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I called in to order a cheesecake blizzard cake for a birthday. Thinking everything was good we cut into it and it's their nasty basic chocolate cake. I called them to see what happened and to get it fixed and they consistently sd that I didn't specify I wanted the cheesecake cake. When I called I told the 1st person on the phone that I wanted to order a cheesecake cake then I guess they gave the phone to someone else to complete my order. I don't know how I was supposed to know this. So because of there laziness and lack of communication they just ordered me what they wanted me to eat. So I have this cake that we don't want. I called the manager and she kept blaming me for it saying I should of specified, which I did, what cake and it's my fault. The only way they will give me a refund is if I have the whole cake to bring back. I told her I do have a child and she expected after happy birthday to eat a piece of her daddys cake so she ate a piece, but the rest of it is there. She sd she wouldn't give me a refund since it's been cut even once, I guess they just resell the old cakes that people brought back, and how was I supposed to know I have the wrong cake w/out cutting into it. The "owner" kept argueing w/ me like a child, going huhhhhhh and blaming me for the whole situation. She obviously don't care about her business and her customers. This is the 1st time I bought a DQ cake and the last. Probably even the last time I eat at any location. Myself working in customer service I couldn't believe how she was treating me. It's like she wants her business to go down and if I was Dairy Queen I would NOT let her be an example of my business.

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  • Om
      14th of Mar, 2009

    My god. As I have said many times, each DQ is individually owned/operated. They can do whatever they want as far as customer service goes. Why would you not ever eat at any DQ because of this. Dont blame all of them because of what this one does.

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  • Kn
      27th of Sep, 2009

    This is absolutely horrible!! I can't believe she wouldn't give you a refund! But please, don't blame all DQ stores. The store I work at would have fixed it. That has actually happened before and it was fixed. So give DQ in general another chance.

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