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Direct TV / scam and fraud!

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

I called to cancel service. Offered free upgrade to hd... Decided to stay. Installer came... Stated wrong work order... Needed a hd dvr... Work order listed a hd receiver only. Told them never mind... Person on phone said no problem... Will get you the dvr as promised. Installer left... Hd channels did not work... Called to complain... Told it would be 2 weeks... Said no. Sent a bill for $200 (For hd dvr) and $480 for cancellation... (Never agreed, never committed). Billed to my credit card... (Never informed). Disputed transaction... Money refunded... Directv pissed. Sent note to directv telling them to pick up their crap under provisions of the texas 3 day consumer cancel policy... Called bbb... Called ag. Sent email to ellen filipak (Vp of directv customer service)...

Ready to go to court... Cannot wait.

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  • Ma
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    Directv - Prepaid package not arrived
    United States

    Directv Service went out 10 times in 6 weeks. Cancelled service, wass charged $440. for early cancellation. Directv sent prepaid return tags through USPS. Immediately sent boxes back with USPS says "Picked up and processed by agent". Directv did not get their satellite boxes back and charged an additional $660. for boxes not returned. What is my next step. Directv says they will not accept anything less than the boxes in their possession. I wish that Directv never existed.

  • Ca
      14th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Don't know if you've resolved this yet (I'd hope so!) but I came across this thread as I was researching what "Picked Up and Processed by Agent" actually means and since I've now figured it out, I thought I'd post a response that, even if it's too late to help you, might help someone else. The USPS has a program called Parcel Return Service (PRS) that does just that. It lets customers print out pre-paid return labels and the way it works, basically, is that the company contracts with a logistics company (or has internal staff) act as "Agents" who go down and pick up the return package from the post office, generally in the same city as it was sent from. When the Agent picks up the package, as far as the USPS is concerned, the parcel was delivered and the status of the parcel (in the track and confirm area) is updated to "Picked Up and Processed by Agent"

    From YOUR perspective, this means DirecTV did receive the return from you, but probably the Agent screwed up, stole it, or just didn't handle things correctly. Hopefully all this has already come out in the wash for you, but if not (and if you can), go back to the return label because the Agent should be printed clearly and plainly on there along with the Agent's permit number.

    Point is, DirecTV shouldn't have charged you the money -- they signed for the parcel from the USPS and therefore did, in fact, take possession of the return. It's of course possible you mailed an empty box -- but if that was the case, they'd have your label and an empty box... which they don't, they just have "we didn't get it" which is untrue on it's face. You should bring a small-claims court suit, plus post this whole story on Twitter and Facebook (I'm not kidding). You'd win the case by default judgement I bet, it's too small potatoes for them to even bother with -- if they even showed up to defend themselves, I'd be surprised.

  • Po
      14th of Aug, 2012
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    DirecTv be needin' to kiss dat ### yo! Dey be chargin' all them cwazy fee joints and no be gettin' nuffin' in retun but da cwazy bill evy momf.

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