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I bought a new Dell and it worked for a sum total of 3 hours. I called for 2 weeks and they either hung up, transferred me to a supervisor that never answered, transferred me to "another technician" and then hung up, told me to take the computer apart with a screwdriver. I made 14 calls, often on hold for > 30 minutes, and was left with a broken new computer and no avenues for repairing it. They also refused to send a technician to my house, saying that their standard operating procedure is to have me take the computer apart and they will help me fix it over the phone which would violate my warranty.)

I finally called my credit card company and filed a dispute. They required all the notes I had taken of the calls I had made. I also sent 3 emails; they were never answered. I have given Dell until the end of January to come to my home to pick up their computer, as my credit card (Mastercard) has reviewed this situation and has refunded my money in full.

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  • Da
      Jun 03, 2016
    Dell Computers - What kind of a guarantee is that?
    United States

    About four years ago my wife purchased a Dell laptop computer. I believe she paid aproximately $1400.00 for it. Since she only used it while away on business trips. She used it probably ten times over a twentyfour month period. That's when the mother board quit. Since the guarantee was up, and the cost of having it repaired was close to what it would cost to have it replaced. Against my advice she bought another Dell Laptop. Only this time she paid extra for an extended warranty. This one cost over $1400.00. The damn thing hasn't worked properly from the first day. When you open the laptop and try to turn it on. The power will not come on. You have to wiggle the power wire to make it activate. After weeks of trying to contact someone from Dell. Which I would like to say right now is much more difficult than getting a personal meeting with President Bush. She was told to take it apart herself and make the repair.

    What kind of a guarantee is that??? We have aproximately $3,000.00 tyed up in two units that are nothing more than junk. Dell should be charged with in the least, fraudulant advertising. I'm sure my wife has learned her lesson by now. What good is any product if the company that makes it will not stand behind it? Even after paying extra for an extended warranty. DELL SUCKS!

    I've had it. Later on today, I'm going to send an e-mail filing a complaint with consumer frauds division of the state of Florida.

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  • Da
      Jun 03, 2016

    Dell isn't only a rip off, it's also dangerous! I received an inch long burn on my arm just 3 days ago due to it overheating yet again. My Inspiron 5160 laptop has been in for repair 3 times already for the heat problem. It gradually runs warmer and warmer and then all of a sudden one day, it gets super hot and starts to burn the components inside... this time it burned me, too! My warranty expired 4 months ago, and even though this is a pre existing problem, they will only offer to fix it at my expense. Why would I spend all that money for something they haven't fixed during the first 3 trips in for repair? The costs of repair, shipping, and the technical support needed to get those things would cost more than replacing it with a better name brand computer, like HP or Sony! Everyone has called it Dell Hell... I'm expanding that to Dangerous Dell Hell! Consumer beware... none of their tech support people speaks understandable english, nor do they know anything about the computers they are supporting. They don't care if their product works, if it causes bodily harm... not so long as they get their money! When they don't want to listen to you anymore, they either hang up on your or put you on hold for hours at a time. There is nobody "in charge" anywhere that you are allowed to talk to. If you ask for the number for the corporate office, they tell you they don't have it. My husband spent over an hour tonight getting into their online chat support, where the tech told him we couldn't have a copy of the repair history of our computer because it was against company policy. I got the satisfaction of hanging up on them today, after over an hour of arguing with them to no avail. I did so after informing them I was heading straight away to call the BBB and an attorney. I have already contacted an attorney, BBB is next on my list.
    I found this information online, maybe it will be useful for others. It's the email and website of an attorney who's working on a class action suit against Dell, and they are seeking people who are having these problems.
    E-Mail: [protected]
    Firm Website:
    Dell may be from Hell, but God has angels too! In my bible God wins... what about yours?

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  • Ho
      Jun 03, 2016

    I purchased a Dell computer in June of 2008 it was delivered in July2008 and from the third day that I used the computer it has been a piece of nice looking junk. The printer was not loaded to the computer properly, the computer kept freezing, and the mother board had to replaced in November of 2008 and I've only had the computer a little over 4 months and I can't seem to get anything resolved. I've filed a complaint with the BBB because they refuse to exchange the computer. I wish I would have done my research first.

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