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Complaints & Reviews

DHLthe leader in unreliable delivery!

I am a distributor and we use DHL as our Logistics carrier. I sent two packages out on Wednesday Dec 13, 2006. One to a company in state ground service and the other 2nd day in New Jersey. Instate delivery always is a next day turn around or so I thought. I got a call from my customer on Friday saying she has not received per package. When I tracked the package it showed that the package was in the town of delivery on the 14th (next day) but when I called to confirm delivery the tracking agent said that the package would not be delivered till Tuesday Dec 19th. She said since the package was sent ground there is no guarantee on the package. So I had to go to the post office and ship out another package next day service. So I lost another shipping charge and also the product involved. Now since the package shipped ground service there was no guarantee now what about the other package I shipped 2nd day air. That has a guarantee right. Well maybe with another carrier than DHL. The other package that was supposed to arrive on Friday. Everything was good until I got a call from my customer on Tuesday Dec 19th stating she has not received her package. Once again I proceeded to track the package. The package was in the delivery destination on the 15th like it was supposed to be but once again was not delivered. So much for the guarantee. And if you are looking for any help from the people on the phone or any of the customer service people good luck you’ll have a quicker time finding the Holy Grail. DHL has to be one of the worst carriers I have ever used. I think when they send me the bill I’ll send the payment through DHL.

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    • Ed
      Eddie Reed Dec 27, 2006
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Definetly not worth sending mail with if you want no hassle these guys are cowboys.

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    • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

      Damn I new something just didn't add up after 4 days of watching 22 tracking #'s on DHL'S tracking site...

      The products were waiting on are hand made Tall Wood Sail Ships...

      Total value worth over $20,000.00. I called D.H.L after the 5th day to find out why the movement was not being updated and or being inputted over and over...

      S..T! 10 out of the 22 parcels showed they were still sitting in Fort Worth...on the 4th day of shipping, half of the other 12 showed they ran around in circles inside the facility OUT ONE DOOR AND BACK INSIDE thru another door, 3 or 4 times and they just posted it over and over for the hub down in WACO Tx....... The remainder still say they are being picked up... AND ITS NOW DAY 7......#@!#$#@[email protected]#$!

      What a Fu...d up joke... The CUSTOMER "CIRCUS" REP told me well.... Ummmmm...... Sometimes... we scan the parcel... into...the system..... and ummmm.. .. some times.....WE DONT!....dUUUHHHHH IT just depends on the person UUmmmmm... Duuuhhhhh .,... who is sitting their screwing off at the machine AND IF THEY FEEL LIKE SCANNING THEM!!!

      I could not believe my f...ing ears!! You mean to tell me you’re the new people who are in competition with those f...ing CAVE MAN Commercials that Geico now produces.... only you’re the cave men???

      You mean to tell me you’re the ones who invented the f...ing wheel but forgot to tell everyone else about it? And now your telling me that you DON'T KNOW what the f...ing HUB of the wheel even does???

      F... DHL... Fedex it to me next time Texas!!

      I'm afraid to even open the packages in fear of the damage I'll see........... 2007 AND its still the stone age...

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    • Sa
      Sayed Feb 22, 2007
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      DHL management should read "Fedex Delivers" by Madan Birla

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    • Sa
      Sayed Feb 23, 2007
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I agree that DHL is unreliable. Maybe its good for Europe to Europe shipment. DHL can't compete with FedEx for USP. I am suppose to get a package from Amazon via DHL's 2nd Day. It came to my city (NYC) at 9:19am, but DHL could not deliver on the 2nd business because the driver went to make other delivery. It came late because of their lateness not mine.

      Don't believe in DHL's "Guaranteed delivery by..."

      Go with FedEx or UPS.

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    DHL — this company is a joke!

    This Company is a joke. They managed to provide a tracking number, then loose my item. Then they told me it...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Amazon / Dhlamazon and dhl screw up shipping!

    I ordered a Nintendo Wii for a friend's birthday, but learned immediately after placing the order that I'd entered his old address rather then his current one.

    Since I selected one day delivery, I was not able to change the address with Amazon until the tracking number was issued by the shipper.

    The next day, I contacted Amazon and gave them all the correct information so that they could fax an authorization to DHL to re-route the package. Since I received a confirmation email from amazon that this was completed and my package was now re-routed, I assumed everything was fine until my friend did not receive his gift. Tracking the package with DHL, I learned they twice attempted to deliver to the wrong address, then Amazon ordered the item returned as undeliverable. At no point did anyone at either company attempt to contact me or the addressee at either phone number that was on file with them both.

    Though DHL confirmed that they had the address correction in their files from Amazon, they claimed they never received the official authorization from Amazon. Amazon blamed DHL and DHL blamed Amazon. On the third day, a representative from DHL looked into my problem and promised that my package would be intercepted and returned to New York overnight for redelivery. I emailed my friend and explained that his package would be delayed a few days before it would make it back to him. Four hours later, a different representative from DHL called me and told me that it would not be possible to intercept the package and I was out of luck.

    I called Amazon and spoke to two different people at an “offshore” call center who did not understand the problems I was explaining. When I asked if Amazon could just resend my package when it was received, it was explained that this would not be possible and my package would automatically be restocked.

    The technicians explained that I could order a Nintendo Wii right now to replace the returned item, but I would have to purchase it from one of Amazon’s “partner” sellers at a cost of over six hundred dollars. I explained that I’d paid $250 for the Wii directly from Amazon and had performed every reasonable step necessary to ensure my gift was delivered. Paying a $350 markup to rectify a problem that could not be solved by Amazon was not an acceptable remedy for their errors. The supervisor I spoke with said that there was nothing he could do and thanked me for my business.

    The end result is that my gift is automatically going to be restocked when Amazon receives it and I have the "opportunity" to re-order the item when it comes back in stock. Being that there are international shortages of this particular product, I will not have the opportunity to reorder the same item and it is now weeks since my friends birthday has passed. I still have not been credited for my returned order and I still have not received any explanation from Amazons customer service.

    For six years, I have been a loyal and frequent customer of Amazon. I have spent hours building wish lists, reviewing items, and providing them with tons of valuable marketing data. After my experience, I can say with certainty that I will never use Amazon or DHL ever again.

    The lack of accountability on all parties is unacceptable.

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      • Mi
        Min Aug 05, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Outrageous complaint. So its all DHL and Amazon's fault that you cant figure out which address to send it to? Or that you were the one that messed up to begin with? No single shipping company in the USA will intercept a package while its in transit. Not UPS. Not Fedex. Not DHL, and definitely not USPS. They may be able to intercept prior to delivery, however there are no guarantees.

        " so that they could fax an authorization to DHL to re-route the package. Since I received a confirmation email from amazon that this was completed and my package was now re-routed "

        All of that is a mega load of BS. Amazon will never offer an intercept service - ever, nor would they ever tell you they'll fax any "authorization", and with that, you certainly would never have received any email from amazon stating they "rerouted" your package and its all "complete". You probably received a email saying to the effect of "How'd we do?" and to rate the phone call and service when you talked with them.

        " The lack of accountability on all parties is unacceptable. "

        This is more true than ever in this post - ROFL!


        " The lack of accountability of one single individual unacceptable. "

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      Dhl - Jackson, TNthe package was not delivered

      Vehicle documentation shipped from Automobile Dealership in Huntsville, AL to Savannah, Tn on 06 October 2006 - never arrived at my home. Dealership checked with DHL and they say that they delivered the package on 09 October 2006. We were at home the entire day - the package was not delivered. We checked with all the neighbors - no one had the package or saw DHL in the neighborhood. Fellow consumers,
      do not use DHL!!!!! The dealership is trying to get information from them but they keep insisting that they delivered the package. To where? To whom?

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        • As
          ...as if Nov 30, 2006
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          DHL have the worst employees working for them. I work near one of their shipping sites in Springfield, VA and the drivers have a bad habbit of dumping their trash onto ground, park thier personal vehicle on private property and just this morning, had two of these employees shouting profanity at me in front of my wife and 6 year old girl, that's before they drink their morning coffee! Can we trust these people delivering our packages!

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        • Te
          Teresa Westmoreland Aug 27, 2008
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Their drivers sped down our road to deliver a package and ran over our dog in the process. The bill was only $119 and he is ok but the people were very rude about the whole thing. They said it was not their responsibility. Beware!! Keep your children and pets up when the DHL people are around!

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        DHL — package being declared lost

        Package sent by dhl from shenzhen, china to winston salem nc. package signed for as delivered but was not...

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