Dell Pchardware

After 1 year of purchasing a new top of the line desk top computer and spending over $1000 to get the functions I wanted, I am back to having nothing.It started when the product was received and removed from the box, plug in nothing happed, the product was dead, phoned told a new one would be sent, 2 month later it arrived and the previous one returned. Plug in and set up, all looked good for 1month, then function started not working. Spent 20hrs on the phine to India and Philippines $182 later on the phone bill, told a tech would have to come in, he did some work on the motherboard. We sent letters via registered canada post to Dell Canada, we recived a phone call, avery bad customer service rep who told us not to bother them. 5 months later and again computer functions not working, called Telus canada our internet and email provider who connected us to India, told we had to give Dell support money before they would help, they didn't know what the problem was. We refused and will to try to resolve locally. If we had gone to a store we could return it and pay half, its a waste of money and time, we should all avoid dell, they don't care

Jan 21, 2015

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