Days Inn / dirty fire hazard hotel in overland park kansas

Overland Park Kansas, United States

There is a lady staying in room 128 who is a hoarder. Her room is stuffed with boxes, clothes, and even her cat complete with a litter box.
When I saw her room because her door was open to allow her cat to roam in the parking lot, I was concerned. I am a firefighter and that room is a fire hazard. To top it off, I am certain that the hotel staff cannot go in there and clean her room. As a result, there were cockroaches in our room - we were unfortunate to be directly above her. We tried to change rooms but we were told that the hotel was sold out for the next 2 nights.
At checkout, I asked to speak to a manager and the man at the front desk said that the manager wasn't there. I explained the problem to him and EVEN gave him a huge dead cockroach in a cup so he could see for himself. He seemed totally disinterested and then even pretended that he couldn't understand me. I asked him if he could get the manager and he again pretended he couldn't understand me. I plan to report this hotel to the Kansas City Fire Department and Health Department and I am demanding a refund.

Oct 26, 2017

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