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Wythville​ va, US

Wythville va store I called asked my doctor could she lower the MLG to my gabapentin yesterday 600 to 400 cause the 600 was upsetting my stomach I never did say I was going to pick it up yesterday or did I want it now but ur dumb college educated no common sense assumed I did so she assumed I was a crackhead so she calls my doctor so the pharmacist put her cashier on the phone states that she call me me today but she never did I had to call my self and then the pharmacist never got on the phone to tell me anything all I asked my doctor to do was my next refill was to call 400 in instead of 600 I already knew I had 600 still left im not dumb in other words she assumed I was a dope head selling drugs when she doesn't even no me im fed up with her attitude toward people she thinks she is better then anybody I mite not have a college education but I do have common sense if something is not done about her I will contact a attorney for character sanition on me try me I sued manpower and Hardee's and I won especially when I don't even have a criminal record or drug conviction [protected] my name is Robert fifer

Mar 22, 2017

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