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Yesterday was my last day at a job I've been with for almost 2 years. I had enough of feeling stuck in a place where I didn't feel was no longer rewarding for myself. On top of that, I noticed the company going to extreme measures with changes at my particular store #Dillards #BaybrookMall in Friendswood, Texas where management started harassing employees; following them to the restroom to see if they are actually in the stall, threatening to put employees 2 week notices in once they bring an issue to management that they felt challenged their authority, placing employees who have been with the company for years who come back from FMLA into other departments for no reason, telling them if they don't like it then leave, making excuses to not transfer an employee who moved an hour away (ME), not paying referral payouts that was guaranteed, quoting a certain payrate to a person that I referred and she gets her 1st check it's almost $1 less and I tell her to bring it to managements attention they say it's nothing they can do because it's already in the system, asking people what kind of medication they take and that it can't be taken at work after a certain time...I mean...I can go on and on... I'm not really sure if all of their choices are against the law but I do know that it is most definitely unfair and I can't stay and watch this go down like that. I'm too vocal and once I feel my voice it's heard, I can no longer be apart of company like this so.

Feb 6, 2017
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  • Di
      30th of Mar, 2017

    I work for Dillard in North Carolina and I see the same thing happen in our store. The harassment about credit cards insane. No one is shopping in the store so how can I get people to apply for credit cards. If you don't make your credit card goals you will be written up. Also they penalize you if customers do not use their Dillard's credit card. They called it penetration. You must meet the penetration and your application goal each month or you be written up. Three write up and you are terminated. Tell me how can you make a customer pay with their Dillard credit card?. I cant force people to buy on that card. I seen a lot people terminated for not making monthly numbers. Some people they save(the ones they like) and other people get let go. They display racism very well. With customers and employees. I feel bad that go and recruit people from other store in the mail and make all kind of promise and then 3 months later they lose their jobs. They are messing with people lively hood. A class action is necessary for this company.

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