DHL / non-delivery of door-to-door package


DHL collected a package on the 29 January 10 for their offices in Montego Bay Jamaica and then for a door-to-door delivery. The recipient of the package had a telephone call from customs office to say that there is a charge and that he would have to collect the package; the receipient is happy to pay the customs duty so long as it is delivered to his door (he is frail and is unable to go to Montego Bay to pick up this package) that's why the package was couriered door-to-door.
The items in the package totals £49.50; we have now been told by DHL, that customs in Montego Bay wants a duty fee of £63.95; plus £11.50 DHL handling fee, they want this money from us but no paperwork to substantiate this this duty charge!
It may be noted that we booked through Transglobal who in-turn used DHL courier; We have further learnt from DHL if we had booked through them direct we would not have had this problem

The items we couriered cost £45.95
We have an invoice for £44.57; plus additional they charged us as they the weight was incorrect
They now expect us to pay custom charge of almost £70 (for items under £50)
Plus DHL handling charge of £11.00.

This is the first time we have used Transglobal/DHL courier and the last time and would not recomend neither of them.

We are not sure what to do next or even if Mr Cunningham (83 yr old pensioner will the items couriered to him).

Would you say something is not quite right here!!

Confirmation of proof of documents vailable on request

E Bishop

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