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Dillard's / sales reps and security guard

1 College Station, TX, United States

On 10/3/2018 I went into the Dillard's store in College Station, Texas to find a white dress for a program we are having at our church. I am a constant shopper and I go into all the stores a lot but each time I go into the store I am followed as if I am stealing or trying to steal. I have bought many things from Dillard's and to be humiliated each time is unjustified. They was actually calling each department to tell them to watch me and the security guard would basically follow me in the store but on yesterday I bought the dress and I had to tell the lady that I bought the dress from that she can tell them that they do not have to call her and tell her to watch me. I am a disabled veteran and I respect the values of serving my country and I do NOT steal. I did tell 2 Asian ladies that they could stop watching me that I purchase what I want and I told the security guard as well while I held up my bag that I don't have to steal I can afford to buy what I want. I will NEVER EVER purchase from your corporation again and I will be returning the product I bought. I take my mom to the mall to walk because she's 75 years old and while she walks I shop. I have never ever been so humiliated in my life.

  • Updated by Charlotte Benson, Oct 04, 2018

    I forgot to mention that 2 weeks prior to this I was shopping as well and all the sales reps was watching me again. I was talking to one of the sales reps who said she was a manager and the phone rang and when she hung up she told me that they told her watch your friend because she's trying to steal. She told me I am not worried about you stealing because you come here all the time and purchase something. She apologized for her coworkers and told me to continue to shop. I told her how can I feel comfortable in here with everyone eyes glued on me. So I proceeded to shop and the little old security guard kept following me. I turned to him and said please stop following me because I don't have to steal. He turned and went the other way. After that I did not go into the store for 2 weeks and when I did go back on October 3rd I got the same treatment. While they was watching me that day I say 2 females take jackets off the rack and a purse and leave with them. While I'm being honest and shopping they are missing the real thieves in the sad!!!

Oct 4, 2018

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