DHL Express Canada and DHL Global Canadaitems ordered and paid for, not delivered

I have ordered three items through Amazon. The carrier was DHL. They refused to deliver my packages and demanded money for custom fees. I paid custom fees (besides the shipping and amount of the item--sellers are responsible for custom fees. With 9 pages of complaints, I am surprised this company is actually still in business. I tried dealing with Christopher Beaton (he claims he is in Cape Breton, NS---but is in Toronto, ON, Canada). He is supposedly a team leader, but also will not get back in touch with me to see why DHL/Lumis Express are still holding my items (walking sticks--one because they refused to deliver the first one--and are medically necessary items) and a shower-type cap. DHL Express first said there was a problem with my address...then after calling DHL Global suggesting the email is fraudulent and a virus. The packages are a month late...and in Canada...this is just a really bad company.

May 17, 2017

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