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I am a physician myself and in Florida for 4 months. I have a wonderful relationship with my CVS in NY ( douglaston) and the pharmacist Maria there. I have been a patient/customer for at least 10 years, was is my entire family.
I had to have my prescriptions refilled( ones I am on in ny for 2 years) and my husband had to pick up a renewal of his crestor.
The gave him the wrong dose of Crestor, which if anyone looked at his history, it is clear as day that he hasn't taken 5mg for months. He is on 20. thank goodness I checked.!!!
Then i ordered renewals of my medications and was informed that they couldn't without new scripts. Well, in NY they would have called the dr, but here I had to do it all. I am also a cancer patient, and need my meds.
The dr sent them all immediately.
The next day I called Randy King the pharmacist and she informed me that she had two of my scripts and would not refill the third, because she felt it was not right. ( contraindicated in her opinion)..She disregarded my drs orders as well as the fact that I have been on the combination for months. The new research shows how they interact. Maybe someone should get trained on new research?
How dare she play dr without calling my dr?
I have stood there ( cvs Juno) and heard how rude they are to customers and elderly ones as well. Its a disgrace>>>>>

Jan 28, 2017
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      28th of Jan, 2017

    Crestor comes in 4 does: 5, 10, 20, and 40mg. What was the SIG on the bottle? Some pharmacies only carry 1-2 of the most common doses. CVS could have been out of one of the higher doses, which is why they filled with the 5mg. If you read the SIG line on your bottle it will tell you to take 4 every XX (depending on how often you take them). So if you take 20mg once per day, the SIG will say something along the lines of TAKE 4 TAB ONCE PER DAY. If it is 20mg twice a day it will say TAKE 4 TABS TWICE PER DAY...

    This is perfectly legal and acceptable as you are getting the required dosage. Now, if your CVS in NY mistakenly transferred an old 5mg script, that is not this CVS' fault. They filled that they got sent over.

    As for refusing to fill a specific script, that is ALWAYS pharmacist discretion, as per federal law. If one of your medications is a narcotic, they can refuse to fill it as it was prescribed in another state.

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