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To whom it might concern,
Hello! My name is Mercedes Cantero and I had my good experience in beginning and worst in the next day.

When I check in front desk was I nice and friendly. He asks my I.D. and credit card and let sign check paper with the total amount of my stay, went the room #118 it was pretty small but it okay cause it and clean.
next day, at 10:30 Am Andrew was the front desk told him checks out at room #118. He said okay you check out already, I said that it, I need a receipt showing me that only one day of stay and signature that was charged on my credit card. (Andrew) said we don't even have information on your card, I said are you sure because when I check - in yesterday the front desk guy asks for my I.D. and credit card and I sign some papers. Andrew stated I need to call booking. com because of it 3rd party. they will e-mail you the receipt and show if they charged you one day or two days. we don't have control for that.

My phone was low battery and I don't have the phone number. So I ask him if I can use front desk phone so I can call to solve this issue. Andrew stated that the phone is can use to the front desk only not by the costumer. He said, "use your phone."
I decided to charged my phone in the hallway. I was able to speak to the and able to charged one day and they will call the front desk. Well, they call to the front desk and Andrew said he don't have authorities over ride it and I need to wait until Monday when his manager Sam comes back. Wich is impossible since I have to go back to work on Sunday and lives 4 hours away.

So call me they told me we can charge you one day but if they charged you two day is their decision. if you check out right now you might charge one day or two days. And its the hotel decision and Andrew has no authorities for that. I come back to front desk... I said okay to make this issue go away I'll just stay. But we have to leave since we have other engagement to attend. Andrew did give me few towels and told me the housekeeping just left. But it's only 11:00 am that time housekeeping left?? I know he was just lying cause Their housekeeping cleaning room across our room, in the hallway, and even in front desk listen to our conversation
Well, I come back to my room its a mess garbage, wet towels, no toilet paper was not replaced and our bed was not even made and clean. instead of resting we have to clean up our room.

Thank You

Days Inn

Jan 21, 2017

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