CVS Pharmacy / prescription pick up

3/10/17 Elizabeth Lewis [protected]. I went to pick up my prescription at the CVS pharmacy at 2025 S. Park Centre Drive in Salt lake City. There is a pick up and drop off for prescriptions at this pharmacy and this pharmacy was doing both at the drop off window and because the women was waiting for her prescription to be filled at the drop off window the line for the drop off increased to 6 people waiting to pick up their prescriptions. I told the tech that there were 6 people in line waiting and he yelled he knew and there were only two people working tonight. Then the lady who was holding everybody up chimed in and said if they had more people they would be helping. I informed her she was in the wrong line and we were all waiting on her prescription. Then the pharmacist said this is not a fast food McDonalds which i thought was very rude. I talked to the manager of the Target in which the CVS store resides and she stated that they have complaints non stop about the pharmacy and that she would never get here prescriptions filed there due to the all the complaints. Obviously this store needs your immediate attention. This is the second time that I went to this pharmacy to pick up a med and had to wait while someone else was getting their prescription filled plus payed for. Very rude employees and not following the policies. The manager of the store gave me a 5$ Target Card. If you want to keep your customers you need to do something about this situation.

Mar 10, 2017

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