Direc TV/ Direc TV NFL Sunday Ticket To-Gopoor quality

This service that Direct TV offers is terrible. Its not cheap either, costing over $300. It continuously freezes. Im talking every couple of minutes. Sometimes it freezes for only a few seconds and then starts back up. But most of the time it causes me to have to log out and log back in. It is advertised as a way to watch every game from Direct TV's Sunday Ticket on your laptop. However I have probably missed at least 50% of what I have tried to watch due to constantly having to log in and out of the website. Sometimes it completely doesnt offer a stream saying "no stream available". When you call Direct TV customer service they really do nothing. They say they will send a report to their tech support department which never really amounts to anything. I think they should at least offer partial refunds to customers for offering a service that they clearly do not have the capability of handling. Btw, as I have typed this it has frozen 4 times, and completely kicked me off once.

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