Dillard'show dillard is training their staff: make the sale

My experience with two store managers yesterday was just disgusting! My husband purchased a pair of boots for me and unfortunately, the only size available were the ones on display. When he brought them home I didnt like the fit of it or the condition it was in so I went ahead and purchased another pair online. When I tried to return the original pair, the manager Blake said that they were worn and that I am (in his exact words) giving him trash. I told him that these were sold on displayed and the condition that it was given to me was scratched and bloomed. Needless to say he just assumed that I was making this story up and told me that per the receipt, the fine print of it says it needs to be in new condition so I told him that this is unfair for the customer and just not right. I insisted on talking to another manager and he kept emphasizing that he is the manager and has the final say. After bickering back and forth he was able to bring in another representative. Her name was Leandra and when she arrived he purposely wanted to cut me off so that he could tell steer her in the direction of what he has to say. I thought it was so rude and when I tried to explain it to her he kept whispering in her ear and they continued to throw smirks and rolled their eyes.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Little Rock, ARIt does not matter if they were on the same team or whatever they want to refer it to but you should never have side conversations and snicker when your customer is clearly frustrated. It was so sad to see that when I asked them if they knew this was unfair and not right way to treat people, her reply was my name is not on this building and this is how I was trained. So I told her you are trained to take sell and not to care about the quality of your service? and of course she said well I dont want to lose my job. It was so disgusting how dismissive they were about the situation and that they had the mentality I am the manager whatever I say goes. When I asked for the corporate number he gave me a Georgia number which I am quite sure Dillards is in Arkansas. I kept my composure and I asked him is the corporate really in Georgia and Blake said in the most snarky manner that he wouldnt just make these things up. There were so many instances where they way they treated me was just unbelievably rude. I have never dealt with such horrible customer service like this. Those two people are destroying the company brand and it is so unfortunate but we will never return to another Dillards ever again. If the training that was mentioned earlier was more so focused on the sale and not the reliability and quality of the service then the mission statement should not be as quoted: complemented by exceptional customer care.

Apr 28, 2017

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