CVS Pharmacy / unethical behaviour

Date: March 25, 2017 Time: 9:13pm Manager on duty: Jason Munoz
I went into the store to purchase coffee & bread, I chose folgers coffee because there was a clearance sign on it for $5.89. When I rang it up at the self check out register it rang up at $6.99. I asked an associate if they could check the price and I mentioned the clearance label. She came back and said it was for the "breakfast blend" and I had the "classic", I asked her if she can get me the breakfast blend. It turns out there was no more, so I asked if they would grant the price difference of $1.10 she said she would ask the manager. The manager was Jason Munoz, which was extremely rude and needs an in service on customer service. I asked him if he would grant the difference in price since the sign was still on the shelf. He raised his voice and said "No once we are out of the product its done" I said well since the sign was still there, can he grant me the difference, he walked away before I could finish and mumbled "no mam" I told him that I work in customer service and that he lacked good customer service. He continued about is business like I wasn't even there. I paid for my items and walked out. I am a frequent customer at this specific store (Secaucus, NJ) and although the item was done as a courtesy I believe he should of granted the $1.10. But instead he was rude and lacked management and social skills. I think you should have this manager take a course in customer service and maybe some social skills. And to satisfy me and keep me going into your store for future purchases you should provide me with either a gift card or a free tub of coffee for having to deal with this antisocial rude manager you have employed. My contact number is [protected] and my email is [protected] My name is Linda Chiari-Figueroa and I reside @ 220 Meadow Lane, Apt. C7 Secaucus, NJ 07094.

Mar 25, 2017

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