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Complaints & Reviews

received damadged medicine bottle

I have ordered medicines from Amazon and subscribed in DHL Easy Shop. They provided me with an address in the US where my parcels should be shipped.
1- When it arrives to Egypt if invoices are provided they should pay its customs & sales taxes the value of the item although invoices provided sales taxes and customs dutees were multiplied by 5 and they forced me to pay they claimed that they made an attempt but failed.
2- they use either volumatic weight or real weight whichever higher, although the higher weight was considered the correct weight was 2.5 kg and they wanted to let me pay for 3 kg & paid then weigh it at home & got my refund with a quarrel from them.
3- & warest of all, they were 3 bottles one of them containg 500 tablets, seal was removed cover was broken and tables were scattered in their bag. see photos

received damadged medicine bottle
received damadged medicine bottle
received damadged medicine bottle
received damadged medicine bottle

poor services

Vary poor team managent, Poor or laxity amongest staff to perfprm their duties.
We requested our suppliers to use Dhls for some spares that we required very urgently, as our machines where stand still we thought that DHL would be the best, It all started with theta they can not send some to collect payment For IDF as in the past one of their BIKES had got stollen when they went to collect some payment who's office was in first floor, then we where told that they required more documents as the invoice which was sent didn't have the full details, thus we requested our suppliers to send us a commercial invoice with the full details. this was on friday. The next thing on monday we send one of our staff members to deliver their payment for the IDF with the required commercial invoice which had all the details i, e. item wise price wise, which i had also emailed to them, after two weeks when we noticed that the goods had still not been cleared because of non Doc. (the itemized commercial Invoice.) we made a very good follow up from day to day that is when they got seriouse started to follow it up. By this time we had already lost three weeks of production, plus the dead lines to meet. In the future I can never ever request any body to use DHL for services in kenya.

  • Am
    Amir Javid Jul 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have sent a parcel form Malaysia to US on June 29, 2007 and have not reached the destination till now and there is nobody to respond me. I want to complaint against DHL.

    People beware!!!

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  • Pb
    P Balachandran Sep 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A pack containing 2 compact discs and a letter vide consignment no 1314437095 bound for Jersey City, New Jersey, USA was dispatched from DHL Express, City Center, Durgapur, West Bengal, India on 17. 9. 07. When the consignment finally reached the consignee's address, both the CDs were found crushed to pieces, the letter cut in 3 parts, the casing of folded in two and the envelope apparently cut and tampered with.

    The pack contained video and pictures of my daughter's engagement with the consignee who stays in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. The contents of the CD were of emotional value to both the parties, the monetary value of the transaction notwithstanding.

    An amount of Rs 1649/- was charged from me by DHL at the Duragpur Branch who would have taken utmost care (having been paid for that) to have the packet delivered to the consignee whereas the whole matter was handled with gross neglect and irresponsibility by DHL.

    As a customer, it is my right to know from the company as to the reasons for such unprofessional and disdainful handling of the consignment and I demand of the company to let me know why I should not be paid the compensation for the damages incurred upon me!

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  • Pa
    Patricia Mare Oct 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to send a suitcase from Paris to Barcelona. They are willing to ship it to Barcelona. I wanted to have the address of their office and phone number in Barcelona to communicate it to the people picking up the suitcase. The French office doesn't have the phone number for the Barcelona office. They gave me the Spanish International number which I called. The person who replied screamed in the most rude and grotesque way that they did not accept international calls and that they did not have a phone for their Barcelona office!!! He refused to give me any information whatsoever or to connect me with someone else in the company. I wrote an e-mail to the Spanish Customer Service site who replied by telling me to call the same number to find out about the services they offered!!! I called back the French office, and the operator told me his colleague was stupid and hung up in my face... The communication style at DHL beats it all... my suitcase is still sitting here!

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  • Ha
    Harishankar Nair Feb 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company DHL really sucks and hope that they go out of business soon with newer technologies emerging and better competition - NEVER EVER USE DHL.

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they refused to work with our company because of pressure from another competing company that threatened to stop their contract with dhl

We are a family company who used to ship with DHL.
Recently we broke the company and we became 2 companies. I contacted DHL to make a similar shipping contract to the one we used as a family. At first they sent me a sales person and things were fluid and I expressly told the sales person (MR. AYHAM) that I need a separate account for my new business that has nothing to do with the old company. He promised that the contract would be ready after 2 days. I called DHL after 3 days and the sales executive ( MS.ROUBA )said that my brother refused to have a joint contract with me ?!? I told the sales department that I was very clear regarding the separation of the 2 copmpanies and I told that to the sales person (AYHAM). She apologized for the mistake they made and told me the sales person would send the contract the next day. Two days passed and I called them and told that if they dont make the contract the same day that I would go their competitor ARAMEX. No one came and I made the contract with ARAMEX for a better price. LATER ON I FOUND OUT THAT MY BROTHER PRESSURED DHL THREATENING THAT HE WOULD STOP WORKING WITH THEM IF THEY ACCEPTED TO WORK WITH ME. SO IS THIS A REPUTABLE COMPANY OR A CARTEL ???

hidden fees, poor service

I got a phone message that DHL had a package for me. No phone number to call back, and the person that took the message wrote down the tracking number wrong. It took me three days of calling multiple numbers to find the person who had called me and why. No attempt from DHL to ever contact me again. And when I finally got through they wanted me to pay storage fees for the extra days and pay $20 to do customs paperwork. Isn't customs paperwork part of international shipping? All I was receiving was one textbook, which doesn't pay any sort of tax, but DHL had to find a way to get some money anyway. SCAM!

I've worked with most of the companies that do international shipping and NONE of the others have a problem delivering books right to your door.

bad customer service

To whom it may concern.

I would like to lodge a complain towards DHL service staff who attend the phone call. I wanted to send a few gifts to Norway. On 26th May time 12:30pm - 1:30pm I call the DHL hotline to arrange the gifts to be collected at a specific location at 3pm-5pm. I declare that the items consist of 2 t-shirt, a pair of shoe and a perfume as well as a box of chocolate. And this staff name "Willie" working at No.1 Tai Seng Drive, tell me to use Jumbo box and he code me the price tec.. BUT he didnt tell me that perfume can't be send!!! I was at the location waiting for thE despatch to pick up my items for almost 3 hours.. Yes I was slightly earlyand I waited patiently.. But to my surprise, WHEN I CALL DHL HOTLINE @ [protected] AGAIN TO SEE IF THE DESPATCH IS REACHING. THAN ANOTHER PERSON ASK WHAT IS MY ITEM ALL OVER AGAIN..THEREFORE I DECLARE AS PER NORMAL.. WHEN THE STAFF KNOW THAT I AM SENDING PERFUME, SHE SAY SORRY MADAM LIQUID ITEM CAN'T BE SEND.. I WAS SO ANGRY CAUSE CAN U IMAGING WHEN U WAITED FOR ALMOST 3HOURS AND ONE OF THE ITEM CAN"T BE SEND HOW WILL YOU FEEL. THE MOST INTERESTING PART IS THE DESPATCH DIDNT BRING THE JUMBO BOX ALONG??? WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT?? DHL IS AN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY AND THIS IS THE SERVICE THAT U PROVIDING?? I HAVE READ THROUGH ALL THE COMPLAIN CUSTOMERS GIVEN AND I WONDER WHAT DID DHL DO TO COMPENSATE CUSTOMER... The tone and the way that WILLIE talk to me is not acceptable. Yes he apologise for his over look and didnt tell me about the liquid (perfume) cant be send.. But I am so piss off therefore I accept no apology.. HE SAY SOMETHING TO MAKE ME WRITE THIS EMAIL TO DHL.. HE SAY ROSE, THE WORLD WONT STOP BECAUSE OF U.. DOES IT MEAN THAT DHL DONT TREASURE ME AS A CUSTOMER??? WELL I NEED A GOOD EXPLAINATION AND I LOOK FORWARD TO SOMEONE WHOM CAN REPLY THIS EMAIL. I WILL LOOK INTO THIS MATTER SERIOUSLY DUE TO THE ABOVE SENTENCE THAT HE MAKE. (NAME OF STAFF - WILLIE)


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lost shipment

Dear DHL sSudi Arabia

I am Dr. Rasha Egyptian living in KSA. I am sending you this mail regarding my shipment ([protected]) that i have sent from Saudi Arabia by KSA special post to The Royal College in London UK on the 21 of March 2010 and till that very day it didn't reach its destination, not even been sent back. That shipment contained an application for sitting the exam of the 1 st FRCR, a copy of my passport and a cheque for the Royal College. Unfortunately I decided to send it through this service rather than ordinary post because the closing date of receiving application was on the 26th of march 2010 so i trusted this service due to its good reputation locally and internationally.

I adressed the college in order to check weather I was accepted to attend the summer sitting they answered the following

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we have not received your application for the Summer sitting.  Did you send this via special post or courier service, if so you could try tracking it?

It is the candidate’s responsibility to check before the deadline, as to whether their application has been received.  As per the guidance notes, we acknowledge the receipt of all applications by email, on the day they arrive at the office.

The deadline for the next sitting (Autumn), is on Friday 2 July.  Please inform us if you wish to enter this exam instead, and if so, we can amend your application form when it arrives here at the office.

Kind regards,

The Examinations Team

The examination office told me it's my responsiblity to check before the closing date and I trusted my courier service. And now i tried informing the service here in Saudi Arabia on the 11th of April and they told me that the shipment reached London on the 23rd of March. I e-mailed the DHL UK they replied me the following.

On Tue, 4/13/10, cfocus CFOCUS (DHL UK) <UKCustomer.[protected]@dhl.com> wrote:

From: cfocus CFOCUS (DHL UK) <UKCustomer.[protected]@dhl.com>
Subject: RE: Contact DHLitNow
To: [protected]@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 3:31 AM

Thank you for contacting DHL UK.

DHL would like to assist you with your enquiry but cannot accept any direct request made by an enquirer outside The UK. This is how to obtain assistance in accordance with DHL’s terms :

Contact the Customer Services department of DHL in your own country and request they start a ‘trace request; enquiry to DHL UK for you.  You can locate the contact details for DHL in your own country here :


Please note that if you have already done this, but been advised to contact DHL UK directly, this is completely wrong and you have been clearly misadvised. Whereas we apologise for this, DHL UK is not responsible for the training standards of DHL in other countries. You need to ensure that you contact DHL in your own country, then ask to speak to a supervisor or manager in order to correct this problem.

Once DHL in your own country has opened a ‘trace request; for you, their agents will handle all contact with DHL UK for you, and keep you advised of the outcome.

Please note that although we understand that your circumstances may be frustrating, attempting to contact DHL UK directly in this manner will only lead to further delays. We need you to contact DHL in your own country and make sure that they are handling the case on your behalf so that we can resolve the issue more effectively for you.

We request you not to cause delays to your enquiry by replying back to these emails. We cannot assist you unless we hear from DHL in your own country, on your behalf.

Please accept our apologies.

UK Customer Focus

Contact for DHL Customer Services:

DHL International (UK) Ltd
Millennium House
Argosy Road
East Midlands Airport
Castle Donington
DE74 2SA

Accordingly I waited to see what your reaction will be but till now nothing was done.
I am working in a foreign country, therefore it is not easy to arrange my annual vacation with regards to my exam, and I was allowed to take my vacation on june, that date corresponded with the exam date that I missed. Regardless the vacation and the fact that I have started studying and preparing for the exam, I booked a hotel and an air ticket and cancelling both will cost me, besides my UK visa will expire on August 2010, so it will cost me more money, effort and time to apply for a new one.

Additionally, I tried to stop the cheque from the bank but they told me it is not possible to take my money back before 6 months. And in 6 month I will be in my home country so I wont be able to take my money back, besides I can not afford now to pay for the next sitting as it cost a lot of money and I have lost a lot of money lately. So again I am about to lose another opportunity to attend my exam. This exam represents my future and it is very important to me.

The college has held me the responsibility of losing the opportunity to apply for the exam before the deadline. And I hold you the full responsibility concerning this disaster I am enduring lately. DHL Saudi Arabia is in fact a branch of DHL global, and as DHL UK is not responsible for the training standards of DHL in other countries I guess that DHL global is.

Finally, I hope, after more than a month, that your honorable service can reach DHL UK enquiring about my shipment that one of your employers has simply declared to me " it's lost " as if it is a normal thing to lose a shipment in DHL. Please find my shipment and deliver it to its destination as soon as possible and do not make me lose applying for the next sitting as well.

I have sent your office many times with no respond. I hope you would respond this time or else I will have to make an official complaint and a legal action.

Best Regards

Dr. Rasha Mahmoud
E-mail:  dr.rasha.[protected]@hotmail.com

  • Lo
    lost charger Sep 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The following was sent by me today regarding my 'lost' shipment 7417337270:

    Thank you Mr. Maha for your e-mail.

    But how could you actually think that I would ever be comfortable using DHL in Saudi Arabia again? This is the first time I have had an item lost via DHL, but this is not the first time that I have had unique items ‘lost’ in Saudi Arabia. Because of the horrendous and unreliable shipment through other companies/entities, I chose DHL because I felt that the organization had the integrity to deliver my shipment. Now it seems that I cannot trust anyone in Saudi Arabia, not even DHL, to get my packages to me.

    Robert Davis

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  • Aj
    AJ Snyman Jan 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Waybil: 2605203860

    I have sent a GPS from Riyad to South Africa on Oct 4th, I have clearly stated to the agent that it is a damaged unit and need to go for repairs in South Africa, on which he should've known and advised on repair & return services. Charges was SR464
    But instead it was sent as a regular parcel, ended up at customs in South Africa and I now have to pay ZAR826 VAT (taxes) to release the unit. The agent even told me to open my nicely protectie wrapping so that he can inspect the unit.
    No one have contacted me to inform me of the problem and delay, after numerous calls and email's, and extremely rude agents such as Amad, I eventually got through to John who was really helpful and explanatory.
    I now have to pay the taxes to get the unit released, to have it send back will take around an estimated month I am told due to KSA customs regulations etc, and I am not guaranteed a refund on my shipment charges, never the less the inconvenience I have experienced and still don't have my unit even reached the repair centre. In the mean time due to the delay I had to purchase a new unit, and now DHL informs me (after several emails sent to them enquiring, ) that I did not follow procedures and sent it by the wrong mail, surely I did, I should've never used DHL, it is DHL's agent who is not trained, how can this me my problem. I will not leave this matter here, I will go as public as I can and I WILL go to court on this, it has become a matter of principle now.

    It is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with, and I send and receive at least 6 parcels a week internationally.

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  • Ba
    bayanabuzinadah Jul 22, 2013

    Never Use DHL in Saudi again! Constant delays, false claims, horrible call center. Every time is a disappointing experience. DHL main office should do something about it.

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  • Ha
    Hafizin Jamil Nov 13, 2013

    DHL Saudi and specefically in Madinah very worst. The office very small, and parcel everywhere in the office even on the couch. It very terrible when it take half hour for one person to claim the postage. It never sent to your door and you must take by yourself at the small office. Only one worker and the worker look not friendly. It maybe because the customer too many and the office just small and full with parcel. DHL must consider about this, i went twice to claim my parcel and i just back home with empty hand. Too many people and too long to settle one customer's postage. This is ###.

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Al atassi Dec 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    احيط العلم الكريم بانني قد استلمت اشعارا من مكتب ال DHL السلي يفيد بوجود رساله لي من المكتب ولكن لم استلم هذه الرساله الا بعد اكثر من شهر بحجة ان الرساله قد سلمت لمكان اخر علما ان هذه الرساله تحتوي على 3 شيكات بنكيه من شركة بوبا العربيه لصالح مجمع عيادات رهيف لطب الاسنان رقم الجوال 0569498253 عناية الدكتور محمد صاحب المجمع ارجو التحقق من الموضوع ورفع شكوى بحق الموظف المذكور تقبلوا خالص تحياتنا مجمع عيادات رهيف لطب الاسنان بالرياض تلفون 4822718 شكرا

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Al atassi Dec 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    شكوى مجمع عيادات رهيف لطب الاسنان 4822718 الرياض بحق موظف ال دي اتش ال شكرا

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Resolved rude customer service

Dear DHL Customer Service,

I would like to bring to your kind attention regarding the bad, infact very rude customer service (basically a bad telephone manners & attitude towards customers') by your Dubai office customer service representative Ms Ellen.

Ref My shipment no: AWB2228352103.

I got an SMS this morning (27.03.2010 at 10:40 AM dubai time) from DHL express to call them back which I did with in a minute, then I got Miss Ellen on Phone who did not reveal her name in the first palce..but asked my address details in a very unprofessional way.. which I did give her required information, then when I asked about the delivery timings, she replied that it will be with in 2 days time & she can not provide approximate time because DHL has the agreement with Bank to delivery with in 2 days only, intern she directed me to conatct HSBC middle East bank on the same, this was contracry to the information I have received from the bank who promised me the delivery by Sunday Morning at least. coversation continued again Ms Ellen asked me my avaialbity at my residence I said I cant give any fixed time unless she gives at least an idea about the delvery timing, and two days duration is a long period of time to plan my availabity in one place..

seocnldy, also she asked my office address, when I asked why she needs the office adress, she changed again sir as per our contact with bank we are supposed deiver to your office address.. which thrown me to Bizzare.. what if I do not have an office? will I not get my DHL parcel? iI it a precondtion? which is not agreed with bank as well..

To wrap it up.. I am already in a trednouse pressure to get the parecel from HSBC, becuase they have defaulted thrice.. adding fuel to the same, now DHL is taking 2 days & also.. in a very unprofessional discussion.. which I do not appriciate...

I strongly feel a Good attitude towrds customres coupled with good telephonic manners are the pre requisite to company like DHL,

hoping to receive a repsonse

chandrashekar K

  • Mi
    mintman Nov 04, 2010

    i think it is your first time to use DHL, am i right? or maybe you haven't used any parcel service at all. I completely disagree with your complaint. First of all, parcel services cannot provide you with the EXACT time you will receive your package simply because they do not control the road conditions and the drivers. Drivers, as well, have routing conditions to follow and it may depend on how many parcels they have to deliver on a certain area. They can promise you the date but not the exact time, that's for certain.

    I think what the customer service representative's intention when she asked you about the location of your office is because she wants to help you just in case you are not in available to receive your parcel at home. Is that very hard to understand? Or maybe you are just too selfish to know.

    Anyway, all arguments aside, I still think that the poor lady tried to help you but still.. you are not cooperative enough for your own sake.


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  • Jo
    joseph raphael degas Feb 07, 2011

    DEAR SIR, Regarding our shipments and the subject shipt several times I called to your office to take

    The booking.i informed clearly that shipt is going to freight collect basis to korea on uti – uk account.and I informed this shipt has customs deposit so we are preparing and giving bill of entry consignee claim copy

    And exit entry copy will give to you along with the shipt.

    And I asked to your persons is there any documentation charges for dhl.everyone said no charges if the shipt will not come back to dubai no need to pay any extra.

    And at last after handover the shipt to your person I called and checked with your staff around 6.30 pm

    Mr.Ralston is saying you have to pay 350 aed as documentation charges of dhl.

    I cannot understand what a contradiction with this informations.

    However invoice that 350/- aed to our account 950679716

    Pay little more attention to your terms / charges to avoid unnecessary troubling to us/clients.

    Please get back to me all documents exit / bill of entry copies with customs stamps

    For get back our deposit amount.

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  • Jo
    joseph raphael degas Feb 07, 2011

    dear sir, we are from great ocean shipping services dubai.iwould like to inform you that your delivery time and collection time is absolutely wrong to our office as our office hrs is only 8 am - 5pm only.yesterday 6/2/11 we had an incident, one of your delivery person has delivered our shipt at 7 pm to our office and kept on the table of receptionist and forgged.she has left at 5 pm and he has delivered the shipt after office hrs and put her sign without her knowledge.
    its a serious matter.our management will not allow to enter anybody in our office after office hrs strictly.so inform to your persons dont come and deliver anymore after office hrs.if any misplacement or stole anything from here at that time the whole responsiblities will comes to your staff and we will accuse to your staff.so take necessary action immediately to avoid unnecssary troublings to both of us and keep the your timely service and excell all the times.
    brgds/joseph raphael, great ocean shipping, bur dubai.

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Resolved driver parking illegal

Deliveres drivers that work for dhl are rude and don't care where they park up, I work as a school...

Pontefract Traffic Problems

Resolved a blouse which has been stuck in customs fr more than a month...


I am an Indian citizen, we at our weddings wear a 3 piece outfit A friend of mine (from Australia) is getting married in a week. She had sent me the blouse in january for alteration.

U will find below a status report of DHL, the courier was sent in January 2010. March has started but the courier is till stuck.

I had given DHL all options, namely

1) courier it back to Australia (the sender),
2) charge me the custom duty,
3) give me 2 days n courier it back, or
4) talk to the custom officer whose number i have given to you n get it out.

The blouse was sent to me for alteration by a friend of mine from Australia. I had explained this to them hundreds of times, now her wedding is in a week and they still havent been able to release it. Now since the purpose is lost, i have asked them to keep the blouse. I cant believe that for 1 blouse it has taken them more than a month. In response we have decided to lodge a complaint from both sides for all the inconvenience caused to us.



Result summary
Airway bill: [protected]
Clearance delay
Monday, March 01, 2010 at 17:38
Washington - Ronald Reagan National, DC - USA  -   Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Monday, March 01, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Sunday, February 28, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Saturday, February 27, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Friday, February 26, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Thursday, February 25, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Monday, February 22, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Sunday, February 21, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Saturday, February 20, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Friday, February 19, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Monday, February 15, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Sunday, February 14, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Saturday, February 13, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Friday, February 12, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Thursday, February 11, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Monday, February 08, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Sunday, February 07, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Saturday, February 06, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Friday, February 05, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Thursday, February 04, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Tuesday, February 02, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Monday, February 01, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Sunday, January 31, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Saturday, January 30, 2010
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Friday, January 29, 2010
Clearance delay

Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Processed for clearance at Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Arrived at Sort Facility Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Clearance delay
Delhi (New Delhi) - India
Thursday, January 28, 2010
Departed Facility in London-Heathrow - UK
London-Heathrow - UK
Processed at London-Heathrow - UK
London-Heathrow - UK
Arrived at Sort Facility London-Heathrow - UK
London-Heathrow - UK
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Departed Facility in East Midlands - UK
East Midlands - UK
Transferred through East Midlands - UK
East Midlands - UK
Departed Facility in Cincinnati Hub - USA
Cincinnati Hub, OH - USA
Processed at Cincinnati Hub - USA
Cincinnati Hub, OH - USA
Arrived at Sort Facility Cincinnati Hub - USA
Cincinnati Hub, OH - USA
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Departed Facility in Washington - Ronald Reagan National - USA
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Washington - Ronald Reagan National, DC - USA
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  • Su
    Sunita-80 Mar 02, 2010

    First time user as well here...Sending my expired passport and 2 photos to my uncle as he's helping me open a bank account back home and it's being used as proof of ID...This was sent on 11/02 and picked up from DHL agent on 12/02...a bit of movement on the day from Gatwick to Heathrow to East Midlands...until clearance delay begun on 15/02 at 06h18 am...calls to DHL not very helpful...all they can say is that it's with customs awaiting to be scanned/clearance...checked on their list of prohibited items and a passport is by no means prohibitied...

    DHL tracking online hasn't been updated since 22/02...Call centre agents not very helpful nor knowledgable either... No courtesy call to be informed of delay - nothing...other that being told it could take upto a month...<sigh>...proposed to have it returned to me instead - DHL say they can't push customs and their hands are tied until items are released by customs...

    Big Sigh!! Think I just have to be patient and wait but a 3 day service is taking longer and DHL's lack of information is simply frustrating...

    Like others - wish I'd Googled DHL reviews first before using them... I've read countless stories on the net about DHL's numerous delays...

    Customers - be ware...

    Clearance delayMonday, February 22, 2010 at 06:20

    Monday, February 22, 2010 Time LocationClearance delay06:20 East Midlands - UK

    Friday, February 19, 2010 Clearance delay06:24 East Midlands - UK

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Clearance delay06:19 East Midlands - UK

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Clearance delay08:17 East Midlands - UK

    Monday, February 15, 2010 Clearance delay06:12 East Midlands - UK

    Friday, February 12, 2010 Arrived at Sort Facility London-Heathrow - UK21:10 London-Heathrow - UK

    Departed Facility in Gatwick - UK19:40 Gatwick - UK

    Processed at Gatwick - UK19:06 Gatwick - UK

    Shipment picked up11:21 Gatwick - UK

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  • Ro
    Rob682 Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would say DHL is probably not at fault here. They try to develop strong relationships with customs departments in as many country as possible to expedite the process for their customers. This is probably due to incompetent customs officials in your country.

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  • An
    AndrewBond automotive Apr 08, 2011

    Needless to say I have the same story with DHL and customs (this would be Ireland now). Otherwise I would not need to google for a thread like this :-). I paid 120 USD for delivery of my package (automotive diagnostic tool) from Hong-Kong and by now it is stuck in customs for 2 weeks, no movement at all. Of course, DHL is like "we can't do anything about customs", but they never call me back with any updates (despite they promise to do it every time I call them!), nobody is able to explain the situation and obviously they just do not bother about my delivery. Why bother, indeed, they already got my money!
    If they call themselves "express delivery service" and charge not exactly humble fees for delivery, does not this mean that they should have some express channels with customs in every country. With such a high delivery charges they can afford to bribe customs officers if its needed to speed up the process :-)!

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  • Cr
    CrankOnCrack Jun 01, 2011

    As about "Naina Tara", you should had simply carried your id proof to the customs department office in New Delhi, and you could had picked up your parcel the very same day. You needed to call DHL first though. And after a delay of a week (i guess) you should also get your delivery charges back from DHL due to late delivery.

    Sunita-80 - Again customs fault, not really, its your fault this time... You Can Not Courier Your Passport to another country O.o ... That's common sense. If you want then you can ship some other ID proof, but Passport is a No GO. You are lucky it was stopped in UK and not USA.

    AndrewBond automotive - DHL should had explain you full situation and also try to solve it in your case. But you should had bribed the customs your self... Thats how it works everywhere, DHL doesn't has high shipping rates if compared to the features they give, and HIGH accuracy rate. And plus they simply cant bribe a custom officer. Hope you had insurance of your parcel.

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Resolved non-delivery of door-to-door package

DHL collected a package on the 29 January 10 for their offices in Montego Bay Jamaica and then for a door-to-door delivery. The recipient of the package had a telephone call from customs office to say that there is a charge and that he would have to collect the package; the receipient is happy to pay the customs duty so long as it is delivered to his door (he is frail and is unable to go to Montego Bay to pick up this package) that's why the package was couriered door-to-door.
The items in the package totals £49.50; we have now been told by DHL, that customs in Montego Bay wants a duty fee of £63.95; plus £11.50 DHL handling fee, they want this money from us but no paperwork to substantiate this this duty charge!
It may be noted that we booked through Transglobal who in-turn used DHL courier; We have further learnt from DHL if we had booked through them direct we would not have had this problem

The items we couriered cost £45.95
We have an invoice for £44.57; plus additional they charged us as they the weight was incorrect
They now expect us to pay custom charge of almost £70 (for items under £50)
Plus DHL handling charge of £11.00.

This is the first time we have used Transglobal/DHL courier and the last time and would not recomend neither of them.

We are not sure what to do next or even if Mr Cunningham (83 yr old pensioner will the items couriered to him).

Would you say something is not quite right here!!

Confirmation of proof of documents vailable on request

E Bishop

Resolved delivered smashed

Our Company use DHL sometimes for deliveries of smaller items which we need dispached fast. Its kind of my fault as they have let me down on a few occasions. The most recent incident is where I need a wash basin bowl delivered from Hong Kong to Grimsby U.K. The item arrived smashed to pieces, of course the customer is not happy. I have had a claim submitted to DHL they say once the claim has been accepted by them, it will be another 2 weeks before they will start the delivery process again. So I have a customer who has been let down, I have offered to pay for the delivery to happen sooner, then to claim the money back later so not to annoy my customer. I cant do this or I will loose my claim, instead I have to annoy my customer further whilst DHL sort their lives out. Their customer service is the worst in my experience, they just dont care about customers, I dont know why they have a customer service, Its like an elephant having wings, whats the point.

Thanks for reading,


Mike OShaughnessy
Interiors for Homes Ltd

delivered smashed
delivered smashed
delivered smashed

Resolved dhl bad deal in panajachel, guatemala.

While wandering through Mexico and Central America I managed to
pick up more things than I could carry on my back and decided that while I was I was in a place that had "Exporting", I would look into shipping the items back to the U.S.. I talked a few places and in Panajachel, Guatemala and found that almost every one would do all the work for you as far as packing etc...but, they all took the box or boxes to DHL. To avoid extra fee's I thought it would be best to go directly to DHL and deal with them direct.
I met with the owner of the office, a pleasent man at first, he tells me an estimated cost...I ask about using a credit card. He responds with yes you can use a card, check however you would like to pay.
The next day I arrive with my items to be shipped. The lady working at his desk is immediately bothered by the fact that I don't have a box. She then asks me"Why" if I made purchases in Mexico
I did not ship them from Mexico!?!?!?!?! When I ask her why it matters where I ship my things from, I get no answer and a little more attitude.
The owner shows and starts talking to me about payment and shipping location, then he tells me I have to go to the bank and take out the 35000.00 quetzales from my card(most card daily cash withdrawl limits are $300.00) to pay for the shipping as they got rid of the credit card processing machine(or, we could try the cafe across the sidewalk with the machine they use). His reason was that he did not want to pay the taxes, he then is greeted by another man and for about 3o minutes speak about renters and renting buildings out while I sit there...when his American friend leaves he turns to me and say"oh, you are still here?" by this point I am fuming and say" can you help me or not?" his response was, "I don't think we can". I filed a complaint with DHL about this office and never heard back from them. a word to anyone in Panajachel, if you have to use DHL in Guatemala go to Antigua. I stopped in to relay this story to the Antigua office and she said that is not how things are done and apologized for the hassle.

  • Pa
    PanaGuy May 05, 2011

    I have lived in Panajachel for years, and I have worked with DHL on several occasions. The prices are high, but that is the fault of DHL central office, not the franchise in Panajachel. I have always found their service to be professional and courteous, and I would recommend using DHL for lightweight shipping needs.

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Resolved rude custoemr service

I been dealing with the rude and unhelpful customer service and front line people for so many months.Do not had much choice as other courier services did not had one of the service they all.If any given time there's a new competitor coming up with the service I needed I will switch to them with no hesitation.

  • Ju
    Julie Range Oct 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My package was sent from Miami to Grand Cayman on 1st October and arrived on 2nd October 2019. To date i cannot get my package even if i go to their Cayman office.

    Despite saying waiting for payment I cannot pay because they last said that they did not upload my invoices which were emailed before the package left Miami plus i took them to their office.

    DHL is giving disgusting service to the Cayman Islands as today is the 13th October 2019 and i cannot pick up my package nor has it been delivered.

    I afraid to ship future packages with DHL Cayman with such bad service records

    Please help me to retrieve my package 7785970430.

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  • Ju
    Julie Range Oct 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No responsibility to its customers

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Resolved can't believe such a stupid mistake!!

I bought 5 laptops and 1 netbook during Black Friday where I woke up early in the morning to get the deals. I sent the package last year in December 09 and DHL made the dumbest mistake ever. The tracking number is [protected]. Now they couldn't find my packages because it was lost after the departure from Panama. Some "smart" DHL employee sent it back to Panama from where it came whereas the final destination is suppose to be Paramaribo, Suriname. Such a big company making such stupid mistake that not even a kindergarden would. They need to teach their employee to read. I made mroe than 10 calls to Bestbuy just to purchase ONE of those 5 laptops. They have wasted so much of my time and I might not be able to pay for my college tuition due to the loss. DHL has failed me once and for all!! SUCH A BIG FAILURE AS A COMPANY!!!

Resolved poor service

Company was hired to fix furnace pump that seized and was overheating. To prevent a fire I disconnected the power supply. When technician showed up and looked at power and neutral wires in a daze he called management who told him not to work on it. Can you imagine an appliance service company that is intimidated from rehooking up the power wires? It's a joke. Needless to say when I spoke to owner he was rude, and unapologetic. I do not recommend this compnay there are plenty of other better and more customer friendly companies to work with.

  • 16
    1628 Oct 27, 2010

    I totally agree. We have had a really bad experience ourselves. When I finally got a hold of the owner to express my disappointment in the service he yelled at me used profanity and then preceded to hang-up the phone in the middle of our conversation. I am totally repulsed by Don and what he considers to be customer service. I would highly recommend NOT using this company!

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  • Do
    donlloyd999 Mar 02, 2012

    This homeowner had his entire heat pump air handler in pieces and on the floor. When we explained that we needed to charge him to rebuild the unit. He got mad, when we explained that we can do this but we need to be paid. Well he got upset so I toldmy tech to leave. Even though we do help. We are not a non-profit organization.

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  • Dl
    dlloyd999 Mar 24, 2013

    DHL Home Services has been in business now for 12 years. With over 28000 customers in the Baltimore / Washington corridor. We will never make everyone happy, although we do try. Some homeowners...like the one writing this review, took apart their unit in trying to fix it themselves. This is ok...we know that this may happen. But the entire air handler unit was taken apart. the only thing not touched was the cabinet. When we told the customer that we needed to charge them to reinstall the unit...he got upset. I suppose that he wanted us to do this for our service fee of $75.00. This would have taken over 3 hours to do it correctly, check everything, and make sure it was working properly. Please...if you want it done by a professional...leave it to the professionals.

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  • Ed
    EDawnS Jun 24, 2013

    I had my heat pump-furnace units replaced in 2007 by DHL Home Services! Reps were courteous and helpful. I've only had DHL service my unit. Great experience! I've know moved into a new home and Don Lloyd personally came out to inspect and work on my a/c! Nothing but good experiences!

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Resolved no delivery

I orderd all my 3 year old sons christmas presents from toys r us who use DHL for there delivery service. I paid extra for early delivery to make sure the presents was here eairly for christmas. I took the day off work to wait in for my order, and waited in all day, i didnt here a knock on the door but i did recive a note from DHL saying they called and no one answerd, i blamed myself and rang the mobile phone number provided straight away the phone was turned off i tried countless times and still the phone was turned off, so i rang the 0844 number that was also provided on the note, they assured me my delivery would be there the next day. So i took the next day off work. I waited in again all day, making sure i would here them knocking they never turned up so i checked the tracking order on toys are us web site and it said the driver had been no answer and had posted a note THEY HADN'T!! so i spent £10 on credit ringin the 0844 number, they told me because i didnt have a parcel number (which the driver was ment to have provided on the note) they can not track my order or find out where it is now im £200 down plus 2 days pay and worse still my son dosent have any christmas presents to open all thanks to the DHL!!! i will NEVER again use DHL or order goods from ANY companies that use DHL!!! thanks for spoiling my families and my sons christmas!!!

Resolved bad service

I ordered an item on Amazon on 17th December 2009 and selected "Priority International Courier". I was notified that the order would be split up, and that one part of the order was being sent via DHL. On 20th December, 2009, Sunday, the delivery person from DHL (mobile number [protected]) called me check if anyone was at home as they were trying to deliver the package to me. As I wasn't expecting the delivery to be made on a Sunday (Since the delivery description on Amazon.com mentioned 2-4 BUSINESS days), I asked when is the next earliest slot another delivery attempt could be made instead, and the delivery man suggested the evening slot (7pm-10pm) on Monday (21st december, 2009), which I agreed to over the phone.

Today on Monday (21st december, 2009), I rushed home from work in order to receive the package during the 7pm-10pm slot as suggested by the DHL deliveryman, but the delivery never arrived. When I finally called DHL at 10:30pm, they told that because no official redelivery request was made on my order (even though I followed the recommendations given by the deliveryman who called me), they did not attempt a re-delivery on Monday; and as such, the delivery was automatically scheduled for Tuesday during office hours when no one would be at home to receive it). In addition, if I had to arrange for it to be delivered to my workplace instead (since I would not be free on Tuesday night to receive the item), I had to fax a request to DHL requesting a change of delivery address. I have no fax machine and have to look for someone with one. On top of that, they could not guarantee the delivery by Tuesday with the change in address.

I have ordered from Amazon a number of times in the past, via different shipping options, but this is the worst experience I've ever had so far. The whole point of paying a premium for "Priority International Courier" is to get my purchases fast and conveniently. In fact, another portion of my order which was being shipped via UPS attempted delivery when I was not home, but the UPS representative was helpful enough to allow me to change the delivery address to my workplace over the phone. In contrast, the DHL representative were inflexible and said they could not change the delivery address to my workplace this way because they would have to file extra paperwork to justify the change.

I called DHL Wednesday morning after I managed to get access to a fax machine (since the representative serving me yesterday said I had to fax in a request for change in delivery address). The representative I spoke to this morning now told me that I could have emailed a request for change in delivery address, something that the DHL representative whom I spoke to yesterday neglected to mention to me.

As such, I could only trigger a request this morning, meaning that I would only be able to receive the package on Wednesday. If the representative yesterday had mentioned that I could have requested a change of address via email, I would have done so yesterday and gotten my delivery by today (Tuesday). In fact the current status of the order is now listed as "Delay in delivery due to external factors" through no fault of mine.

This is in contrast to the part of my order which was shipped via UPS, which shipped later, and I similarly requested a change of address, and yet I received the package earlier.

Resolved you want your parcel delivered?

A rant from Italy, where a parcel containing live plants for my garden arrived from the UK on December 2.

On each day since then, 6 so far, it's gone out for delivery...and been returned to (I think) a sub-contractors depot.

For the past week, I've phoned DHL on their premium-rate number and have basically been told lies. 'It's definitely arriving tomorrow...' ' We've made it highest priority...' etc etc

Utter ###.

DHL Head Office in Milan buckpass to DHL in England. DHL in England buckpass to DHL in Milan.

Nobody attempts to accept responsibility or gives a rat's rear end about the fact that a parcel they've been trusted to deliver is rolling round on the back of some white van somewhere for a week.

Even the company in England who sent me the package are getting the brush-off. They tell me I'm not the first of their customers DHL have screwed this year. Guess which well-known international courier they;re not going to use any more.

The name of that company again - DHL. That's D - H - L.

Never, ever even think of using this company.

Resolved package disappeared/undelivered

A wristwatch was delivered to a buyer in germany in september 18th.After 2 months the buyer complaint as the watch has not been delivered as well the DHL sent to the Japanese post a declaration of delivery on september 29th but not listed on the tracking page.
I dont know what to think is the DHL people did stolen my watch or the final receiver is accomplice with them.
Im very upset about it as the buyer opened a dispute through paypal and mabe after get his money back he will get the watch too.

How the world gone bad...I hope someone read this message and can do something in order to stop such awful actions.


package disappeared/undelivered

Resolved dhl emolyee admits to murdering my cat

My neighbour Mr. Franklin Bah, an employee of DHL Limbe, Cameroon admitted to poisoning my cat on the night of 08/11/09.
Three weeks ago I found my cat (Simba) barely alive with deep cuts all over its body. It turned out that Simba had been rescued by the night watchman out of a trap set for him by the afore mentioned neighbour.
I took Simba to the veterinary and behold, just as he recovered from his injuries I found Simba dead next to my shop on the morning of 09/11/2009. On 11/11/2009 my wife and I took turns to confront Mr Bah about the death of our cat and he stopped short of telling us why, but admitted that he killed Simba!!
We have had Simba for a year and a half and he over time became a symbol for our cocktail bar, ARNE. Mr Bah was fully aware of how much my wife and I as well as our customers adored Simba. He passed by every single working day and watched keenly as we interacted with our cat.
Murdering Simba seemed nothing less than a premeditated and well planned act with very malicious intent carried out by Mr Bah. As it is often said, “you get a man through his pet.”
I at this stage fear for my safety and that of my family because I do not know what other evil Mr Bah has planned against us.
The case has been handed over the police.

Below is a photograph of the DHL office in Limbe, Cameroon. Not really representative of DHL international, nor do it's employees uphold the image of the company.