Days Inn Niagara Falls - Near The Falls / rude male front desk

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada Review updated:

I booked this hotel through and was an early booker to get better price. I also received a booking confirmation number that stated my booking was non-refundable. I received e-mail from on the same day (March 04) saying my credit card payment could not be processed. As I booked through and did not receive any e-mail from them, and why was the one that e-mailed me, resulting me to consider e-mail as a spam e-mail. Till recently (2 days before my trip (March 19), I received an e-mail from that my booking was cancelled due to no response to their email (whose e-mail? ) regarding credit card payment couldn't be processed, and I needed to contact the hotel if I had any questions. I was curious of why booking was not honored and at very near time to my trip as well to get it re-booked. I called at 8.15 pm on March 19 and was received by a gentle lady front desk agent and was directed to another very rude male Front Desk that needs to learn and be trained on how to provide better quality customer service. I was asking why my booking was not honoured and he asked what my name was and I said my name and as my first and last name the same, he asked if it was true. I said "yes" and he changed the reason of my cancellation was not because of the credit card payment can't be processed but because I did not provide my address. I have been booking so many hotels from either, Tripadvisor, Expedia, and many more better deal website, and I always followed the booking procedure and that was how I managed to get my booking confirmation numbers. So this problem of not providing the address and using it as an excuse to not honour the booking and not only that, he told me it was not his problem as I did not book from the hotel and I needed to contact Once again I clarified, I made the booking from Then he said, they were the same company. How would I know, they were from the same company? And also i wanted to retrieve back my booking and he said, it would be impossible with the same rate I booked before and I needed to make a new booking. he used the " kick the ball" strategy to avoid providing me with better solution as I protested that It wasn't my fault but he wouldn't listen and kept blaming on me for not giving respond within the time-frame. If I may ask, why not the hotel contacted me directly for confirmation instead of Why can't he as the customer service try to resolve my matter knowing that it was not my fault not to provide address when booking as it wasn't asked when I made the booking? What is the different to wait till I arrive to check in and request to provide my ID and address or contact me directly to my phone? How does Days Inn management train their staff? Is this what you called a customer service using "kick the ball" strategy? Due to this bad experience, I reminded everyone not to book at this hotel and beware of the customer service you will receive. I, myself, will not book this hotel anymore. I made a protest to and they are willing to rebook for me for this hotel but I refused and had already booked another better quality service hotel. They offered solution. As a hotel associate, try to learn from other hospitality company. Good luck with anyone who choose this bad service hotel. This male Front desk needed to be sent back to the hospitality school to increase his performance or this hotel will lose more and more guests and had a bad reputation. I felt sorry for his co-workers that work with him as well.Alexander Alexander (Toronto)

Mar 21, 2014
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      16th of Jun, 2014

    in may of this year, on are way to florida, my wife and i, stoped at a days inn, fpr overnight stay. when we left in the morning, we forgot, our pillow and pillow case. i remembered in south carolina. i went to a days inn and got the phone no, of the place we stayed in. we called and informed, the girl working, the day shift, that we left the pillow in the room. i was about 150 miles away at that time, and she stated she would put it in plastic bag behind the desk... we stopped on the back home, when we arrived there, the person behind the stated that no pillow was turned in . the my wife talked to apparenly, quit the day before. i believe that any thing left in a room, should be turned in. we have been staying in days inn's since 1972.

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