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Direct TV / incompetence in operation of their system

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Direct TV eather does not care, their engineering staff is incompantant, or the do it on purposes. Direct TV continues to make commercials at least 10 Db louder than their program material audio. I as a professional engineer in audio and one that has worked in Radio and Televsion is very pissed that hey ignore when complained to that the audio when they play commercials a large majority of the time the audio level increases to a level that hurts my hearing! We need to get all Cable and Satalight providers placed back under the control of the FCC and the same rules that Licensed broadcasters have to follow as to Content and technical regulations. We need to clean up their trash and offensive programming along with their pussing of products and services by increasing the audio level in an attempt to sell the trash such as unproven pills or xxx rated programming and services that are causing social problems such as shootings to increase. For years, public broadcasters have had a set of rules that limited and controled the programming and tecnical standards of their business. I am tired of paying way too much for channels I can not get away from and are forced to pay for. I do not want Pay pre View or companies having a 1/2 hour and sometime a 1 hour commercial for products and services I concider pure trash. To get the few channels that are worth while such as the history channel I am forced to take apackage costing $80.00 a month and I am tired of these policies. It is time the greed mongers be controled and told to reduce the cost insted of letting them make high profits for their managers and stock holders. A resonable profit is ok but they rape our people as they intend to do away with free TV and have only Cable and Satalight at high prices. We need to have more over the air free programming insted of less as these corporations force free TV nd Radio to become like the dinesor and quite to be part of our life. We need to force them to change or regulate them to death and force them to comply with what the people of the us need, want, and can afford!!!

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  4th of Oct, 2014
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I 100% agree. I have been with direct tv for 5 years and all of a sudden i got a 70$ charge for sunday ticket and i never order it. After 1 hour of arguing i still have suday ticket and there response is they cant remove it. so i dont know what to do besides ripping dish off roof and boxes out of wall. and returning them... anyone know of a better service?

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