/renter) they made me change my whole contract and negated the offer that I had originally called on because I was now technically "changing my order" (Even though I was just trying to get what I wanted in the first place, which was based on the ad postcard I got in the mail. ) the only alternative they offered me is to pay the outrageous cancel fee and cancel - which I wish I had just done. They also forced me to restart my 2 year agreement, which was several months through by the time I got it sorted out so they screwed me on the rate and force me to pay longer than the 2 years I started with. Welcome to the future of customer service. It's official, directv is one of those companies that looks for ways to tell customers "go f yourself" if they can catch you on some technical reason to screw you over. It reminds me of how a cellphone company intentionally designed a phone that would cause their good customers to "oops" press a button that seems to be a mere menu button but that connects you to the internet with a big fee - knowing most people would not notice and just pay. Do not sign any contracts with these kinds of companies because the days of keeping customers with good service are gone. Now it's all about trapping you. And if you dont get a lawyer to help you with a simple tv contract you will likely be financially abused by their "policies" and will be further abused by passive-aggressive customer service robot-idiots if anything goes awry at all - even if it's their fault.

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