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Complaints & Reviews

where is my package

I have ordered 2 bottle of medication from U.S to be shipped to Canada by DHL. It was quite good at first...

customer abuse

I just used DHL Services to send a suitcase from Paris to my friends in Barcelona who were leaving for a cruise. They needed their suitcase with their clothes. DHL promised the suitcase would be there and could be picked up by Friday, the 19th of October. I sent the suitcase on the 15th. It took me a whole day trying to get the phone number and the address of where the suitcase could be picked up. It was promised for Friday. People on the phone in Madrid were extremely rude, and refused to deliver any information about their Barcelona office, saying that they were not to answer any international phone calls. The people in France had no address for their Barcelona office. A dozen e-mails were exchanged, always automatic, please call the same number in Spain. Many times they hung in my face. Finally when my friends went to pick up their suitcase in Barcelona, DHL was closed during their office hours. When the Cruiser's concierge tried to have the suitcase delivered on the boat, after a three hour negotiation DHL flatly refused and hung up in their face. My friends were forced to go on the cruise without their suitcase. After paying 211€ for a failed service and extremely rude communication, I think I should be reimbursed.

this is an awful company to be done wrong by

I had DHL ship a painting to my home in India (I am a british expat). It was shipped in a very sturdy container. The painting cost me 700 USD , a price which is well documented. The DHL delivery person delivered the painting exposed, on a motorbike while it was raining heavily. It was ruined.

After a very long and stressful process of emails not being responded to and attempts to fob me off completely, they have admitted their failings and offered 100 USD compensation. This despite the fact that they deviated completely from their own standard practices and failed absolutely to deliver as per the standards they set themselves and promise to us as customers. This is, to anybody with even a faint grasp of ethics, is totally unacceptable.

Their response sadly shows how utterly irrelevant we are as customers to these huge faceless companies. If I was responsible for damaging a customers goods through woeful neglect and complete deviation from the quality of service I had promised to that customer, I would have the decency to pay them for the damage my actions had caused. Not so DHL.

The sad thing is that the stress of having your shipment destroyed through incompetence is small compared to the stress of trying to be compensated or even recognized by the company that did it. The response simply adds insult to Injury. This is an awful company to be done wrong by.

Resolved I hate dhl!

DHL (Domestic Delivery) - Rochester, NY

I never use DHL unless it is the only option, as with Dell - I really wish they would change providers. Besides the fact that DHL's customer service is lacking, such as an obvious absence of care, and a rude demeanor, their actual delivery people are ridiculously lazy. We have the same delivery driver at my apartment building for all DHL deliveries. That being the case, you would think he would understand the intercom system that is used to get to any of the apartments. Yet every time I have a DHL delivery, I look up the tracking number to see that the driver claimed that "Consignee premises closed. Will attempt again next business day." I was here, all day, just like every other time they claim I am not here. When calling customer service to explain, yet again, that I should not have to call to cause a stink every time I have a DHL delivery, I was informed that I should "put the driver on the spot and ask him why he cannot figure out how to deliver to me." Way to throw off any responsibility there.


  • Ti
    Tim Brock Dec 30, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought an electric wok from a seller on E-Bay. I was going to give it to my sister for Christmas!
    The package was sent out on December 11. Was supposed to be delivered in 2-3 days. A week later, it still wasn't here. I got a call on a Saturday from DHL. They said they had a package for me with a incorrect addrress on it. Thinking the sender just made a mistake (as all people do!) I gave the DHL rep my correct address. She ASSURED me it would be delivered on Monday. Monday came, then Monday afternoon, then Monday evening...still not delivered. I went online to the DHL site and looked up the tracking number. It said the box was delivered on December 12 to the address 12030. My address was 12184. I called DHL to find out what the deal was. They told me to call back the next day since their computer system was down. Next day (Tues.) I check the website again. Still says the same thing! I call DHL again, they told me they had the right address (12184) and it would arrive that day! Tuesday eveng came and went, but the package never came! I called again! Again, this time, they told me the driver was unable to find the address. They ASSURED me (again) the package would DEFFINATELY arrive on Wednesday. It didn't! At 5:00 in the eve, I called them AGAIN, They told me they were still unable to locate my address! They also told me that I could go to their terminal (over 20 miles away!) to get it. Said it was waiting for me.
    ANGRY and frusterared, I gave up and had to drive down there to get it.
    As it turned out, the sender did put the correct address on the box. Someone at DHL misread the address and placed a DHL shipping label with the incorrect address over it so it was covered!!
    I've NEVER had problems with FedEx, UPS or the postal service!
    DHL is the most incompetent delivery service in the world!

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  • Vo
    Vonnie Jun 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate DHL too! My husband's company does a lot of shipping through DHL, and on more than one occasion he shipped materials/supplies to a close associate, who requested that the delivery person put the boxes inside the gate of a residence (gate is never locked), due their weight and to secure them. The delivery person has yet to even attempt to open the gate. Moreover, an over-night letter was to be delivered at the door and the they tossed it over the gate.
    Now whenever I use a delivery company, I will pay more to have UPS or Federal Express to ship it.

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terrible customer services

I have received goods from abroad via DHL for the last year as unfortunately they are the preferred carrier for our suppliers. All barring one occasion DHL have sent an invoice which has been duly paid using their bank transmission slips that accompany each invoice. Problem is their own payment system takes weeks and weeks to clear through their maze of departments and each and every time I receive threatening letters from them, once I have had the credit line stopped and have been threatened with the same every other time. When you get hold of someone to complain they give the same apology and promise to investigate and nothing more is heard and they remove the credit block. They then tell you that it is better to use a debit card to pay the bills as their own forms take too long to clear. They are a joke but it is not so funny when they ruin your credit history through their sheer incompetence.

  • So
    soularsun Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got notice from an overseas company in China that my shipment left on Tuesday evening - and I received tracking

    Then I tracked and tracked - to my utter shock and happiness, it was in American by Thursday evening! I was so excited!

    I told my mother to stay at her home on Friday since it was being delivered there. And somehow, no on ever rang the doorbell or knocked loudly enough for someone to hear

    So my husband called DHL and spoke with a rep - the rep said we could come pick up the package between 6 and 7 pm. HOWEVER, their hub is over an hour away and I don't get home from work until 6:40 pm. So we called again and spoke with a lady who said she could probably get it on a truck out that evening since their driver made the mistake. We would get a phone call from a manager called "Richard" within an hour.

    An hour passes and no Richard calls. So once again, we call DHL - and we have to track Richard down. Low and behold - all the drivers have gone home. "so sorry - blah blah blah"

    Then, he promises we are the FIRST delivery for Monday. I check the tracking all weekend and all morning today, Monday. I call my husband and tell him to contact DHL since there has been no update since the one from Friday saying "recipient not home". So he calls their customer service again. This time he spend 1.75 hours on the phone with some women who HALFWAY through, updates the website. Literally, right in front my eyes - while I'm at work I refresh the tracking page and one minute the latest news was:

    18 Delivery attempted; recipient not home Houston, TX - USA 11:00

    Then, three minutes later it says:

    19 Awaiting collection by recipient as requested Houston, TX - USA 18:50

    And then NOTHING else -

    Today, they tell us that someone told them to hold my package instead of deliver it. WTF?!?! So at 2 pm we tell them to get it on a truck and deliver it now. Apparently that's out of the question... but why would the lady from Friday suggest putting it on a truck at 7pm on Friday, but it's out of the question at 2pm on Monday?

    So now they tell me AGAIN, that we will be the first delivery tomorrow.

    My main question is, why does it only take 2 days for a package to get from China to Houston, unharmed and no problem? And why does it take more than 2 days for a package to be delivered WITHIN Houston?

    From now on, I will ALWAYS choose either UPS or FedEx - and the companies I buy from will offer those options

    OR I'll just take my business elsewhere

    This has been too miserable of an experience - I want no more of it!

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  • Gu
    GUSTAVO VIANA Feb 05, 2014

    DHL is being processed in Brazil, and already runs in forum 8 processes, disappear with the client packages.
    The department dhl Fraud is a Fraud, retains the packages els and do not return more.
    We are informing the public prosecutor in the United States, for theft of products from various customers.
    18 We stopped at dhl packages, and simply disappeared.


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dhl - non delivery!

Following parcel number [protected] a tv from dixons was to be delivered on 27th august. Took a day off work and constantly tracked their online service. At 4.30 to my shock it said delivery attempted but no-one was in and card left. This is not true as i was in all day and no card was left. Tried to get in touch with dhl customer service but as far as i know this is non-existent as no-one answered the call just kept playing boring music for over an hour and was then cut off. Got in touch with dixons who had a word with dhl and had it rebooked for the Friday. Rang dixons on friday afternoon to find out that this was not booked and logged by themselves. And was promised redelivery for Following Monday. Phoned Monday afternoon at dixons for them to say that the delivery guy from dhl left without taking the parcel an absolute joke, Now they do not know when they will redeliver. Would never use dixons or any company that use dhl for their delivery method. It seems from the thread that there are very similar complaints about false attempted delivery from dhl.

  • Ma
    MANSOUR samer Nov 05, 2009


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poor delievery service

A package was being sent to me from Austin (about 4 hours away). We live in a very rural area, DHL delivers in this area only on Tues. and Thurs. (btw.. UPS delivers daily, except Sun.). On Tuesday, 8/7/07 the driver was given delivery instructions by our Post Master (she even offered to call me). Instead of waiting for her to call me, the driver said that was OK and left. Not attempting at all to deliver the package, he returned to San Antonio. On THURS I called and gave the "customer service" additional instructions... but had "missed the truck". I called to complain and was routed to a supervisor. They had the driver call and offer to meet me 40 miles away.. oh, and he said our Post Master did not give him directions... but that we are located outside of his route anyway!!!???

yellow dhl truck driver killed our dog!

About 2:30 pm EST August 9, 2007, my wife heard our dogs barking outside and then one screamed. She ran outside to find a yellow DHL Truck and a driver with a "who me, what, I didn't do nothing" look on his face. She went to our little black and white Rat Terrier "Harley" who was howling in pain on the side of the drive. She ran inside to get keys and purse to drive her to the Vet's returning outside she found Harley was still and upon picking her up found blood on the other side. There was nothing to do now. We have talked to DHL Express who said "accidents happen every day". The DHL Truck and driver belong to another company, Jordanaire, I believe, but I still need to get the spelling. I received a voice mail apology from the contractors boss. DHL admitted that if their driver had hit our house and done property damage they would not be responsible.

I Googled "DHL Driver complaints" while waiting to talk to the Sub Contractor and found another dog killed complaint against DHL from May in Colorado. So I searched Driver complaints against FedEx and UPS who deliver to us all the time. None found.

DHL is not responsible to you while on your property and is sheltered all the while driving in yellow DHL trucks.

  • Ro
    Robert C Aug 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know this is unfortunate, however no one ever mentioned where was the dog?? was the dog in the road? Do you realize that if you allow your animal to run lose into the street and someone hits it, the driver is NOT responsible for the animal, HOWEVER the owner of the animal is responsible for the damage if any to the vehicle that hit it!

    I also have 3 dogs that I consider part of my family but understand MY responsibility to keep them under control at all time.

    Just a word of wisdom from the law corner!

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  • Tr
    Trevor Sep 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know this is off the hitting an animal topic, but yesterday dhl was delivering a package to me... and drops it out of the truck in clear view of me... i was like, what the heck, luckily it wasn't anything breakable but seriously come on now... I've never once witness the fedex or ups guy drop something while bring it up to the house.

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very poor service!

I had the misfortune to have to deal with this crappy service. I had some transcripts overnighted to me and after two days the packaged never showed. I contacted the sender and got the tracking number. It turns out they tried to deliver but never left a signature card so how was I to know. I contacted DHL and they assured me it would be delivered on the third day, so I had someone waiting all day. DHL never made an attempt to deliver. The first lie. So, on Saturday they tell me it will be delivered before noon. The second lie. I made over six phone calls to DHL and not once would they allow me to talk to a supervisor. They shouldn't be allowed to do business.

worst service!

I was really very unhappy and upset with the kind of service DHL is providing to there customer. I will make...

the company is scam and a joke, and fraud!

I send some important time sensitive document to overseas on July 5th. DHL representative assured me they are going to be there by July 9th. On July 9th, I received a call that the documents did not arrive. I checked on-line and it seemed that the document were delayed in the clearance center. I called DHL and I asked the rep. about the delay and why they gave a promise that they can not keep.The rep said that the customs delay is out of their had. I replied that since it is their business, they know about the delays and how long it will last, so they should warn the customers and they should not give the promise that they can not keep. The representative was adamant and he told me that they deliver it within three days and any delay in transit is not calculated to the time frame.

I requested the documents to be returned since pass the time was useless and I had to find some other way to get these documents to my sister. The rep. told me that they can not return the document to me via express service. It has to be ground. I could not believe that I spend $52.00 for express service, overseas delivery and not only I did not receive it, DHL could not deliver back my document via express mail.

This company is fraud and I will never use them. At work, we used DHL at one point and we had so many problems that we changed it to UPS. Whoever has founded DHL, need to read these messages and get in touch with reality. Consumers like me are the innocent bystandard and sometimes they need time sensitive documents to be delivered and if the company can not deliver, it needs to close its door. The company is so greedy that it could not deliver back my document in time to me. They said it takes as much as 21 days for me to get back the document and the envelop needed to be returned from OHIO to Houston. I hope and wish DHL go out of business.

Companies like DHL will go down. Look what happened with ENRON. They got greedy. The same fait is waiting for DHL. The final point is the company is fraud and a sham...

extortion in mexico!

I mailed two packages from Texas to myself in the Yucatan of Mexico so I wouldn't have to lug them through the airports. The rest is noted below in my travel blog. Now a LOT of people can see my complaint. And DHL (in the US with English) won't even acknowledge me anymore!) (I had tee shirts printed for my coworkers that cost me $140.00 and the other box is my own (used) clothing.)

The following from my blog to readers / friends:

Not so sure I'll endorse DHL anymore. Remember I had told y'all that I had mailed two boxes (totalling 22 lbs) to myself from Texas to the tune of $339.00 US dollars. The boxes got to Merida before my plane did, but I still haven't gotten them! 9 days now. They are holding them hostage for taxes. Now want $490.00 US more! $4900.00 pesos! The US DHL office is now ignoring me too so I haven't gotten resolution. Will probably have them returned to Beaumont but don't know since states won't answer. Will update y'all when there is a solution. Attorney and I have appointment on Tuesday with Immigration - may have him take me to Customs to find out about the country's Code of Conduct because I feel this is extortion.

  • La
    Laura Corey Dec 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are not alone. On Nov 29th, 2007 I shipped my mom's Christmas present to Mexico. The value of the present is $60 dollars, and I paid $121.54 for the shipping. My package got lost in transit, and when it finally arrived (on Dec 15th), DHL is charging my mother $80 dollars for taxes! When I called customer service, they told me since the value of my present is more than $50 dollars, customs charges taxes which are paid by DHL and DHL wants the money paid back by the receiver. I told them I was NEVER notified of that. I refused to pay and I wanted my package back but... they told me this and I quote: "It can't be returned unless you pay for those taxes...you have 30 days or we'll destroy it". WHAT?? I asked to speak to a supervisor, who pretty much told me those were the policies of the company and if I didn't like it, too bad.

    My mother now has filed a complaint with a Mexican Bureau of the Consumer. Currently I am contemplatin suing them, because this is a rip off and until now I have found out that DHL does the same thing with customers around the world. I just hope a lawyer and a lawsuit would not become the biggest nightmare of my life.

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  • As
    A.S Jul 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



    The inquisitive extortion (phone extortion), we refer mainly to those of: Juridical Office Munoz and Partners (in spanish: “Despacho Jurídico Muñoz y Asociados”). They want to talk with you, without know you during day and night looking for a certain So-and-so of Abraham that neither you nor your family have known all their lives. (They are not vendors of Telemarketing, they are abductors). This is when someone of your own by despair, falls into his trap by answering: "that the person does not live there who are looking for, " the work of the Juridical Office Munoz and Associates is ask a sum of money to not bother you and your family.
    Also they are collaborating with the prisoners, from the Federal District, in Mexico City.
    If you have a caller ID, you NEVER answer them to the following numbers: 4777108099, 477-710-8099, 553-393-8487, 558-000-7772, 558-000-7771, 553-393-8487, 553-303-9658, 558-503-3706. While there may be other numbers (private or public).
    Also this “company” proceeds of money laundering of drug trafficking and called connections are located in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. They also have offices in Mexico (Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City) and in the U.S (in Texas). They hide behind a noble profession as lawyers to conduct their illicit proceeds.
    Do not stop these nauseating ghosts, we are many, we are more than them. Do not rest until justice is done against them. The reason is on our side. Now, they are looked by the F.B.I.


    "I feel so patriotic of all America, any country in Latin America, as more and, when necessary, would be willing to surrender my life for the liberation of any of the American countries, without asking anything to anyone, Without demanding anything, without exploiting anyone. "
    copyright, CNAS, 2008.

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  • Bl
    Blanca Gonzalez Aug 11, 2010

    I shipped a package to my boyfriend from New Jersey to Merida, Mexico on August 9th, 2010. I paid $160 and I asked to the employee if the receiver would have to pay something and He told me, not. So my boyfriend supposed to receive the package on Agust 12th, 2010 but, one day before, DHL of Mexico called him and He was told that He had to pay $100 for customs taxes and if he didn't make up his mind at that moment, for every day that the package stay at customs services, He would have to pay $30 more added up to the $100. So, crazy. I'm so pissed off and I don't know what to do. I asked them for a return and I was told that, first I would have to pay the taxes plus the shipment from Mexico to the USA.
    I think, DHL should let us know about the taxes that the person has to pay in order to get the package.
    If I had known about this ahead, I had not shipped anything.
    DHL, pretty bad service. I won't never use it again.

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staff mistakes, system related failures & bad customer service

I have previously posted a complaint for DHL Latvia. It is now somewhat resolved, I believe in their opinion;...

wrong information - missed delivery of emergency medicine for our client

- DHL staff in Riga Latvia provided us with bad information and the DHL customer service over the weekend was not helpful.

They told us when we called DHL Brussels that they would take some action to request a re routing of a package; but, apparently they did nothing.

We operate a tourist office in Riga Latvia, one of our clients went to Berlin for only the weekend but forgot to take some special medication with them.

We telephone the Riga DHL office whom we have an open account with.

We ask if they would deliver this medicine to the clients hotel in Berlin on Saturday if we shipped on Friday.

The answer was yes.

We completed the DHL Shipping request using the DHL online system.

There was a special box for Saturday delivery and we selected this option.

When the shipping label was printed SATURDAY delivery was clearly printed on the label.

We would NOT have shipped the medicine if we had know it would NOT be delivered on Saturday.

The package arrived at DHL's sort facility in Brussels on Friday night and there it sat for the weekend.

When we called DHL USA late Saturday night for advice, they gave us the number for the DHL Customer service in Brussels and told us they would start a "file record" to re-route the package back to Riga instead of delivering it to the hotel in Berlin.

We have made numerous telephone calls to various DHL offices in Brussels, Berlin and Riga Latvia.

Each time, we have to start from the beginning, like they don't know anything about this problem.

The customer service people are NOT friendly, NOT helpful and do NOT seemed to be concerned.

As we speak, the problem is not resolved.

DHL Latvia wants a signed letter from us guaranteeing that we will pay for the shipment before they re-route back to Riga.

I find their service and attitude to be UNACCEPTABLE.

My account will be closed and I will not intend to use their services any longer.

Mike Johnson, General Manager,
Patricia Tourist Office, Riga Latvia

dhl drive hit and killed my dog!

On May 4th of this year a DHL Driver (The Fleet Inc.) delivered a package to my home on 486 Hyland Drive, Castle Rock, Colorado. I live in Castle Pines Village, a private gated community. As the driver was leaving my driveway she ran over my 4 month old puppy. Both my 13 year old son and I witnessed this event and tried to stop the driver. The incident started when I opened my front door right after the Driver had rang the door bell and left the package. My dog followed her to her van as I opened the door. I immediately called the dog (at this point the Driver is less than 15 to 25 feet away.) The driver ignored my repeated calls to her and the puppy as she was returning from my front porch to her an. During this time the puppy was barking at her and I am yelling at her and the dog and she looked down to acknowledge the dog. She had left her van running (against DHL policy) so that when she got in her vehicle she was able to back up quickly and carelessly out of my driveway. I chased after the Driver and yelled at her to stop, but she kept backing out of my driveway. As she left the driveway and pulled away (I continued calling her) she stopped to look over her dashboard, then pulled forward and hit my dog. I then ran and picked up the dog and she stopped about 30 to 50 feet down the road and returned to my house as my son and I prepared to take the dog to hospital where it died. I called DHL the afternoon of May 4th to report that my dog had been hit and killed and her boss Terry (last name unknown) said she had reported it and said she saw the dog prior to leaving my driveway. In later calls to DHL, the company has accepted no responsibility and will not acknowledge my concern about their lack of safety when leaving a driveway or driving in a private residential area.

  • Co
    Colin Campbell Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    UPS - just killed my dog similar scenario. It does not make sense that these types of business's have no responsiblity in terms of killing. Exact response from UPS to me concerning my dog on my property

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outright corruption

My brother recently posted 90 DVD'S which was his personal collection from the UK to Suriname as he was emigrating here.
Total cost was 68 GBP ($135) Personal used items do not carry an import tax burden as I and many friends know having imported many personal items in the past. The DHL guy turns up at my house in his personal vehicle in the evening demanding $900 import tax! After being told to whistle he then managed to "get us a discount" - $450. We agreed thinking we would pay and then send the items back out the country and claim the tax back. No chance he turned up with the box without a single piece of paperwork! He was then sent away to get the paperwork and upon return arrived with a handwritten scrawl on an unofficial piece of paper. He then admitted that there is no official import tax on the item and that "people have to eat" and so we will have to pay! Calling the local office we were told that it is a customs issue and that is Suriname but when challenged that if that was the case we would have to clear the items ourselves and would get official documentation ( I import items for 6 companies weekly) I was asked - "do you want the things or not?". I am going to bury these thieves or at least the local office.

  • Mj
    MJ65DG Dec 24, 2010

    They are corrupt.
    I had a box come to China and it showed on DHL tracking that it was in Canton ready to come to me then DHL sent the box back to DHL Shenzhen office were they then said customs is holding and the value stated was too low. They then told me if I wanted the box I must write out a new higher total which they taxed me on (100usd). Their office told me one total and the dilivery guy calls and says it is 50 more! They also said they can not provide an invoice for all this as well. My sender in the US says he spoke tyo DHL office there and they said for sending the box back it could take 3 months. They are unbelievable! Do yourself a favor and never use DHL, they are racketeering.

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dhl service sucks! don't try!

I was supposed to receive 4 packages on 1/23, and today is 1/25, I still haven't got anything! I contact DHL 3 times, gave them my tracking #, and still no one know where my package is!!! First I talked to a person named Tanya; she said they must have the address label wrong, so she issued me a set of new tracking #.

The next day I called and they said the package will be arrived at 2-5pm, which didn’t. So I talked to another person named Debra, she said she can't track the packages but will found out what happened and will give me a call back later, which didn't. So today I try to contact them again because it's 6 pm and still don't have my packages. Someone name Ericka answered the phone with the worst attitude in the world, and saying that I should keep waiting and see what happen next week!!! I am now still waiting for my packages, and don’t know what to do!!! What kind of service is that?

*update* Today is 1/30 and I still don't have my package. Called DHL, they still don't know where the package is; have to contact the shipper (online store) to credit back on my account!!! Since the items that I purchased online is on sale, I am not able to get them anymore!

  • To
    toby Mar 30, 2009

    DHL in the Dutch Antilles SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ...man i ordered some stuff from FLorida with express mail which takes 3 days and now i'm on my 6th day with no package..
    they called me thursday tellin me it would reach here by friday.We're going on tuesday and after calling them twice they still haven't delivered my package.
    I'm soooo fed up .
    THis is my first and last time never again.
    I'm going with fedexx now it costs a bit more but it's worth the money.

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  • Af
    afdd Aug 14, 2009

    DHL sucks in UK and CANADA too!!
    the most horrible experience i've got from express service.
    DON'T Ever try DHL!! NEVER EVER

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the leader in unreliable delivery!

I am a distributor and we use DHL as our Logistics carrier. I sent two packages out on Wednesday Dec 13, 2006. One to a company in state ground service and the other 2nd day in New Jersey. Instate delivery always is a next day turn around or so I thought. I got a call from my customer on Friday saying she has not received per package. When I tracked the package it showed that the package was in the town of delivery on the 14th (next day) but when I called to confirm delivery the tracking agent said that the package would not be delivered till Tuesday Dec 19th. She said since the package was sent ground there is no guarantee on the package. So I had to go to the post office and ship out another package next day service. So I lost another shipping charge and also the product involved. Now since the package shipped ground service there was no guarantee now what about the other package I shipped 2nd day air. That has a guarantee right. Well maybe with another carrier than DHL. The other package that was supposed to arrive on Friday. Everything was good until I got a call from my customer on Tuesday Dec 19th stating she has not received her package. Once again I proceeded to track the package. The package was in the delivery destination on the 15th like it was supposed to be but once again was not delivered. So much for the guarantee. And if you are looking for any help from the people on the phone or any of the customer service people good luck you’ll have a quicker time finding the Holy Grail. DHL has to be one of the worst carriers I have ever used. I think when they send me the bill I’ll send the payment through DHL.

  • Ed
    Eddie Reed Dec 27, 2006
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    Verified customer

    Definetly not worth sending mail with if you want no hassle these guys are cowboys.

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    Damn I new something just didn't add up after 4 days of watching 22 tracking #'s on DHL'S tracking site...

    The products were waiting on are hand made Tall Wood Sail Ships...

    Total value worth over $20,000.00. I called D.H.L after the 5th day to find out why the movement was not being updated and or being inputted over and over...

    S..T! 10 out of the 22 parcels showed they were still sitting in Fort Worth...on the 4th day of shipping, half of the other 12 showed they ran around in circles inside the facility OUT ONE DOOR AND BACK INSIDE thru another door, 3 or 4 times and they just posted it over and over for the hub down in WACO Tx....... The remainder still say they are being picked up... AND ITS NOW DAY 7......#@!#$#@[email protected]#$!

    What a Fu...d up joke... The CUSTOMER "CIRCUS" REP told me well.... Ummmmm...... Sometimes... we scan the parcel... into...the system..... and ummmm.. .. some times.....WE DONT!....dUUUHHHHH IT just depends on the person UUmmmmm... Duuuhhhhh .,... who is sitting their screwing off at the machine AND IF THEY FEEL LIKE SCANNING THEM!!!

    I could not believe my f...ing ears!! You mean to tell me you’re the new people who are in competition with those f...ing CAVE MAN Commercials that Geico now produces.... only you’re the cave men???

    You mean to tell me you’re the ones who invented the f...ing wheel but forgot to tell everyone else about it? And now your telling me that you DON'T KNOW what the f...ing HUB of the wheel even does???

    F... DHL... Fedex it to me next time Texas!!

    I'm afraid to even open the packages in fear of the damage I'll see........... 2007 AND its still the stone age...

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  • Sa
    Sayed Feb 22, 2007
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    DHL management should read "Fedex Delivers" by Madan Birla

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  • Sa
    Sayed Feb 23, 2007
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    I agree that DHL is unreliable. Maybe its good for Europe to Europe shipment. DHL can't compete with FedEx for USP. I am suppose to get a package from Amazon via DHL's 2nd Day. It came to my city (NYC) at 9:19am, but DHL could not deliver on the 2nd business because the driver went to make other delivery. It came late because of their lateness not mine.

    Don't believe in DHL's "Guaranteed delivery by..."

    Go with FedEx or UPS.

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this company is a joke!

This Company is a joke. They managed to provide a tracking number, then loose my item. Then they told me it...

Resolved amazon and dhl screw up shipping!

I ordered a Nintendo Wii for a friend's birthday, but learned immediately after placing the order that I'd entered his old address rather then his current one.

Since I selected one day delivery, I was not able to change the address with Amazon until the tracking number was issued by the shipper.

The next day, I contacted Amazon and gave them all the correct information so that they could fax an authorization to DHL to re-route the package. Since I received a confirmation email from amazon that this was completed and my package was now re-routed, I assumed everything was fine until my friend did not receive his gift. Tracking the package with DHL, I learned they twice attempted to deliver to the wrong address, then Amazon ordered the item returned as undeliverable. At no point did anyone at either company attempt to contact me or the addressee at either phone number that was on file with them both.

Though DHL confirmed that they had the address correction in their files from Amazon, they claimed they never received the official authorization from Amazon. Amazon blamed DHL and DHL blamed Amazon. On the third day, a representative from DHL looked into my problem and promised that my package would be intercepted and returned to New York overnight for redelivery. I emailed my friend and explained that his package would be delayed a few days before it would make it back to him. Four hours later, a different representative from DHL called me and told me that it would not be possible to intercept the package and I was out of luck.

I called Amazon and spoke to two different people at an “offshore” call center who did not understand the problems I was explaining. When I asked if Amazon could just resend my package when it was received, it was explained that this would not be possible and my package would automatically be restocked.

The technicians explained that I could order a Nintendo Wii right now to replace the returned item, but I would have to purchase it from one of Amazon’s “partner” sellers at a cost of over six hundred dollars. I explained that I’d paid $250 for the Wii directly from Amazon and had performed every reasonable step necessary to ensure my gift was delivered. Paying a $350 markup to rectify a problem that could not be solved by Amazon was not an acceptable remedy for their errors. The supervisor I spoke with said that there was nothing he could do and thanked me for my business.

The end result is that my gift is automatically going to be restocked when Amazon receives it and I have the "opportunity" to re-order the item when it comes back in stock. Being that there are international shortages of this particular product, I will not have the opportunity to reorder the same item and it is now weeks since my friends birthday has passed. I still have not been credited for my returned order and I still have not received any explanation from Amazons customer service.

For six years, I have been a loyal and frequent customer of Amazon. I have spent hours building wish lists, reviewing items, and providing them with tons of valuable marketing data. After my experience, I can say with certainty that I will never use Amazon or DHL ever again.

The lack of accountability on all parties is unacceptable.

  • Mi
    Min Aug 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Outrageous complaint. So its all DHL and Amazon's fault that you cant figure out which address to send it to? Or that you were the one that messed up to begin with? No single shipping company in the USA will intercept a package while its in transit. Not UPS. Not Fedex. Not DHL, and definitely not USPS. They may be able to intercept prior to delivery, however there are no guarantees.

    " so that they could fax an authorization to DHL to re-route the package. Since I received a confirmation email from amazon that this was completed and my package was now re-routed "

    All of that is a mega load of BS. Amazon will never offer an intercept service - ever, nor would they ever tell you they'll fax any "authorization", and with that, you certainly would never have received any email from amazon stating they "rerouted" your package and its all "complete". You probably received a email saying to the effect of "How'd we do?" and to rate the phone call and service when you talked with them.

    " The lack of accountability on all parties is unacceptable. "

    This is more true than ever in this post - ROFL!


    " The lack of accountability of one single individual unacceptable. "

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