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printer is trash!

What a farce - computer is great - printer is trash - like everyone else on the net this printer was working fine then suddenly "right cartridge incorrect" message appears and will not go away even with brand new £28 pound cartridges - think I'll take a sledgehammer to it in the garden and replace it with something where the cartridges are cheaper and the after sales service may possibly exist.

faulty cartridges

I don't mind Dell's insistence that one buy only their ink and only by delivery, but I've had several faulty cartridges, and if the faulty one is the last one in the house, one has to wait two days to get a new one. And, when I called to try to get tech help the technician took me through all the steps on their webpage that I had already tried multiple times. Only he took far longer as he studied and explained in a language that was probably not his first. I did get a free cartridge, but only after an hour and a half on the phone. Clearly not worth it. Next time I get another brand of printer, even though I like this 964.

defective notebok, deceitful practices!

We bought a Dell Inspiron 1501 Notebook . We ordered this over the phone and built with a representative extension # 795-8578. We ordered a specific chip in the computer the AMD Turion 64 x2 (Dual Core), this is not what we received. In the notebook we received a Turion 64. We have been trying to call Dell and get this corrected, as of right now I have been working on getting this resolved for the past 2 1/2 hours. First we were talking to someone that does not speak English, we were then transferred to Mark (had a bad connection) was disconnected I gave Mark my home phone number and he told me he would call us back, he never called back.

Then I called again and spoke to Mary, she transferred us and we waited for 45 minutes and we are now talking to Victoria.

What I think is that Dell is deceiving there customers and not putting in the parts that the consumer is
requesting, and switching them out. THIS IS DECEITFUL PRACTICE.

As a note when my husband ordered the computer Dell told us that they would send us a free digital camera as a gift, that as we have confirmed was never ordered or sent.

You see the x-mas commercials that are out for Dell that the gentleman is ordering a Dell for his daughter for college, but what you dont see in the commercial is all the hold time it took for him to get to speak to someone at Dell.

Dell is certainly wanting to take your money but to correct anything well then they dont want to be bothered.

  • De
    Debra Baseden Oct 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Dell Inspiron is a piece of crap, PERIOD. Or maybe it's the Windows Vista. Can never predict when it will fall asleep; when you try to wake it up it takes forever to come to. Has to think about EVERYTHING. I spend so much time just WAITING. I have very little software on it; my utilities don't detect any viruses or bad software on it. An acquaintance of mine has the same laptop and complains about the same thing. We also have Macs in our house and I am so spoiled by their performance; still, I need a laptop for certain school assignments and programs. I recommend people just find something else.

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  • De
    dell laptop Jun 09, 2009

    i have dell laptop but one day light fell down at the earth.and my laptops inetrnet socket was damage so i want repair it

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  • Do
    Down with Dell Mar 04, 2010

    I agree completely that one should be very guarded about buying an Inspiron 1501 and a Dell for that matter. My inspiron 1501 is not yet three years old and I have already replaced the battery, cord and hard drive. Thank goodness I bought the warrenty. That would be my best advice for someone who buys a Dell, BUY AN EXTENDED WARRENTY. Although, my battery is going out again (system failure or another bad battery?) and Dell says that the warrenty does not apply to two batteries, but only one. Dell has made me a MAC guy.

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dell laptop - dell hell!

I ordered a laptop from Dell in June 1999, a few months before starting law school. Immediately, I noticed...

Resolved i'll think twice about another dell in the future!

I purchased my Dell XPS 200 Desktop about 6 months ago. Recently, I went on vacation for two weeks. The computer was not used at all during that time. When I returned, it would not boot up and gave me an error message that a Windows file was corrupt.

Dell support sent me the O/S disk - which did NOT come with the computer - something I was a bit disturbed about.

After waiting to receive the disk, support was unable to fix the problem. The ghost, original setting also did not work. And, I had to reformat the entire drive. I lost data and spent hours on the phone with them and loading everything again.

That was only a week ago from today.

Well, right now, the same computer is overheating. A strange smell comes out of it and then it shuts down. I contacted support and they will be sending a tech some time next week to check the fans and motherboard.

Needless to say, I am disappointed by Dell. Not by the service. But by the product. XPS is their top of the line? And in 6 months I've had two major problems already?

I know that I'll think twice about another Dell in the future.

Dell is getting too big - and is making their computers cheaply now. And the growing amount of complaints all over the media and the Internet confirm that fact.

Oh yeah and one more thing: Dell is an American company. I have nothing against anybody or foreigners at all. But why is it that when I contact Tech Support, I talk to somebody in India?

Keep our jobs here for crying out loud. We certainly need them.

  • No
    nobrainer22 Aug 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree about the dell quality. We have to talk to the people in India because they are smarter than us when it comes to computer. The only problem is the accents but we can't do anything babout it.

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  • Be
    Ben Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same problem with the XPS 200 and after running the disk defragger in System Tools, it has been 2-3 days and the shut-downs have stopped...keeping my fingers crossed...

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  • Wi
    William Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I must say, i bought my XPS200 from dell 3 years ago. From the day i got it, i was disturbed...it ran very hot..1 FAN..and no DISKS. Well Until about 2 months ago, it held ground...then one day.. i was done with. So i bought a new one dell, the entire computer was DOA. finally after a a week with dell..they took it back...IM done with dell..WHen i can talk to an american..and they will support their products better, i may buy a new one..until then..im going custom.

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  • Ri
    ripntear Dec 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have a dell xps 200 that would shut down after about 3 to 5 min. i removed the side cover and saw that the power supply fan had stopped spinning. i removed the power supply and took the fan out and replaced it with a new one and it runs great. windows 7 pro / 2.5 gb ram. yes it does run hoter than larger desktops. i removed the expansion slot blank cover in the front and mine now runs cooler and quiter than ever. oh by the way the power supply fan only cost $12.00 and took 1 hour to replace. also dusted mine out with air hose. just some advice and my own experience.

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dell's approach to customer service is abominable!

I’m a Mac user and a confirmed one at that. But my “significant other” has always been a PC lover. So a few years ago when her desktop went up, I bought her a Dell Dimension 2200 and she’s been very happy with it.

For the holidays this past year, I bought her another Dell—this time a laptop (Inspiron B130). And after a mere few months, Dell has done what I haven’t been able to do in over 6 years: they made my significant other a Mac person.

Out of the box, the B130 wouldn’t load correctly, flashing an esoteric Windows error message. A call to Dell Customer Support IN NEW DEHLI, INDIA brought this response, “You did not wish to purchase software support so there’s nothing we can do.”

We told them that the computer was “non-functional” on initial startup, but that didn’t make a difference. Dell Customer Service was adamant that no matter what this was a software problem and software problem resolution costs $100 an incident if you didn’t buy the software support.

I intend to take this issue straight up the Dell management line to Michael Dell because it’s obvious that trying to get it resolved through normal customer service avenues is a waste of time.

We also discovered that the internal clock was wrong half the time. Dell sent us a detailed troubleshooting plan since there are several clocks in the computer and you have to figure out which one is haywire. So I guess that Dell’s idea of in-warranty hardware support means that the customer has to do the troubleshooting. We did it and duly reported back to Dell who sent us: 1. The wrong battery and 2. An invoice for the wrong battery. Another hour plus call to NEW DEHLI CUSTOMER SUPPORT resulted in an argument about whether it was or wasn’t the wrong battery. The battery on the main board has two wires and a tiny connector but the battery NEW DEHLI CUSTOMER SUPPORT sent didn’t have the wires/connector. After an hour on the phone, NEW DEHLI CUSTOMER SUPPORT informed us that we were right and that they would send out a replacement battery. Maybe this one will have the two wires and the connector.

Dell’s approach to customer service is abominable! A company that I had no reservations about buying from again managed to alienate me to the point where they won’t see another dime of my money. But, hey at least they did what I couldn’t do: they made my VSO a Mac person.

Sparks, MD

  • Lu
    Lu Brooks Mar 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This is a personal Complaint and wanted to share this letter with all on your site regarding my letter to Mr. M. Bell and Dell Financial Services:

    Dell Inc.
    Attention: Michael Dell
    One Dell Way
    Round Rock, TX 78682

    To Mr. Michael Dell, CEO & Chairman of the Board:

    I had an incident that happened in late December 2006 and I wanted to share it in the form of a letter because calling and speaking with your representatives is not working.

    In late December 2006 I needed more ink for my Dell Photo AIO Printer 922. So, I called and ordered. I waited for what seemed like weeks, so I decided to call customer services to see what happened to my ink. The customer service representative (csr) looked up my order number and stated that my order had been shipped and delivered to my location. I explained to her that that may be true, however I never received it. She asked me if I wanted to place another order free of charge and I told her yes. After that conversation I waited for days for my second shipment of ink and still nothing. I received a statement days after that with a charge of the ink, ($85.76 to be exact). I called again and I think this day I was transferred to about four (csr), I was on the phone for about 54 minutes. One of the (csr) had apologized and asked me if I wanted to reorder. At that point I was really fed up so I told her no. As you can imagine, I was very disappointed. This situation at that point had nothing to do with the ink I had previously ordered. It had to do with how customers are handled. It’s not to say that I received bad customer service, all of your (csr) were all very kind. However, there is certainly a language barrier! After all this, they asked for my e-mail address so that they could email me what had just taken place. As you can see from the copies I made, who they greeted in the e-mail was not me, even though they sent it to me. (I have attached for your review.)

    After about a month went by there was still nothing, not even an invoice. Then I called and asked what my amount due would be for the month and to send me another copy of my statement because I had not received it. The lady at the other end had told me that from her office, she could not send me another statement and that I would need to be transferred yet again to another department to request a duplicate of my statement that you all had not sent. Finally, reaching my destination after many minutes, the second csr told me that a ‘reprint’ would be sent out, but that it would take another billing cycle. I was frustrated to my wits end and told her whatever, just send it so that I can pay my monthly bill!

    After weeks, I received a phone call from collections on an early Saturday morning while I was asleep. I told her that I would call back, but she rudely told me if I could just make a payment the situation would be managed. By this time I was widely awaken, angry and explained to her what had taken place in December 2006 about the ink. She asked me to verify my name, address and ss# and I told her she should, since she called me and that there was some kind of miscommunication and that I sent in a $40 payment. She did not budge and told me I needed to make another $70 payment to catch up on the $110 late payment. I told her I disagreed and that I am not sure why there is a late payment there. From that conversation she had contacted a credit bureau regarding my ‘lateness of two months’ after months of making payments.

    It’s a shame that as big as the Dell Corporation is that each department has no idea of what’s going on with your customers. Each department from what I had been told has different software systems. When I mentioned my incident to your collections (csr) she said she didn’t know what I was talking about! I am not stating all of this to act like I’m perfect or that I’m never late. However, when I am late I am not afraid to call your customer service department to work something out. In the past they kindly taken off the late fees and accepted my payment. I also want to mention that I am very organized and keep my invoices stapled to the money order receipt that I send in. This is in case there is an issue, there is always documentation.

    What I think happened only two months ago was that one of your (csr) mixed my information up with another customer. I clearly remember in one of my conversation with the (csr) that she couldn’t find my phone number, order number and to verify all of my personal information.

    I’m not quite sure how I want this situation handled. One thing that would be nice is if the collections department would stop calling my home. I finally got my statement after the reprint and I know what my obligations are to Dell. I know how to call if I have any concerns or comments. After I get my laptop paid off, I will never do business with Dell again. Actually I can’t do business with you all since I was ‘late two months in a row & my credit privileges have been suspended’. I’m sure that it doesn’t matter to you all about my letter; you might just think ‘it’s just another disgruntled customer having a bad day’. Well, I’m actually having a fabulous day and this is only my opinion, to address my concerns. I hope that you have a department of quality control and that my letter is sent there and looked at. I’m sure my situation is one of many and that it gets taken seriously.

    Thanks for your time in this matter,

    Lu Brooks

    Cc: Michael Dell – CEO & Chairman of the Board
    Dell Financial Services, Carol Stream, IL and Austin, TX locations

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  • Bi
    Bill Oct 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It all started about 6 months ago. Or so I was informed by Russ in the “executive escalation department”. My Dell XPS laptop developed a bad mother board. Tech support came out and replaced it.

    Two more mother boards had to be replaced. Then the processor and then it had to be shipped back to the factory. The factory said it needed a new hard drive.

    The box to ship was suppose to be there the next day. It came two weeks later.

    New hard drive and fresh out of the box from the factory and the hard drive is full (or almost full).

    This laptop is for my son while he is in college. This all started when he said he was having performance issues with the computer and that it still wasn’t working like it did when we bought it.

    I told him to call tech support. Tech support told him he would have to restore the computer to the factory settings, thus wiping, again, all of his data. They said because he needed to update the BIOS.

    I stepped in. I just wanted to know when they (Dell) draw the line on repairs and go to the replace option. I figured we were either there or close to it.

    I called tech support and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor said I needed to talk to these other people, but that she didn’t have the ability/authority to make that call. Okay, I understand.

    She hung up on me. I don’t believe that she did it on purpose, but the results remain the same. I called back. I spoke to yet another person and again explained the situation. I learned a few things from her. You don’t have to restore the computer to update the BIOS (I don’t know either way, that is not my area of expertise). Then she said that my call ticket had already been escalated and that someone else would be calling me. I was told this was by appointment only.

    She checked on her computer and gave the available dates and times. I picked October 22 at 9am.

    I received no telephone call. At 9:45am I called. I do have a job and can’t always answer my personal telephone I was then informed by the guy who answered the phone that the executive escalation department would call me back within 24 to 48 hours. I did explain to him what I was told.

    I finally got a call from Russ. First off Russ really likes to interrupt the customer before they can finish their side of the story. I didn’t want to talk to them and make demands. I just wanted to know when they draw the line.

    This is when I was told 3 major parts in 30 days and they will “consider” an exchange.

    He then told me we had not had any issues in the last 30 days. Hilarious. I guess that makes everything okay! “But what about the 3 bad mother boards? I was informed that they went bad for different reasons. Okay, I lost it. I told him if I had a transmission that went bad three times I’d get a new car!

    Basically, he made me feel like there was nothing wrong with this particular computer other than some minor adjustments. I told him I was not too happy about my son having to lose all his data yet again.

    I really have no idea how much data he has stored on his laptop for college, it’s the lose of time and the frustration that seems to make no difference to Dell.

    I really love the corporate slogan about doing whatever is necessary to make a difference. You have!

    I’ve had three personal visits from tech support and shipped the thing off once. I got hung up on and I forget how many telephone calls and how many times I was transferred around only to be told that the last person I spoke didn’t know Adam.

    So, in the end we’re going to put some more lipstick on this pig and in the future just look to buy something else. I like the new HP touch screen we just got. Never again and that comes from a house with three desktops and three laptops.

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  • Sh
    Sheryl Feb 16, 2009

    Dell is simply the worst!! I have a daughter in university going through the exact same nightmare (in her case it was two failed hard drives in less than six months) and Dell does not care at all!!

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  • De
    Delmarco Jan 14, 2013

    I bought my daughter a Dell laptop last year for her birthday. We've had trouble with it since the day it arrived. When we called to complain, they hooked us up with IYogi because Dell doesn't give a ###. We paid IYogi over $200 TWICE and after a few days, the computer freezes or does something else weird.
    It seems like you just keep paying and paying for these computers because you have to buy tech support and anti-virus software. What a bunch of BULL!
    With all the money we've spent on this piece of crap, I could have bought her a good laptop like a Macintosh.
    Dell computers are just about the lousiest computers on earth and their customer service is horrible. Dell computers - do everyone a favor and just go out of business!

    So DON'T BUY DELL COMPUTERS, YOU WILL FOREVER REGRET IT! Spend the extra money to get a Mac. You'll be so glad you did.

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laptop damaged during a dell personell doing maintenance


I had a dell laptop damaged during a dell personell doing maintenance, which a screw is appear to be broken, which appear to me caused by poor quality screw or poor quality service.

The customer service in here classified this as a physical damage which did not commit to follow-up, no matter it is proper or non-proper use.

We are buying numerous laptop from Sony, IBM, etc. It is first time I hear people reasoning like that.

Worse the customer service have very bad attitude. She assume herself in suppreme power that no one can challenge, I'd never met a customer care with that service attitude.

Worse than that, when I do complain to dell, the person who handle it is still the customer service. I thought about complain to the US site, after I browse the internet, I thought it's gonna end in nowhere because same complaint always route back to the person who handles it.

Now, I thought the best way to complain is to tell every of our customer to stay away from Dell. (We are doing IT strategy consulting for big corporates) And tell the local PC magazines and post to every forum, making sure everyone I know to stay away from Dell. Aim, simple, people with bad customer service should not survive in the market. I'll try to make sure that happen because it will be fair for people like IBM and Sony who perform satisfactory service.

Damage Resulting

Nil, I can get my engineers to fix it within an hour. At most scraping 8 dell we purchase last year. Compare with what dell gonna loss, I guarantee it is nothing.

  • Ka
    kailash nayak Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    we have 4 nos of dell pc. but now 2 no pcs monitor not working. please send engenier or exchange it urgently.

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Resolved what a ripoff!

Dell Sucks! Within the last two months I purchased THREE Dell computers – one for me, one for my son Ryan, and one for my son Brandon. Ryan’s computer was a little slower than he wanted so he offered to pay for the upgrade. He called Dell and Customer Rep L. May told him he would have to pay 15% for a restocking fee and shipping charges to return all three packages (the monitor, the speakers, and the tower). When he explained everything was good except for the tower, she said it didn’t matter. To return the tower he has to return the three pkgs to three separate addresses AND pay about $165 in restocking fees.

What a ripoff! Dell Sucks!

  • Ke
    Kelly Apr 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hrm...Sounds like you didn't research Ryan's computer needs before you purchased his computer. So, you made the mistake but you want Dell to just eat your mistake? They can't sell that computer as new. They don't know how it's been treated and how it performs, yet they are willing to take it back provided you pay 15% for using it for several months.

    In addition, you bought a PACKAGE DEAL. If you had purchased those items separately they would have cost more money, BUT you would have been able to return just one item.

    I don't have any complaints, I just come here to read dumba*s complaints such as these. Get a life, at least they are willing to correct your mistake for only 165$.

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  • Ia
    Ian May 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm with Kelly. I can't believe how ridiculous some people are. Apparently it's Dell's fault that Ryner didn't know what he was ordering. How dare they make such a mistake and then not want to pay for the shipping!

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  • Al
    albin Dec 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't think there is anything wrong wit dell...

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buyer beware!

Buyer beware! Do not purchase a compute from dell corp.,under the so called"interest free plan". This so call plan does not exist. Their interest free plan has an annal percentage 29.99% and i am a preferred customer. Can you imagine how much the interest would be if i weren't a preferred customer?

I purchased my computer in April, 06, after seeing a promotion advertising no interest for a year. This was on t.v. And also in a flayer.
After three months, here comes the interest. After many many phone calls, and not being able to under the person speaking, none sees to speak English these days. There telling me that they made the mistake. So to compensate for this mistake, they will give me a credit on the past payments that i have made in six months......i will contact the better business bureau and i will post this on every web page i may find.....
Still not resolved-------buyer beware of dell's financial plans.........................they are saying one thing and doing another..

avoid dell at any price!

My bad experiences with Dell began in 2001 with the purchase of a Dimension 8100 desktop. Aside from the unstable Windows ME operating system (frequent crash potential 100%), Dell's "award-winning customer service" was deplorable.

Wait time was an average of 45 minutes, and the possibility of talking with a tech who actually understood computer problems was 50/50 at best. I won't even go into Dell's great warranty which began when the order was INVOICED, not when the order was received by the customer, effectively cutting the actual "warranty" period by half, thus preventing any possibility of a return. This complaint is about an aspect of Dell that is even worse than the product quality, warranty, and tech support: Dell Financial Services. Despite past experiences with Dell, in 2004 I decided to give the company another chance and purchase an Inspiron 1000 laptop for Christmas. While the product quality and tech support had improved a good deal (and Windows XP had increased overall stability), I had no idea how completely uncompassionate and unwilling Dell is to assist customers until I suffered a serious on-the-job injury in January 2005 resulting in a period of recovery and, alas, unemployment. Bills piled up to the point that bankruptcy seemed the only alternative for us; but, we believe in shouldering responsibility, and doing whatever it takes to get back on track, and out of debt. Most companies and financial institutions are willing to work with individuals in financial difficulty. Not Dell Financial Services. Finance charges are carved in stone, and the 29.99% APR they will raise your account to in the event of a late payment is completely inflexible. Several calls to attempt to work out an easier payment arrangement have resulted in ZERO assistance from Dell Financial Services.

Unlike other companies we have dealt with, Dell Financial Services offers no programs or means to assist customers who have suffered a period of financial hardship. As a result of my accident, my account balance is higher than it was when I purchased the Inspiron, despite efforts to make payments as regularly as possible. Unfortunately, this is an uphill battle, despite working two jobs, due to finance charges and a horrendous interest rate (to companies like Dell, suitable punishment for customers' financial difficulty is to make it even more difficult for customers in hardship by raising the interest rate to 29.99%; an act of sheer corporate-financial genius: "It's currently very difficult for the customer to repay. The solution is raise repayment options from 'very difficult' to 'near impossible'). Numerous calls have resulted in my being put on hold until the line goes dead, being transferred back to the main menu, or just being disconnected. I have rarely spoken with a "customer service rep" who speaks English well enough that I don't have to ask them to please slow down so that I can understand them (or having to speak very slowly and frequently reiterate so that I can be understood BY them). If Dell employed the same heavily Indian-accented English-challenged reps to take orders, I am quite certain Dell would have entered the dustbin of collapsed corporations years ago.

Life is uncertain, to say the least. Illness or accident can plunge individuals into seemingly insurmountable hardships. In those unavoidable situations, dealing with companies who are understanding and willing to assist those who wish to get back on good financial footing is critical. Dell is obviously not such a company, as evidenced by Dell Financial Services. We are working diligently to overcome the hardships of debt. One thing is absolutely certain: once our debt to Dell Financial Services is history, we will never do business with Dell again. I would never recommend Dell to anyone.

  • Valerie Feb 05, 2007

    I have had dozens of problems with dell about 2 or 3 per order. I have have 4 notepads filled with Customer Care problems like fraud,insurance fraud, overcharges, making false acts or statements, retaliation for complaints, false advertising and unauthorized charges to my Dell Preferred account.They are deceptive, dishonest and in my opinion guilty of committing thousands of consumer crimes every day.

    I have witnessed supervisors and case managers violate every pledge in Dell's code of conduct in one conversation. I had one order for a remote take 3 months to arrive I had forgotten about it by the time it showed up. They have never used packing peanuts or bubble wrap in any of a dozen E&A purchases I have made over the years. It's just a camera lens in a box shaking around like a rattle from Texas to the East Coast with only a small piece of brown paper for cushioning. I send back the lens only to receive 4 more unpacked lenses all of which are now worthless. Dell has a sub-contractor pack or rather fail to pack it's E&A items. UPs, Fed ex, and Dhl all require 1.5-2 inches of bubble wrap or packing material surrounding the item. Dell is violating shipping requirements and I bet they are making insurance claims for all the damaged items which returned due to improper packaging. In my opinion that is insurance fraud on a massive scale. To add insult to injury the UPs store will not return these lenses to Dell unless I pay for proper packaging. Dell has not provided the shipping labels for these 4 lenses so I guess they will be charging me for the replacements as well as the 2 original lenses. Dell is as Bad as Enron or maybe cancer and I did'nt want to get into the english language fiasco.

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  • Valerie Feb 09, 2007

    Their products are very good until you need customer service or dell financial services. The entire dell company sucks. All departments will pass you off to a dead end or to another department which in turn refers you right back to where you just came from.

    The people with the turbans do not understand English and constantly answer your questions or your statements with a canned reply. They always apologize but never help or assist you. I have been trying for over 5 weeks to pay my bill in the way the salesman said i could. What a disaster.

    I also am now awaiting my 5th new dell 1815dn printer, all 5 have come up with error codes that can not be repaired. However, printer tech support is in Canada and they speak and understand English and are nice to deal with.

    Again if you are a lucky person go for it. If not forget dell. They totally suck.

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Resolved how to get dell's attention

I found this at engadget. Disgruntled Dell customer finds crafty path to lawsuit settlement. Pat Dori, a disgruntled Dell customer who found no resolution to the issue of a broken laptop after five long months and 19 wasted phone calls, decided to go legal and sue the company for failing to adequately address the problem.

The method by which Mr. Dori initiated the claim is the juicy core of this story: instead of going through the normal process of sending the court papers to Dell's headquarters in Texas, Dori thought to have the papers delivered to a Dell shopping mall kiosk instead. Quite unsurprisingly, no-one from Dell turned up in court on the stipulated date, resulting in Dori winning a $3,000 default judgment and a ruling to allow bailiffs to close the kiosk and seize items if the judgment was not paid. Dell has now settled the case out of court for undisclosed terms, although the company would have appealed the decision -- had it actually turned up to court, that is. Mr. Dori, our latest hero for sticking it to the man in such a crafty manner, says that he thinks "any regular person can do this," as long as you "have the law on your side." Apparently the key is to "get their money" first, which will inevitably be followed by "[getting] their attention." It's gotta beat screaming down the phone, that's for sure.

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    Mary L Johnson Feb 10, 2007
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    My daughter has sent her laptop in for repair on Jan 5 2007, to this day 2/9/07 we have not received it back. I have made 6 phone calls and each time no success. I am fed up and to the point of stopping payment on my account for this particular laptop. I cannot believe the employees I have talked with already are clueless as to how the whole system works. Each time the story get more and more ridiculous and dell's repair depot is a black hole. I am ready to take the next step on this issue.

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  • Gu
    Gully Oct 14, 2008

    I have spent numerous hours on the telephone talking with Dell employees who have no clue and hardly speak any English, let alone have a full grasp of the language. When I became frustrated I simply could not tolerate it any longer and told them what a pain in the a** they were and I hung up.

    About ten seconds later I receive a telephone call from the Dell customer service center and the person on the end of the line called me a white trash b****.

    Needless to say, I am taking this straight to Michael Dell with a letter of complaint which probably won't get my anywhere, but at least I get to voice my thoughts.

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    liz santos Nov 19, 2008
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    I totally agree. If they sell in the USA they should have support techs IN THE USA that speak English instead of being shipped off to India where we can't understand a dam word they are saying to us!

    Does anyone know what the phone or email or even snail mail address for the DELL CEO is?????


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    Ljames3 Sep 21, 2013
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    I sent a laptop that had a motherboard issue that was covered by warranty into the Repair Depot on Sep 1 and was called on Sep 6 and told that the laptop was physically damaged (in shipment) and that I would be charged $407 for Out-of-Warranty work. I refused to pay for damage caused in shipping and asked Dell to file a claim. They refused, however Shurpi Hauja did offer to repair the laptop for $258.00 if I was willing to pay for repairs. I again refused to pay for damage caused by the shipper and asked her to file a claim, she refused to file a claim. I called Fed-Ex and explained the situation and was told that Dell must file the claim since it was damaged en route to them. I called J.B in Customer Service and was told that the issue was given to the Dell Escalation Team and I should be contacted by the agent assigned to the case within the next 24 hours. I have never been contacted by the Dell Escalation Team; do they really exist? On Sep 10, 2013 13:22EST I received an automated phone call from Dell indicating that the laptop was repaired and was being returned via Fed-Ex and thanking me for using Dell. At approximately 12:00 on Sep 11, 2013 Fed-Ex delivered the laptop to my house. After inspection I call tell you that it is not in the same condition as when I sent it to Dell. It appears to have been crushed. At 12:44 EST I contacted Guacm Sarcar and asked who I need to speak to regarding legal issues and claims agaist Dell. He said he was just repair and they don't have any phone numbers or names for that (sic)purpose. I then called 800-634-9896 and spoke to Rishi who transferred me to Damien Rehel to gave me two Corporate phone numbers, neither of which will allow you to speak to anyone unless you are an employee and enter your Social Security number. I then called sales and explained what I was ding and was told to contact the Arbitration Company to file my complaint. I then called the 800-352-5267 number of the JAMS/ADR Arbitration company and spoke to Linda Griffiths and explained the situation. She indicated that she would send me the required forms to file and that I could either enter into arbitration with them or file a Small Claims suit in the local court. If I do not get a response from somebody at Dell who can help me file the necessary claim with the shipper to repair my laptop within the next 24 hours I will be doing both. Please ask the Dell Escalation Team contact me regarding Exp Svc Code: 68712324-13.”

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Resolved I will never buy another dell product!

I liked my new Dell Insperon E1505 until it ceased to operate after 5 months. Now, I have had first had experience with Dell’s deteriorating hardware Technical Support.

I have talked with 7 different technical and customer care representatives for 5 hours on two continents (India and US), who cannot resolve my problem in a timely manner. My support contract calls for “Next Day” on-site support. However, the two technicians and supervisor I talked to in India said the on-site support representatives could only replace parts and not diagnose problems and they could not identify the defective part. I would have to send my computer into the Depot for repair and I should have it back within 5 business days. After problems with DHL picking up my computer (a fiasco worthy of another negative review), I got the computer to Dell’s Depot in Tennessee on the second Business Day. An automated phone message from the Depot said it would be a 10 business days repair. Thus began my odyssey of talking to Technical Support and Customer Care Reps who cannot solve the problem of getting my computer back working in a timely manner. The latest US Tech support supervisor rep said it would be up to 15 business days (3 weeks). To speed things up, the supervisor said he could have it sent back to me broken and he could identify the part so an on-site person could install it (what I wanted to begin with). However, he could not get my computer returned to me broken for another 5 Business Days (and two weekend days). So I won’t have a working computer for another two weeks. I am so angry at DELL technical support that I will never buy another Dell Product.

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    Dave Guye Apr 15, 2008
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    I purchased a brand new in the box Dell desktop computer. I registered it online for the warranty. After a couple of months started having problems with the video to the monitor. It seems it would only work if it warmed up for about 30 minutes or so. Then it started acting up even after the computer was on for several hours. I contacted Dell Service and was told the warranty was no longer in affect. Computer paperwork shipped with computer states a one year warranty... then Dell said the warranty was never transferred... Again I was the original purchaser of the computer...No previous owner.. Then Dell said to contact the store where purchased. They offer a 90 day in store warranty on any computer they sell, new, used, refurbished, etc. But since this was past 90 days they said its a Dell problem and should be under Dell to repair under warranty. After numerous e-mails Dell says to contact the store to straighten this out. Straighten what out??? I purchased a brand new Dell computer, have original receipt, was the 1st owner of the computer, registered it with Dell for warranty. Dell continues to give me the run around and will not fix the computer. After seeing all the complaints on the internet I wish I would have never bought a Dell computer. I've never had this kind of problems with a warranty with any other product before. If Dll refuses to honor there warranty then they should be honest with the consumer and tell them up front when you buy a Dell you are buying it... AS IS... NO WARRANTY. I can assure you I will NEVER BUY a DELL again.

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  • Bo
    bob1154424 Jan 20, 2010

    Same computer e1505 a Dell I own what a joke with customer service. Next day service is a breach of contract and Dell should be sued but I do not have time. My led screen is defective I called customer service twice to get service in my home, the tech called twice never to be heard from again. Had a new hard drive sent to my home and Dell wants the old on back? Good Luck trying Dell I plan on giving you the same ### run araound you give me!

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Resolved dell rebates never sent!

Dell has be withholding the $120 rebate that was submitted about 4 months ago (8/20/2006). I had received confirmation of the rebate submission (rebate Tracking number: [protected]), and then time passed and no rebate ever came, so I started a search with their rebate processing center and days later they send me an email confirming the submission and a new rebate tracking number ([protected]).

Again I let more time pass, and I find myself requesting this rebate, and now they claim it was sent as a check (check number 580338) issued on 10/24/2006, and since no check has been recieved it has now become a new record for snail mail to my corporate office in San Francisco.

In the meantime I have now began giving our Dell Corporate Sales rep (Ryan Murphy in Corporate Sales at least seems to care about their image and responds to the customer issues) a call to see if he could break free the log jam (since we spend a lot of money with Dell every year). The response I got from them is unbelievably unprofessional and shows a clear corporate policy for neglect of the rebate submissions, since even with multiple confirming official email records from Dell the response is "seems the reason they never sent a rebate check was because they never received the form". They send this even after last week claiming they sent a check and provided a check number. Is there some sort of legal action to take, and where do I sign up, I have all the emails and content saved and documented (what a waste of my time)? In any case I am a manager in a Forture 100 company with direct purchasing influence, and this nonsense will definitely be influencing me in our near an d long term purchasing.

Damage Resulting = Numerous emails and still no rebate, hard to place a value on the damages.

Although, I think other Consumers need to be aware that the Dell you supported for the last 20 years is gone and replaced with an outsourced, off-shored, and de-balled behemoth that is at very best...

extremely hard to change the ink cartridges!

I am VERY dissatisfied with my Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 924. I will never purchase a Dell Printer Again! It is extremely hard to change the ink cartridges. The design of the printer does not lend itself to ease and convenience for older people to see how to replace the ink cartridges. I have spent 3 days trying to get the printer to work. I keep getting messages such as: Left Cartridge incorrect. I take it out and try again. Then it says Right Cartridge incorrect. If I have taken the cartridge out once, I have 50 times to reinstall. I had to replace the color cartridge as I had almost run out of ink. Now Nothing works! Before trying to replace the color cartridge, the black was perfect.

I dislike having to order the ink from you and that Big Drawback was not mentioned in your advertisement. So when I was about out of ink in August, I ordered 2 color and 2 black. They did get here promptly but it cost over $142.

Today I ask a friend to come by and help me. He had the very same results that I have had for 3 days.

I called the support system. Well, the call took over 1 1/2 hours because she did not understand me and I could not understand her. I had to spell EVERY word to her and even then when she repeated, it was often wrong. This call could have been completed in 30 with a English Speaking Technician-----even one from Canada.

She had me shake the cartridges. Wipe with a damp cloth. Hold under hot water. Is that a normal step in replacing the ink cartridges? I think not.

I am ready to go back to my HP printer. I just thought that I wanted a printer that prints, copies, scan and fax--NOT if it won't work. I will check to local office supply store and see if they have a HP that prints, copies and scans----forget the fax mode.

My brother selected my Dell computer for me in 2002 and I have been extremely satisfied with it but the Dell Printer to me is a Piece of Junk! My adult daughter at 46 was going back to college and she needed a computer so I bought the complete package from you. She did not need the printer so I have it.

Dissatisfied customer,
Ponca City, OK 74601
Computer and printer was sent to:
Bartlesville, OK 74005

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    Chelsea Jul 03, 2007
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    There is no visible paper Jam Weve been working on this for almost a week. And it says clear the paper jam. Weve uninstalled and reinstalled. Its hekka annoying. Its not working.

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    summer devine Jul 15, 2007
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    If you go to "maintenance" - use the menu button to scroll through, press "start" after it prints out an alignment page open the printer and the ctrg's will zoom into place. Super easy, I hope this helps.

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    risa bernasconi Aug 28, 2007
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    Summer Devine's advice was right on... so glad we checked before trying to change our ink cartridges for the first time. After looking at our printer and not having a clue how to change them, finding that advice saved us. It was super easy and done in a minute.

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poor quality of the dell computer products and the quality of the dell service

I am writing this letter to complain the quality of the Dell Computer products and the quality of the Dell Service.

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1705 around the end of July. Right after the product was delivered, I noticed the newly arrived computer had several serious problems. First, the LCD display contrast was way off. I noticed user could adjust the brightness of the LCD screen display. But we could not adjust its contrast. The problem became quite obvious while we were playing movies (with Window Media Player). The picture was too dark to watch while the brightness was lowered. And a layer of white fog showed up on the screen if the brightness was increased. The display brightness problem bothered us badly since we got a headache after working on the computer for more than one hour. As a result the computer is not usable at all.

I also noticed the audio output was not working properly. The sound from the build-in speaker was always muffled. The output sound was distorted and with very poor sound quality.

Additionally, I found a problem with the flash card reader. At the time I inserted the SD card into the flash memory slot, the system reported “some problem” with the drive. But the device manager claimed the flash card reader was “functioning properly”. The window explorer never reflected the existence of the drive.

I have been patiently working with Dell customer support team to resolve the problems (case # [protected] and [protected]). Unfortunately, we are getting anywhere even three months after the computer was delivered. I have run the system diagnostics with the Dell support team and Dell technician for more than 10 times. I have updated the BIOS. I have installed several and different versions of device drivers. But, the problem persisted. Finally, Dell Support claimed the motherboard is defective.

It took another one week to see the Dell technician with the replacement motherboard. Unfortunately, the Dell Support delivered a refurbish board, and it was DEAD ON ARRIVAL. It even did not boot up after it was installed by the Dell technician, who decided to put the original motherboard back.

I call Dell customer support again complaining about the situation. I elevated the problem to the highest level possible. I was able to speak with Mr. Bernard Santos, who claimed to be the highest level manager in Dell. His title was “Manager of Support”. I specifically complained about

The quality of the Dell computer I received.
I paid the price of a new computer, and I got a refurbish board for the replacement.
The replacement board was dead on arrival. As a result I have not been able to use the computer for three months.

I spent more than three hours on the phone with Mr. Santos, and he hanged up the phone on me. I did follow up several times. My phone call was either transferred to an extension without attendance, or the line was cut off automatically. I could not believe the quality of the Dell product was so poor. And I could not believe the way Dell Customer Support treated their customers.

A week later, the Dell technician showed up with a replacement LCD display. I was told that Dell did not deliver another motherboard with the reason that Dell “had already delivered one motherboard, and it did not resolve the problem. It got to be the LCD display”. Obviously, they did not aware that the motherboard they previously delivered was dead on arrival.

The Dell technician successfully replaced the LCD display, but the problems persisted. The display contrast was still way off. The audio was still not working properly, and the flash card reader was still not functioning. I took a peek at the flash card slot. I noticed there were two pins inside the slot were bent and touching each other. I showed my discovery to the Dell technician, who agreed with me the mother board originally delivered with the computer was defective. That was the main reason why the video display, the audio and the flash card reader was not functioning properly. Blindly replacing the LCD display panel did not resolve the motherboard problem.

  • Ha
    harold dubilier Jun 26, 2007
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    I can only adjust the brightness of the screen. My eyesight is impaired and I need to have contrast adjustment.

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  • Ho
    Hossein Mar 13, 2008
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    Don’t buy from DELL. They lie about their good services and I can prove it to you. They don’t care about their customers at all. When I was buying, they made many promises on how they services and support will be and now, I would say, they lied to me.

    I will tell you a short story and if you need more, contact me.

    I bought my brand new DELL XPS 1330 on Jan 19 2008. It was fully loaded and I though I will be happy with it. The first week I noticed 4 issues in the system.
    1 - The display had a line inside the display which made it ugly specially in Vista.
    2 – The hard disk made a noise like hammering.
    3 – The wireless card was very very slow like 20 kbps
    4 – and finally sound card vas very noisy as I was not able to listen to any music.
    5- I was not able to watch movie, it was framed frame.

    I have 3 years on site warranty with complete care. But after almost 2 months. They still haven’t fixed my notebook and neither exchanged it. I spent at least 60 hours on the phone with many people from TechSupport, CustomerCare, ResolutionSpecialist and international support, still nothing happened. Seems they have some problem with their support when the system needs to be exchanged. I wrote many complain email and still no response, they keep passing me from one to another and nobody want to have this issue resolve. My huge mistake buying from Dell.

    So if you get lucky and you dell notebook works when you buy it, you are fine, but if you need service, don’t even think about it. So my suggestion to you is, BE LUCKY.

    For more detail, contact me at [email protected]

    Notebook initial value: I paid 1600$

    Damage Resulting:

    I have lost 600$ on international phone conversation.
    I have lost 60+ hours by spending on the phone in the 2 months duration and speaking with many people in different departments.
    I have lost 20+ hours by chatting on dell site with tech support and customer care
    I have lost 2 months and still no notebook
    I have lost my travel planning because of their issue and delay on resolving it.

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  • Ji
    jim truhan May 12, 2008
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    i have bought 5 new dell pc's and 2 laptops the last being a inspiron e1505 it is the worst ive ever owned it constantly locks up
    saying program not responding. and niether does dell they just put you on hold they really dont care about you once they get your money, and i have been a very loyal customer i really think we all need to tell everyone about dell so they dont continue
    to sell poor computers and service .

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  • As
    Ash Aug 29, 2008
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    Wow, I was about to buy XPS M1530 for my son. Now I need to think about what your guys say and thanks for your comments!

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  • Ca
    Canary Man Apr 05, 2010

    I bought Quick Books Pro 2010. It slowed my computer down and it was not what they said it was. It was not what I wanted and they said I open it and no refund would be given. I explain that they sold me something that I didn't need and could not use. They said sorry and have a nice day. They enjoy taking the little mans money. No more Dell because it was not a deal. Scammers and not a good way to do business. Shamefull

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extremely disenchanted with the company

A copy of Email to Dell and NCR:

Dear officers at Dell and NCR,

I write to express Dell and NCR's complete failure to provide their contracted, warranted service. While I am ordinarily willing to forgive minor delays in service, NCR's incompetent service and poor communication with Dell Support left me without a functional computer for more than two weeks beyond the warranted "next business day service" period. This cost me serious inconvenience, as I, like almost all of my fellow law students, rely heavily on my computer for my professional needs, and as it left me ill-prepared to meet job-application and other deadlines. NCR's technician also forced me to miss a day of my work in order to accommodate him. The contractor's incompetence reflects poorly on Dell, to the point where I, a happy Dell customer for five years, no longer have "confidence in Dell." Rather, I plan to circulate my experience in popular consumer forums, such as Consumer Affairs, IHateDell.net, and Complaints.com, as well as to bring it to the attention of my school's Information Systems Technology officers, who are responsible for the school's relationship with Dell.

Some time before my initial online chat with Dell's service respresentative on September 29, 2006, my computer began not to respond when I would press the start button. Eventually, it failed to turn on whatsoever, and I was left without a functioning computer.

CALL #1: I contacted Dell online on Friday, September 29 (using a friend's computer). In an online chat, I was advised that the source of the problem was probably a faulty motherboard. The representative told me that she would enter a service request (case #[protected]), which meant that Dell would send the new motherboard to a service technician, who would then contact me within the next business day to arrange an appointment for service. I provided my only current telephone number and email address.

CALL #2: On the late afternoon of Friday, October 6, I called Dell to inquire into the status of my warranted service. I was told that the part had arrived at 7:35am (EST) on October 4 - two business days earlier! The representative and I discovered that Dell's files contained an outdated telephone number for me - surprisingly, not the same number as the one I had given the representative on September 29, but a number that has been invalid for two years. The October 6 representative corrected the error and called the contractor. When she returned from hold, she told me that she had instructed the contractor to correct the error in their records and that she had "escalated" my service. I should be getting a call on Monday, October 9. No call came on Monday, October 9. I allowed an extra day for the holiday, but no call came on Tuesday, October 10.

CALL #3: At 6pm on October 10, I called Dell a second time. This representative called the contractor a second time, only to discover that they still had the wrong telephone number in their records! The representative again "escalated" the service request and (supposedly) talked to the manager with the contractor. The representative assured me that I should receive a call within the next two hours, or else I could call Dell again. No call came between 6 and 8pm on October 10, however.

CALL #4: I called Dell again. This representative called the contractor a THIRD time, only to discover that they STILL had the wrong telephone number in their records!! The representative "escalated" the service a third time, spoke with the contractor's manager, and assured me I should be hearing from the contractor first thing the next morning. As of 10am on Wednesday, October 11, I still had received no call.

CALL #5: I called Dell AGAIN, and the exasperated representative (none of these representatives were the same) finally gave me the contractor's direct phone number. I immediately called the contractor NCR. The first time, a surly receptionist transferred me back to Dell upon the mere mention that I was a Dell customer. The second time I called, the receptionist noted that NCR STILL had the WRONG contact number for me - despite the fact that (1) I gave Dell my correct contact number in the beginning, and (2) THREE Dell representatives supposedly called them to correct the information! The NCR receptionist told me she corrected the error, but she refused to allow me to contact a technician while she had me on the phone, citing rigid corporate "policy". She then HUNG UP ON ME.

Now that I had personal assurance from the contractor that the error had been fixed, I waited all day for a call. Still, no call came.

CALL #6: I called Dell yet again in the evening of Wednesday, October 11 - a week after I was due for my "next business day service". This representative (he identified himself as "Russ", but the confirmation email was signed "Matthew") decided to "re-boot" the entire service. He was very diligent in asking me for various forms of contact information, even asking for an alternate person's contact information who could relay a message to me from the technician. "Russ" assured me that the part would be shipped immediately, and that I would receive a call from the technician Thursday, Friday, or Monday at the latest.

On Friday, October 13 - exactly TWO WEEKS after my original service request - I received a call from the NCR technician while I was at work. I called him back immediately after work, but instead of scheduling an appointment then, he told me he would call me back on Monday. He did not. Instead, I called him on Monday. He told me I was "out of luck" for service that day, and that we would "shoot for Wednesday."

In the end, I stayed home from work for the morning of Tuesday, October 17. Again, he did not call me, so I called him at 11am. I informed him I had to leave for class at 1pm, and he told me he was on his way. At 12:10pm, I called again. He arrived at 12:30pm - essentially the "last minute" to provide service for me, three business days after he received the part from Dell and two and a half weeks after Dell opened the service case.

In sum, either Dell's representatives or NCR failed to use its best efforts to perform the warranted service. Five Dell representatives supposedly gave NCR my contact information - as I did personally - but NCR somehow failed to relay the correct information to its technicians (or subcontractor). Regardless, diligent contract performance would seem to require NCR to seek alternative contact information after it was unable to contact me using a disconnected phone number. The contractor failed to do so, and in doing so, ensured that DELL FAILED to provide the service DELL warranted to me. Also, while I am understand the exigencies of field technician work, the technician was lax in accommodating my schedule, especially in light of my thoroughly disgruntled status.

This experience is not what I expect from Dell or its contractors. Despite my prior satisfaction with Dell's products and Dell's past service, I am now extremely disenchanted with the company and will seriously consider other providers for my future computing needs.

Very truly yours,

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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    Kurt Young Jun 02, 2007
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    Verified customer

    Can I trade my new dell desktop computer in for the money back?

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company does not care about the consumer much after the warranty has expired

My complaint is against Dell Computer, Inc. I’ve been a long time loyal customer of Dell and now I find myself rethinking whether I want to continue to do business with this Company. Recently I had tech call with Dell on my Dimension 4600 Desktop Computer. After a local power failure I was unable to turn my computer back on. The Tech had me go through a series of diagnostic procedures to determine what the problem was. I didn’t mind unplugging and plugging cords, but when I was asked to open the side of the computer I felt uncomfortable with that. In spite of that I did open it and followed the Tech’s instruction of unplugging and plugging small wires inside. In the end he determined I had a bad mother board. When I asked if Dell had any local authorized service centers, I was surprised to find out they did not.

I was told I could purchase the part needed from Dell and they could walk me through the installation or I would have to have it installed on my own. Since I am not a tech person and only know how to operate my computer, I opted to take it out for repair. Instead of purchasing the mother board from Dell I brought it into Geek Squad at Best Buy. They diagnosed it in less than 5 minutes as being my power supply. While they did not have the part, I was referred to a local computer store that did. Before I took it to the store I contacted Dell to see how much the part would be. Not only was it difficult to get through to the proper dept and/or person, I would have to possibly wait seven days to get the part. Then I would have to get it installed on my own. With meant my computer might have been out of commission for well over a week. The next day I took it to the computer store, had it repaired the same day and I was up and running. After this experience with Dell and others I’ve had, I finally decided it was time to divorce myself from Dell Computers.

When I originally purchased the 4600 I had issues that lead to Dell offering me a $75.00 credit toward the purchase of my choice. What I didn’t realize is there was an expiration date and I never had the opportunity to use it. When I tried to get Customer Service to reinstate it, I was told there is no longer a record of the credit in their system. Then there is other tech support calls, speaking to individuals from another country that at times I could not understand. Many times it was obvious to me they were reading a script, and it was a hit or miss as to whether I would get my issue resolved. Finally there is my X5 Axim PDA that had a problem from the onset with the back up battery. For some reason on this particular model the battery did not make proper contact. It took awhile for me to get it resolved, no thanks to Dell.

Over the years after reading the various complaints against Dell that are the same, similar and different than mine, I’m convinced this Company does not care about the consumer much after the warranty has expired. The rating they get from Consumer Reports on tech support year after year is anything but glowing. Now I’m in the market for a Notebook and Dell is not my first choice. I believe the only real way a consumer can send a message to a company that they are not performing is by not buying their products and tell others of your experiences.

about every eight to nine months, the computer would overheat and randomly shut down

I bought a Dell Inspiron in 2003. Over the years, about every eight to nine months, the computer would overheat and randomly shut down. I would lose information. My email would get messed up because of it. Each time, tech support would send someone out to replace the faulty fan. It occurred again 1 day before my warranty expired. When I called tech support, I was told that they had to look into the history and would call me back. They never called me back. When I called to find out what the deal was, they told me that they didn't have a record of my call (which is amazing because I received an email requesting I fill out a survey on how the call went). I was also told that my warranty had expired and that I could either (1) pay for the thing to be fixed or (2) send it in to tech support and they'll fix it and send it back...my work computer...gone for a few days! That is about as helpful as throwing it out a window. I WILL NEVER BUY A DELL AGAIN and I hope now one else does.

I urgently need an experienced, english speaking person

I have tried to resolve my NEW computer problem with Dell Technicians several times, in fact spending over 4 hours at one time with them. I was told by 2 different technicians that they would speak to someone and call me back with a resolution. However, that never happened! When calling again to speak with a technician and after their reviewing the notes on my calls, they tried to problem solve and were unable to resolve the problem. I am very, very upset about this situation. I NEED my computer and cannot continue to be without it. I urgently need an experienced, English speaking person to call me and resolve this situation. I ordered a Dell as I have relatives who work for Dell and highly advised as to their reliability and their service. However, I have not experienced adequate service in resolving this problem.

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    Lesa Buckley Jun 09, 2009

    I am so dissappointed with my dELL LAPTOP AND LACK OF AN English speaking person I am ready to throw it out the window purchased a studio 15. It just shuts off the screen goes black and you loose everything... I have had every tech possible try to help plus have sent the comp. to the techs and it came back minus a new hard drive they said they didn't carry them there so why did they have me send it there to begin with? Finally received new hard drive with no screws to insert it..It has been a hassle from the first week I received the garbage computer. I called within the 21 day trial date to make my complaint, They told me they fixed it so I like an idiot beleived them only to have the computer start shutting down again now the 21 day grace period is past and they won't allow me to return or exchange it.. Where or whom can you go to? We need these problems resolved? As you guessed the computer still just shuts off all be itself... Lesa Buckley

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I wrote to both Dell Companies the one with the address of One Dell Way Round ROck, Tx 78682, and Dell Financial Services @ P O Box 80409 Austin Tx [protected] in reference to being over charged by their Finance Dept Service. I told them that I am being charged for purchases and other debits between $35.00 and $48.95. When I purchased the computer laptop I was not told about any extra charges these extra charges is causing my account to be over the limit acording to Dell Finance. Each statement I receive from Dell has the over the limit charges on them. I've tried several times to talk with someone at each location but no one can tell me what all the charges are for. When I wrote the Better Business Bureau, and they contacted Dell the over charges was removed from my bill, after the investigation was over with the BBB Dell restored the Purchases/Other Debits back onto my bill causing it to be over the limit. When I received my october bill I noticed that an over the credit limit was on there in the amount of $50.73, and my bill is now up to $1570.77, the computer was only $1481.09 with everything included. The purchases/other charges is also on my bill in the amount of $35.00.
First I was given a price in the amunt of $1418.09, I paid into this account up to date in the amount of $512.61, but my account has not decreased but increased. When I called to speak with one of the finance services coustomer @ [protected], the first person I spoke with on 04-25-06 @ approximately05:37pm was a male who didn't give his name and he told me that I made a purchase in the amount of $47.00 I told the gentlemen that I did not make a purchase of anything so he couldn't explain to me why this overage was placed on my bill. On 04-26-06 @ 05:59pm once again I contacted the Financial Services @ [protected], and spoke with a female by the name of Kim no last name, who informed me that I had missed too many payments with them, which I had not. I sent all o f my cancelled checks to show that I was up to date with my payments. Once again Kim could not give me an answer or solution to why I am being billed for Purchases/Other Debits. I have been over charged over $200.00 with Purchased/Other Debits that no one can explain to me. I tried explaining to the Financial Services that I purchased this computer over the phone and was not told about a Dell Preferred Account.

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    William Nov 23, 2006
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    I have had good experience with Dell financial services until in early September I noticed an extremely large purchase charged to my account. I did not make the purchase, and it happened when I was out of the US on a trip.

    The first call I made to them, the representative reported that someone with my name in Franklin, Tn, had charged a bunch of cameras on my account. He said it looked like a mistake and he'd have to contact the salesperson. Well, I thought all Dell purchases were made online, not with a salesperson.

    I called back two weeks later to be told by another person that I would have to speak to someone in the Verification department. This person said I would have to fill out an affidavit and have it notarized, stating that I did not purchase the items (whatever they were -- and they couldn't tell me what they were). I was able to download the affidavit from my account which by this time was frozen. I sent the affidavit by Certified mail, and they received it on 9/25/06. I have since email several times and called several times to ask about how I would make a payment to keep the bill from going delinquent for the balance I had incurred. Fortunately, they were able to permit(!) me to get into my account enough to schedule a payment by Checkfree.

    I continued to get affidavits and letters saying that I needed to return them or they would consider the transaction legitimate. Finally on 10/20/06, they posted a letter in my account (I still cannot see the balance) saying they had credited me with the large fraudulent purchase.

    Today, I called to see how to access my account, calling the number listed in the notice I downloaded. The phone number turned out to be an answering machine referring me to another number. I called the second number and they stated they were done investigating the fraud, so they couldn't help me any further. I would need to speak with Customer Service. They patched me through to the wrong line and then I called Customer service back, but never got through to anyone about when I would be getting a new statement and be able to pay off the account.

    I do not intend to ever use this account again. I will use a credit card from now on. At least there are more consumer protections with it.

    Cherrylog, Georgia

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