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I called to order a monitor and their tech is in india and they dont have a clue about what they are selling. they told me that the monitor I was getting would have a gloss screen but after further research I found it did not. I called india to cancell the order and they told me that it was already invoiced and they could not cancell this order.So I refused the shipment and never got the product and after 10 days I still have not got my refund for something I never received ? I called to see where my money is and they told me it could take up to 31 days to repay me what the f is up with that I never recieved the product and thay told me they had gotten it back the next they sold me the wrong item and took my money right away but wont repay it for 31 days? I will never again buy any dell products and why dont they employee people inthis country USA I know why they need to maxumize profits so they use cheap labor in india never buy dell products !!!

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