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DellAll-In-One desktop

I purchased Dell computers for our company for 20 years! I purchased an all-in-one desktop. After 3 months I had to wipe everything off and it still wouldn't work. I am starting a new business and need my computer. I sent it back the day I received the return box. Then they notified me that I had to wait for two more months for the part or they would send me a refurbhised piece of crap! I asked for my money back and they refused. I absolutley believe the first (new) one I purchased at the full-price was refurbished. Dell was at one time a very reputable company but no longer. They are a bunch of thieves! DO NOT PURCHASE A DELL!!! GO RUNNING AND SCREAMING FROM THESE THIEVES.

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    Dellcustomer service

    WARNING: Never buy a computer from DELL because DELL has the worst customer care team and worst office personnel. Please read the entire post and then comment.

    I ordered on-line a high-powered, expensive DELL computer to do my photo processing. Ten days later DELL sent me an e-mail telling me the computer has been shipped via FedEx expedited shipping. DELL even gave me a FedEx tracking number. Every day for the past week I have checked with FedEx and they keep telling me that DELL did create a mailing label but DELL failed to give the package to FedEx. I have tried countless times to discuss the issue with the DELL Customer Care people in India and have not received a straight answer. In fact, every DELL person gives me a different explanation as to why I have not received the DELL computer. The only common theme among the DELL answers is that I should not be worried that the computer is lost. Meanwhile, my credit card has already been hit with the charge and DELL has been paid. So of course DELL is not concerned if I ever get the computer because DELL has my $2200.

    Today, I went to DELL's main administrative building at the DELL headquarters in Round Rock Texas. I asked calmly to talk to someone / anyone that might be able to help. First the rude receptionist told me that "we do not deal with Customer Care here, you need to do that via phone or on-line to India". I told her that I have been doing that several times per day for a week, but she did not care. I then asked to talk to someone in sale and was given exactly the same DELL-scripted answer. I then asked to talk to someone in the legal department. She then called DELL security and I was told to leave the DELL campus under the threat of being physically forced from the premises. At my age and health, I am not about to be physically manhandled by DELL security thugs, so I left.

    I am now working with my bank to dispute the credit card charge that has paid to DELL. If that does not work I plan to hire a lawyer to sue DELL for breach of contract / fraud / threat of physical violence.

    NEVER buy a computer from DELL.

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      Dellproduct does not operate as specified and lousy service was provided

      On November 19th, I chatted online with with a Dell representative concerning the purchase of 2 laptops. I was told I could order the link follows
      I ordered the recommended laptop and they arrived on November 26th as promised however, I could not install Office 365 on these computers and was told by your technicians that there was not enough memory to install the software. I then started a customer service call that lasted for more than two hours I was passed from customer service representative to another customer service representative with out a solution. I requested to speak with persons who were in supervisory positions and to person that spoke better English and I was not allowed to speak any of these persons.
      Finally, I decided that it was best to return and re-order the computers. I located the desired computers and prepared to purchase them, I then requested that the computers be delivered by November 29th. The representative explained that there was no way to accommodate my request. The standard time for delivery is 7 to 8 days.
      I have no problem with the standard delivery time -- however, I believe that if you value your customers to do all you can to accommodate their requirements. I believe that I ordered in a timely manner, I followed the directions of the technician, I ordered the required software.
      I received horrible customer service support and talked to persons who only knew the company lines and did not realize that I was a customer who was real with timelines and requirements. The personnel that I spoke with did not have the authority to make a change and would not correct me to any who could make a change either.
      Today when I called to get a mechanism to register a complaint I was given a website address that did not work and reluctantly was provided an address. I believe that as individual consumers we have no value to Dell.
      My main concern is that a company as large as Dell has no empathy for the individual customer

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        Dellalienware - ordering process and verification.

        Here is my horror story with Dell

        I work for Citizens Bank and I'm a member of the Del Purchase Program. I originally had applied for Dell Financing on or about 8/15/15. After I had entered my info at the website, I was approved for financing but was unable to start using my acct number immediately due to a system issue with dell. When I called to get my account number, I was told that the only way to get it would be to wait 7 to 10 business days to get it in the mail regardless of the system error that had occurred when I had originally applied.

        I did finally get the letter with my acct number 10 days later and I was in the process of moving at the time. When I went to place the original order for an Alienware, X51, along with a 29 inch monitor, battery backup and a small tablet, I received an order number for everything but the computer. I figured that since the computer was going to be custom built that an order number for that would be generated at a later date.

        I did wait for a few days and then called the sales department to verify what the status of the computer order was. I was told that there was a "system" issue and somehow the order was cancelled. I was told that the only thing that I could do was to replace the order. (That call I was on the phone for exactly 2 hours trying to get this straightened out.)

        I then did try to redo the order on 9/1/15 and decided to instead purchase a Dell Alienware 51 instead. I did get the confirmation this time but a few minutes later I did receive an email stating that the order was on hold and that I would have to call [protected]. I called the number as requested and I was told that I would have to verify some information to prevent identity theft.

        I did tell both reps the address that I had originally had applied for financing with and the address that I had officially moved to as of Sept 1. I was able to verify and old phone number that was on my credit report and I told them that I've had a new phone number for over four years now. I provided my current phone number which does show on my credit report. They were not able to verify me and said that I would be receiving a call back for further verification.

        While I was talking on the phone to them, another colleague at that location called me back and told me to call back [protected] and ask for Cathy as soon as I had received this message. I called back and asked for Cathy and they were unable to connect me to her. I asked for a supervisor to clear up the matter.

        I provided the same information for a third time and was given the same generic response. (He was unable to confirm that their policy is to have another colleague call me back. He also said that at this time I would now have to wait 5 to 10 days for additional verification to be completed and he wasn't able to state how I would be notified that it was completed. The only option that I was given was that I could speak with the sales dept and place my order with another form of payment. If I had wanted to pay with a credit card, I wouldn't have bothered to apply for preferred financing.

        I would suggest that everyone read this before making any kind of purchase from Dell in the future. Four total hours on the phone doesn't make up for the small discount I was receiving by ordering from them based on where I work.

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          Dell Inspiron Computerrefuse to honor warranty

          Purchased a Dell Laptop Computer from Badcock Furniture with a Warranty that expires on May 17, 2013.

          Today when I tried to bring up the Dell Website ( I could not get connected, so called Dell Techical Support.
          They wanted me to pay an additional $239.00 to log onto my computer to find the problem, but I refused due to the Warranty.
          Dell told me they would not honor the Warranty because I had a Software Issue. I call it a Scam!

          Since they are probably doing the same thing to other customers, I contacted various Government Agencies. I would think twice about buying a Dell Computer!

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            • Te
              TechGuy4 Apr 06, 2013

              I feel the need to point out that most, if not all, computer companies DO NOT include software issues as part of warranty. All manufacture warranties on computers only include hardware issues. This is industry standard, not just Dell. All computer companies work this way.

              Now you know for next time.

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            Dell Computersrefused to honor extended warranty

            I have been repairing, designing, and building computers for over 15 years. When asked by a client what brand I would buy if I absolutely had to--I had the same answer for them that I have had for the last fifteen years: Buy a Dell. They're reliable, their tech support is usually decent, and their "Bloat Ware" (manufacturer's software they add to your computer to crap it up and spy on your buying habits) is easy to remove. My recent experience with them has changed my mind and pretty much left Christmas in ruin.

            It all started when a client brought a year-old Dell Mini 10 notebook to my office. He told me "There really isn't much wrong with it, it just needs your touch to speed it up and weed out the annoying and un-necessary.” This sounded a little too good to be true, and of course it was an exaggerated outlook on this particular pc's condition. When I booted the aforementioned pc, the time was two hours slow, devices in the "Device Mangler" (that's what my mentor Brian Snook calls it. He also says that Microsoft Operating Systems are a virus, ) were showing exclamation points signifying they were not loading drivers.

            Any good tech knows this is a sign of bad battery or possible Bios issues. Like a good trained pro, I surfed up to Dell to check drivers, Bios versions--you know, all the stuff that makes your pc run well. I see DELL RECOMMENDED updates for all the hardware including the Bios. I don't know about you, but when I see the manufacturer of a computer recommend an update I DO THEM! These updates are usually fixes for known problems. The Bios had two updates from A09 to A11. As you can probably predict, I did the updates. Everything went well until the pc froze in the middle of a Bios flash.

            For you novices out there, this turns your computer into a paperweight. No Bios, no computer! As I sat staring at this pc, the disbelief and shock set in. It seemed the blinking power light was feverishly mocking me with every flash of its LED. This was the first time I have ever turned a pc into a paperweight! I have flashed hundreds of computers and never ruined one! Why now? Christmas is a couple of weeks away and now my client is buying a new pc.

            The Dell warranty expired one week ago; that information was like a knife to my heart. Dell informed me the warranty was extendable and they would be happy to do that for $110.00 (US.) This sounded reasonable. After all, the client spent $600.00 to buy it. The only problem was the credit card. I pondered this for a while. I don't own a credit card and figured if I can't pay for something I don't usually buy it, but this was a special case and I needed help from my cousin to pull this off. After a brief conversation with my cousin I dialed up Dell and we had a three way conversation (for you perverts out there!) Dell was all too happy to take my dear cousin's credit card number and told me to call back in 24 - 48 hours and the warranty would be all set.

            It’s 24 hours later and I'm on the phone with Dell being told the computer was never registered and ownership had to be transferred to me in order to send the pc to the depot. This phone call lasted 1 hour and 32 minutes, at the end of which I was assured an e-mail would be issued with a dispatch number for tracking. That was Tuesday!

            Friday came and the computer still showed “out of warranty” and I knew there was no dispatch number or box headed my way. Now it's time to cut my loses and walk away. I called Dell and demanded a refund to my cousin's MC and was told I had to hold 15 minutes for a Customer Care rep. That was it--no more!

            My four letter expletives were flowing like the Hudson River . At the end of the tirade I told the rep to call me back when he had Customer Care on the line and hung up on him. My husband was staring at me with that look--you know the one that says you’re an ###. This didn't seem to faze me much; I continued staring at my computer in utter disbelief. A multi-million dollar company like Dell can't do a bill to ship to order without wasting several hours of my time? My company can do that. If a client calls up and pays for someone else’s work, I create an invoice that notes that, and voila, happy customer.

            Dell apparently does not know how to set up billing to accommodate the credit cardless people out there who only spend what they can afford. The irony in this is if more people spent only what they can afford, the evil banking empires would lose their icy cold grip on the American economy and actually have to learn customer service.

            Right on cue, the phone rang and the caller id was flashing Dell across the screen. I looked at my husband with that told ya look and proceeded to answer the call. As I'm listening carefully to the rep, confusion and anger set in. I interject with the purpose of getting whatever he was try to say done and over. The rep came to the conclusion he had to refund the credit card. This process would take 6 days!! Anyone that runs a retail outfit can enter a credit card number and hit the credit button and the credit is applied to your account in about 36 hours.

            Six days represents Dell holding onto my cousin’s money for three extra days, probably for banking reasons. As the intrepid Dell rep is typing the refund, he actually tried to sell me the warranty again. As Mr. Spock would say, “I simply couldn’t believe my ears.” As you might have guessed by now I exploded into a diatribe of “what planet are you on?” I bought the warranty once, you didn’t keep your word about anything, and you want me to buy the warranty again? “Does that sound logical to you?” I scream scathingly. “Just refund the money and give me the refund number.”

            Now I am left with a paperweight instead of a computer. My client told me to pick out a new laptop for her and I was going to repair the year-old mini and give it to my college student daughter for Christmas. Her school doesn’t have enough computers per number of students, which makes getting lab work done a lot harder.

            The moral of this story is: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." – Milton . Also, sometimes you can't make a silk purse out of a cow’s ear! It's my Libra-ish nature to want balance, so consciously and sub-consciously I seek that level. The really funny part is you can't be right in a wrong world. It doesn't matter if I keep my promises and actually do the things I say I will do if no one else reciprocates.

            That is how Dell stole Christmas.

            refused to honor extended warranty

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Dell Studio 17late delivery/poor customer service

              I ordered a Studio 17 laptop with the new iCore7 processor on 12 February 2017. As of today, one month later, I still have not received this product. Dell stated that parts for my laptop are on back order. Further, they canceled my previous order and submitted a new order on my behalf, and without my consent, for the exact same configuration, all in an attempt to appear to meet their delivery on-time performance. They have now delayed my delivery to 05 April 2017.

              When you spend more than $1300 for a laptop and still not even get the top of the line with all the bells and whistles, you expect a timely delivery and quality product. As of yet, I have received neither. I have a friend that ordered a Sony Vaio and received a custom built laptop within 5 days from the time he ordered it. If Sony can do it, why can't Dell?

              I do not think I will ever deal with Dell Inc. again, even though my last 2 purchases and all my recommendations to friends have been with and for Dell.

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                • Fr
                  FrustratedCollegeStudent May 14, 2010

                  I purchased my laptop in June of 2017 and this computer has given me nothing but grief. My computer crashed for the first time in December 2017, I lost a portfolio, 1000+ songs and approximately 200 photos. The problem started when the laptop could not recognize the power supply, I contacted Dell, and they sent a repair bearing a new power supply. He and I both assumed that the power supply shorted out, and replacing it would resolve the issue, Wrong. I ended up having finding out that the Studio series of laptops were not compatible with Windows Vista. I had to reinstall Vista. In March 2017, my computer started exhibiting the same symptom of a shorted out power supply, I contacted Dell and they told me they were unable to help me initially. I contacted them again, asking for a new computer to replace to defective product they gave me. The salesman said he would give me a new product, but I had to describe the products on my computer. He asked me if I used McAfee (which was installed on the computer), I told me that him that I preferred to use AVG, he blurted out that the crash was caused by AVG and that it was my problem, that was Lie #1. Next he asked me if I used Microsoft Office 2017, and I said of course I am on college, I am required to use this, he said that because I did not purchase to software from Dell that that was the cause of the crash, Lie #2. His last shot trying to escape giving me a new product was that he asked if I used iTunes, of course I use iTunes 80% of America uses iTunes, he said that iTunes did not agree with Windows, Lie #3. In the end, Dell sent a repair to replace a fried hard drive, motherboard, and AC Adapter. The one thing that Dell did do right was that they were very kind and the costumer service was very prompt. At the end of this ordeal I wrote a very wordy review on my Studio 17, and Dell had the gall to remove my review, I am very disappointed with my laptop and Dell, do not put yourself through this.

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                • Gw
                  gwoodNV Jan 27, 2010

                  I am very pissed off with dell. Ordered a studio 17 online with many upgades for a sizable discount on dec. 2. Was promised the computer before xmas. It was delayed due to lack of monitor materials, to be delivered dec 28. That day came and went. New delivery date jan. 2. That day came and went. Called and complained.

                  Got a call back and was told that the blueray in this high end computer has issues so we have to start your order over and will take care of you with discounts on the higher quality studio 17. It cost me $200 more (Lol much better computer). The delivery date was to be jan 21. Kept checking on the order status again and again it was delayed. Called jan 21 and was told that it would ship out on saturday jan 23 and be there overnight. Again another lie. Now the delivery date is feb 3. I have to laugh because if I could reach through the phone I would be arrested. Talked to over 2 managers that give me the run around. Just trying to talk with these people that don't speek proper english is bad enough.

                  I went onto the dell website to build the computer that they said was going to be a great deal and my savings on the new computer was only $100. The first computer that we build online was a savings of over $700. What is going on here!!

                  I tell you what. The owner of dell is in alot of trouble. He's putting his eggs into to many baskets. He invested into a company called onewest bank that bought out the federally bailed out indymac bank aka indymac fedral. Along with another billionare they bought out indymac a company that was worth $23.5 billion for $20.7 billion. Making a profit of $3.5 billion right off the bat. Cut and paste into browser and you can read it for yourself.


                  The way I see it dell's owner found a new was to make money and does not care out the little guys.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Dell / Latitude Laptopfailure to repair laptop under warranty

                My daughter has a Dell Latitude laptop under warranty for on site repair through July 2011. The computer stopped working in early august, after several days on the phone with tech support, a technician came to our home and determined the hard drive was not functioning- despite a return visit the computer still didn't work- upon his advice Dell sent a box to our home and we were asked to ship the laptop to a repair depot and assured the laptop would be repaired and returned to my daughter at her college address within 5-7 business day. The laptop was sent as requested using Dell's box and shipping label on August 18. We heard nothing for weeks. On august 26 I called Dell after several hours of lies: eg no such computer, computer isn't a laptop, computer has already been repaired: Dell acknowledged the laptop had been sitting at the depot since the 21st and had not been touched. On august 28 I was advised the laptop was repaired and was being tested to ensure its repair. On September 1st I was advised the laptop had been sent to my daughter- despite daily phone calls and a notice taped to the laptop asking the laptop be shipped to my daughter's college address; the laptop was shipped to our home address! On September 2 my daughter received the laptop- the hard drive had ben removed and was placed in a separate envelope labeled "broken hard drive" THE LAPTOP DID NOT CONTAIN ANOTHER HARD DRIVE!
                Dell 's current position is that it will take 48 hours to evaluate the situation. they say a replacement hard drive will not be available until September 10. My daughter is a college junior who is unable to do her college assignments without the computer. We purchased the latitude because Dell advised us this was their premium/workhorse system and that with the extended warranty she would be assured of a functioning computer during her 4 years of college. WHAT A LIE!
                DAny and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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                  • M3
                    M-31 Computer Systems, LLC Sep 23, 2009

                    I have yet to hear of a college or university that did not have a computer lab. While these labs are quite often over-crowded, it is still possible for one to get one's work done without a notebook; even if it means waiting for 2 hours for a computer. Been there, done that.
                    As far as Dell is concerned; this is fairly typical for any large company that has grown beyond the ability to manage its resources efficiently.
                    I've seen Dell hardware failure rates as high as 78% in 6 months of ownership (varying by model and installation) at some business sites my business services. That is, after a company has purchased a Dell product and owned that product for a period of 6 months, 78% of (for example) the computers purchased, have experienced a hardware failure. That's a lot of down time and it's costing businesses and governments a lot of money. Personally, I think Dell, HP, Lenovo, et al should be liable for that down time. Considering that most of these so-called computer manufacturers and VARs provide less expensive (and therefore degraded quality) hardware to the consumer market, I would never purchase from a company like Dell, HP, Toshiba or even Lenovo (high failure rates on all four in my observation). One caveat, Dell has been making a fantastic server product.

                    If Dell did not provide an SLA (service level agreement) stating that the notebook would be properly functioning within a certain amount of time, then as long as the issue is eventually resolved, they have still held up their end of the deal--just not to your liking. If an SLA limiting the amount of time Dell has to resolve the issue was provided, then you have a lawsuit and I strongly suggest you file.

                    I don't think it is fair that any business treats any customer this way. We are all people, none more important than any other. My best advice to you in this situation is to be very friendly with a service agent so that a relationship develops between you two. Remember, they are people too and when a person feels like they have made a friend, they will go out of their way to help that new friend.
                    You make more friends with honey, than vinegar.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Dell / Laptop Studio 1555dell is a scam

                  Do not buy a dell computer. Their policy is a trap?!!! Their return policy is worthless, their credit card is a trap and their technical help and customer care get you going round and round in a circle.

                  On june 5 2009 I purchased a dell laptop 1555 via telphone. I received the laptop on june 22, 2009. As I started to restore data to my new computer. I started to notice the computer has problems. I called the dell technical support on july 6, 2009 — 800=624-9896 in india. They told me right away that return is not an option. Dell has 21 days return policy. The start date is the invoice date june 10, 2009 not the date I received the laptop june 22, 2009. Dell corporation set this grace period as a trap. One usualy does not recieve the computer many days later that the invoice date.

                  When I purchased the laptop, dell's sales personnel talked me into opening a dell card and charging it to dell card to have 9 months interest free. It sounded nice and I went for it but I regret that I did. Now with what I went through I realised that it is part of dell's scheme or trap. Dell stripped all the consumer's right by setting unreasonable 21 days with invoice date as start date and promoting their financial so the consumers are unable to dispute their purchases, now I have a new broken computer, I am not able to return it because dell set unreasonable 21 days return policy with invoice date as start date. They would not send me a new pc replacement. I am not able to dispute the charge because that option is not available. Someone should really do an investigation on dell's policy.

                  Here is the beginning of my night mare. I was not able to return it to get my cash back because I have passed my 21 days — begin date is invoice date not the date I receive my computer; I was told I am not able to get a replacement either and I should do the diagnostuc tests with the technical department in the meantime, my new computer system crashed. The technical staff told me to reinstall the vista operating system. You may ask why I did not backup my data. Since it is a new computer, I had not quite setup my backup system. System crashing on my new computer is the last thing I expected. Well my worst nightware happened and I lost one week worth of email as a result. The india technical staffs have night # and day shift and I went through many night shift and day shift personnels. Each time I was speaking to a different person and had to tell each person the same problem. Each person wanted to do the diagnostic on my pc. I had to sit in front of my new broken pc doing diagnostic with the india technical staff. This went on almost a week. They couldn't get the wireless device driver to install. They even had me removed the laptop battery and reseated the wireless card to see if that fixed the problem. This is really unheard of asking a customer (Me) to do hardware on my new laptop.

                  I bought a new computer for my business to be more productive. Intead it is consuming all my time doing diagnostic. After the operating system was installed, I realized that dell did not send me the cd with all the laptop device drivers. I spent days with the technical personnel to try to download the device driver from my other pc and transfer the files over to the new laptop to install drivers. This is not an easy task, because the new laptop has no network capability. We had to try many time before we were able to get some drivers installed. I then had to hook my new laptop directly to the modem to get to the internet to download the rest of the drivers — but no luck with the wireless driver. After four or five technical personnels iterrations doing the same diagnostic tests, they all were unable to find out why the wireless driver would not install. Finally the technical personnel was convinced there is a problem and decided to dispatch a us hardwre technician to come to my house to change out my motherboard and wireless card. He also said that after that system will work and there will be no loss of data. He also told me that it after the motherboard and wireless cards were installed and I still have a problem that they would send a replacement.

                  The us hardware technician was punctual and show up at my house today-july 14, 2009. He installed the mother board and the wirelesss card. He was good and efficicent. When we boot up the system, it did not boot. It gave me several options, I tried each option and took me back to the same screen. So I was told to call the same number [protected] to resolve this problem. This is the same number I had been calling the whole week last week. I was asked to do more test. Again they told me I cannot get my money back and getting a replacement is not an option. Finally they tested and still has a problem, they are going to ask me to send the laptop back to them and they will fix it and send it back to me.

                  At this point, I just want my money back. But I don;t know how to get out my finanical obligation since it is on dell card. I am trapped. Do do not buy a dell computer. Their policy is a trap?!!!

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                    • Ka
                      Kaustuv Oct 06, 2010

                      Dell Is Top Class joker Company. All The Technicians and customer care peoples are Mega Jokers. I had taken a Dell Studio 1555 . Once the one year cross it crashed. While I asked to dell the joker team tell that it is out of Warranty you have to pay to Engg a big amount for Visit. Online help is simple waste.

                      Finally. It is a Frauad. I never Advise anybody to purchase Dell laptop.

                      Life will go to hell if You will purchase DELL laptop. The Problem is the Internal elements of the Laptop is very vely Poor Qality which will die in a short Run.

                      The laptops which is available on the road footpath is much better than Dell.

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                    • Ju
                      Justgeekin Apr 22, 2010

                      Same computer but a different problem - a simple defective keyboard. It was a $15 part that took them over two months to ship to me. I spent at least 20 hours with them on the phone. Each technician agreed with my initial diagnosis within minutes of talking to them. Yet, they would not cover it under the US warranty although the computer was just purchased 4 months ago. And even with me paying for the part, they couldn't get the part to me in any reasonable amount of time. Of course, I had to install it myself when it did finally come. I filed a complaint on the FTC website. What else can you do? If I would have the same problem again, I would just buy the part on eBay. Their customer service is non-existent. I will never buy or recommend Dell again for any purpose.

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                    • Ja
                      [email protected] Dec 17, 2009

                      I have the same laptop and the same experience with Dell.

                      So, the laptop was donated and now I use a MacBook Pro. Mine was for business too, and after a couple of days, I couldn't be screwing around with non-existent customer service. Dell and Windows are a good example of poor product integration and bad support policies. I will never buy a product from either company again.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Dell Companyannoying calls every da

                    The Dell Computer Corporation Company is calling my home, everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays. The calls start at 9:00 am and end before 9:00 pm. I find it very annoying and I am surprise at why this is happening as I am listed on the Do Not Call List. Can anybody do something about these harassing calls to my home? Please make them stop.

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                      • Ms
                        Ms.Stansell Dec 13, 2010

                        Had a Dell printer and it does not work it won't print, scan, or copy called over the weekend and spoke to a real nice tech person and today on 12/13/2010. Called spoke to a unprofessional person who she gave me a hard time on the phone at 8 am told me she couldn't replace it and that is my problem. Called back at 9 am he told me that is was under warrenty and that will be getting a replacement was suppost to be getting an e-mail confirmation and did not get one.Would not buy anything from Dell again their products are the worst than ever.

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                      • Co
                        Consumerohio Aug 26, 2008
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Yes call them asap and log a complaint about harrassing phone calls from them and thier affiliates. Threaten them that you will call the FCC and your Attorney General. The DO NOT CALL LIST is a joke and from what I have read it is owned by the Civic Developement Group who are in fact behind all of the NON PROFIT scams across the US. I am a former telemarketer and I am telling you to call them and demand to be removed from their contact list.

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                      Dell Computerdefective computer

                      Defective Computers, What Customer Service, California CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANYONE? In our great Golden State, we the consumers that spend our hard earned money should not have to tolerate the injustices suffered at the hands of Dell Computers. Dell, Take your hands out of our pockets and off our hard earned money. If you have suffered a loss after purchase of one of Dell's Computers, you are not alone. The only way to stop this continuous assault on our intelligence and our pockets is to stop them. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

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                        • Br
                          Brian Feb 09, 2009

                          Yes please blame dell for your lack of computer knowledge. If you bought hp, acer you would do the same thing. LEARN COMPUTERS BEFORE YOU BUY stop scamming Dell

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                        Dell Inc.defective items, difficulty to get exchange

                        Further to my online purchase (May 14th 2008, order number: [protected]) with Dell USA sales representatives : Justin Diggs, [protected], [protected] x 2166450) of 2 Quadcore 2350 AMD Opterons 2.0 Ghz, I received my order packed in a plain box with AMD opteron technical brochure inside. The items NEVER worked. Testing with a dual core Opteron 21xx and another Quad core Opteron 23xx stepping B3 revealed the AMD Opterons I purchased were dead on arrival .

                        On Dell website, I found about "Missing, Wrong, Damaged or Lost item request" that Dell's warranty extend within 21 days of the invoice/ shipping, so in order to resolve your issue, you must contact the manufacturer of the damaged item (dixit Dell link ==> The manufacturer is AMD and their policy works only with boxed items which is not my case since the AMD Opteron was shipped by Dell in plain boxes.

                        I wasted ten days with Dell Customer Care and Technical support based in India and they shop me around (to date I've talked to at least 12 to 15 persons) not being able to tell how they will exchange the defective components.

                        AMD Opterons sold by AMD have a three year warranty. Same AMD Opterons sold by Dell must have at least a one-year warranty.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Dell Inc.false advertising

                          On May 18, 2008, I placed an online order for a Dell XPS 630i. Having read numerous reviews both from Dell's 630i sales webpage, and third-party review sites, I believed I was investing in a high-quality gaming PC, backed by what I then understood to be Dell's reputation for quality that I had experienced in the past with a used Dimension 4700 desktop system obtained from eBay.

                          What I received looked good and at first seemed to perform well, until I began to discover that underneath the hood (and even outside it) Dell has been anything but honest with myself and their 630i customer base. For months now, Dell's own Community Forums have been inundated with frustration, complaints and questions from users who are finding out from their own experience--and research from fellow customers--that Dell not only misled them in what they saw in ads and understood the 630i offered, but were blatantly lied to. Repeatedly.

                          How did this happen? On the surface, customers are shown ads that tout the 630i as an "epic gaming rig" with two PCI-E 2.0 x16 (16 lane) slots, capable of certified Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) control over case fans, LEDs, and overclocking by the user, and allowing either Nvidia's SLI-Ready memory in dual graphics mode, or ATI's CrossFire dual graphics mode. Added to this, LightFX 2.0 was proudly promised as user-definable "lightshow software" which would allow the user to further enhance and enjoy the externally mounted multi-colored LEDs existing in four places on the 630i's case, syncing with action in games and the tunes of their favorite music.

                          What many customers have learned after the fact, is that none of this is as it was advertised. The motherboard, an Nvidia nForce 650i SLI, has been modified by Dell, irreversibly limiting both PCI-E 2.0 x16 (16 lane) slots to 8 lanes instead of giving the user the choice of leaving one at the full 16 lanes; ESA control support is problematic due to the fact that the motherboard is not ESA-certified and an input/output circuit board has been added in an attempt to provide this certification, and SLI-Ready memory is not supported, despite an extensive option for it appearing in the 630i system BIOS. They discover that ATI CrossFire support is tied to Dell's 32-bit Vista driver software, preventing them from using Windows XP in this mode, or even 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. They are also told�after the fact--by Anne Camden of Dell Corporate Communications that a cut-down version of LightFX 2.0 will be released in the summer of 2008, then a little later that it couldn't possibly run on the 630i's hardware, to the truth that LightFX 2.0 simply does not exist and has been discontinued altogether, with no apology offered or attempt whatsoever to deliver any form of these promised capabilities.

                          Despite ongoing customer frustration at having been both misled and lied to through false advertising, case fans and LEDs that cannot be controlled accurately, and multiple beta versions of ESA software that fail to address these problems that shouldn't have existed to begin with, Dell refuses to admit any wrongdoing, and insists that customers should have "read the service manual" before buying to get the real facts about what the 630i contained. Dell continues to advertise what it doesn't deliver, shipping systems that often end up failing on arrival, and being added to a growing list of unwanted systems turned around and �recycled' back on their website for sale. Dell openly tells customers that they will "change the sales page to reflect the data in the manual", after their actions are called into question. Hardware problems such as the ever-blinking hard disk drive LED are identified and acknowledged by Dell, but remain unresolved, with no commitment as to when�or if-- it will ever be corrected. To add insult to injury, poorly trained XPS Desktop staff (publicized as being well-trained and capable in the technical aspects of the 630i), have given irrelevant and technically incorrect advice to customers, and/or simply read back sections of the user manual to customers.

                          It has quickly become apparent that the ongoing issues with the 630i are clear indications of much deeper and insidious business practices taking place within Dell's walls. Indeed, customers of the XPS 700 model desktop system became aware of this when they ran into similar issues with their system. However, instead of simply turning a blind eye to Dell's deceit, they insisted that Dell make amends for it, which after a year of wrangling, Dell finally did by providing a replacement motherboard capable of the very features Dell so proudly advertised from day one.

                          Despite Dell's minimal attempts at placating a slew of angry customers, what has remained is their failure to address the root of their business practices, making it all too easy to call into question the concern that upper management (including Michael Dell himself) chooses to continue ignoring�or finally address�what is, and will continue to be, a growing problem for Dell.

                          The only way Dell can resolve the problems with the 630i and make amends to their customers, is to provide all three of the following resolutions to all 630i owners:

                          � At Dell's full expense (and with no expense to the customer, including on-site service by a qualified technician), replace the 650i SLI motherboard with a new, unmodified and 100% genuine�and fully ESA certified--Nvidia nForce SLI motherboard, such as offered by the 680i SLI on up into the nForce 7xx series. These motherboards offer the features that Dell has clearly advertised, yet failed to deliver in their false and misleading ads for the 630i systems.

                          � Include LightFX software already present in the original LightFX/QuickSet software (already in use by other Dell XPS systems running on ESA-certified boards) as part of the reparations.

                          � If no software fix for the constantly blinking hard disk drive light is found, then Dell should provide and install on-site (again, without charge to the customer) a hardware-fixed front control panel board as described by Dell engineer Patrick Desbois.

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                            • Co
                              Computer Guy Sep 05, 2008
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              This is why you just build your own... -.-
                              If you knew enough about the 650i chipset, then you knew enough to build your own...
                              You also should have known it was false advertising when they said it was SLI and Crossfire capable... No motherboard on earth does that!

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                            • Da
                              dan gresko Jul 18, 2008
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              so whats being done?

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                            Delldon't buy dell trash!

                            I purchased a DELL Dimension computer and within the first 6 months, it crashed and would only start in “safe mode”. This issue started when I was sent an automatic update which ended up being incompatible with my driver. It crashed the computer, corrupted the driver and the video card. When I called customer service (which is located in INDIA) I was told numerous times by different “Executive Support Revolver’s” that the issue was due to a Virus that I was responsible for downloading and that it wasn’t covered under my warranty. I was told that I would have to do a complete system restore and would loose all of my valuable programs I paid good money for, along with everything I had saved unless I paid them to help me remove my pictures and documents to an external hard drive. I just did not feel comfortable doing this, so I continued calling in hopes that I would get a service technician who actually knew what they where doing and could help me. A year had gone by with no such luck, but finally in my persistent attempts I reached a representative who finally figured out that it had been an automatic update sent to my computer and NOT a virus that had caused such a massive problem. I then spent a total of 3 days on the phone with this technician, for 3-4 hours a DAY, totaling now an average of 25 hours of my time spent resolving and troubleshooting in order to fix the problem. They then sent a technician to my home who replaced the video card and now my computer is working again.

                            However, in the YEAR that my computer was broken, I lost a year of my extended warranty that I PAID for and also in that time, my anti-virus program expired, leaving me to have to purchase a new $60 program. And good thing I didn’t listen and trusted my instincts because if I had listened to them, I would have had to replace thousands of dollars worth of programs because of Dell’s mistake.

                            I have been on the phone with supposed “supervisors” asking that they simply extend my warranty for the year that these issues have stolen off of my paid warranty but have been told that they can not do this.

                            I should have researched better before purchasing this piece of $%*T because I now see that I am NOT alone and my “little” problem pales in comparison to the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY AAAAAAANY other people who have had WAY WORSE experiences with DELL. I would not recommend a DELL to ANYONE and wish I would have gone with an APPLE!!!

                            This SCAM company should NOT be in business and more media attention should be brought to the public about how shading DELL is.

                            To see more of what I am talking about, Google “Dell Complaints” ….

                            Where is DATELINE NBC and 20/20 when you need them!?!?

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