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CVS Pharmacy

Posted: Jun 7, 2017 by    

pharmacist refused to fill prescriptions for norco and ms contin and also refused to contact the ordering physician regarding the medications

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Dover, Delaware
United States
The CVS pharmacy in Dover Ohio Terri Anthony and CVS manager Brian Schellhaus refused to fill my boyfriend Joseph Johnson's prescriptions for MS Contin and Norco without discussion with the ordering physician. Joe was in a severe car vs semi accident in Greenville Kentucky May 25, 2017. He was life flighted and transferred among hospitals, ending up at University of Louiville Hospital. He had a severe deep injury to left upper arm, exposing the brachial artery ripping part of bicep off and requiring several surgical procedures under anesthesia to change dressing. He was discharges 6/1/2017, we returned home to Ohio and was told to see his medical doctor. The hospital sent him home on 1 Norco every hours after being medicated every 2 hours in the hospital. The medication prescribed did not control his pain. We were told to follow up with his medical doctor who assessed him and prescribed medications to control his pain, long acting and short acting. The pharmacy refused to speak with prescribing physician and refused to fill as I am prescribed Suboxone in the past, which I have not taken since my accident as the hospital does not prescribe this. I have followed my doctor's orders and do want my pain controlled. I find this pharmacy negligent and would like to pursue this issue.

CVS Pharmacy

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N  27th of Jul, 2017 by    +4 Votes
The government needs to do more research on the opiate problem. people who need pain meds and are honest about it, are made into liers and made to look like they are terrible people. that's not the case in all situtions. the real addicts and those taken this stuff on the streets selling it have got dr's and pretty much everyone out smarted. Dr's shouldn't be able to cut anyone off those med's COLD TURKEY' Ive seen with the naked eye, that sends people straight to dealers. They don't want to go through sickness. My 72 yr old brother in law broke his ribs and was put on perocet, he took his self off after a short time cause he didn't want em any more. of course he got sick not knowing that it would happen. he went to the ER cause he thought he was having a heart attack. they told him he was a addict and needed help. now mind you he still had meds left over. just couldn't prove it at the time. he didn't take the bottle with him to the ER. See what I'm talking about. All that mess is so screwed up about the opiats. They need to get it straightened out for honest people.
N  16th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
@jamupnut I had oral surgery aug. 15th. with removal of all bottom teeth for immediate denture. I was beyond livid going through this process of only haven been given 2 oral injections. 2 hours in the dentist chair as she is pulling and filing the bone done. I finally had enough.. I made her stop and said you best be done now. I am in too much pain. as of july 1st. thanks to some [censor] hats up in congress along with our president. has decided that pain medication now requires pre authorization for anything over the amount of 7 pills. I was discharged with 7 norco. 30 ibuprofen 800 mgs and rx read.. 1 norco at night before bedtime. who the hell came up with this crap. I was in so much pain for 3 weeks I couldn't stand it.. 1 freaking narcotic med per day. I had my top teeth and denture done 3 yrs prior and this never occured. I was even given fmla by my dentist at that time and 30 pain pills upon discharge. now that I have state medicaid what we are rejects.. we do not deserve to be treated with dignity or respect and deserve to be tortured by our doctors and dentists because we cannot afford personal health insurance as most. and our government wants to cut down on opiate abuse.. screw all the people whom are on this panel and have decided that this is the way things are to be. my dentist knew about this new law. she knew 3 months in advance I was going to have this procedure., I was given the run around him ha. oh. you will be fine. my [censor].
N  27th of Jul, 2017 by    +1 Votes
I refuse to get a RX filled at CVS. Pharmacists are absolute [censor] and refuse to listen to you. BYE BYE CVS pharmacy
A  8th of Aug, 2017 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
They stereotype and discriminate with prejudice...and its not only cvs or pharmacies it's becoming the whole medical community now being run by [censor]ed up politicians to only further there own personal agendas ...this whole opiate epidemic is a witch hunt and lacks substantial data that should be included when reviewing their findings s ...they use this whole overdose epidemic without looking at illicit HEROIN users ...and instead the people who suffer are the chronic pain patients mostly disabled and/or dying from drawn out horrible death after living a harsh life...I speak from my own experience ...people who haven't walked in our shoes shouldn't have any control in the outcome of our medical treatment but doctors are now more worried about ending up in jail ...wrongly accused because of little Timmy taking 8 pills every 1 hour instead of 1 pill every 8 hours, and that's even making the point if he was even prescribed in the first place ...otherwise what happened to your personal accountability and responsibilities if your not prescribed it then don't use it illegally ...Fentynal says on its packaging do not take unless your opiate tolerate or you can die
Now if some idiot ends up taking this and overdoses maybe it sounds insensitive to some people but where is all the sensitivity to the chronically Ill and opioid now dependent which isn't the same as being an addict ...even though the CDC guideline without including pain dr on its panel wants to blanket all opioids users as addicts ...because another panel member with his 8th grade education runs a majority of sober livings and treatment centers who stands to benefit by blanket labeling anyone who take opioids despite there medical condition & patient history ...it's bad and is not only gonna push more people to using illcit drugs like HEROIN and o"ding or suicide rates increasing substantially because people are now unable to find any relief by a condition that plagued them for many years and furthermore ...I don't remember signing up for clinic cal trials etc so by all these politicians bull [censor] ...where's the reparations and offering to the supposed patients that have all now become addicts which is nonsense ...
N  30th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
All pharmacys have the right not to sell pain meds narks becuse the custmer has many drugs going at same time pain meds he she may have a history of abuse on pain meds or fake rx like oxy pain drugs and some must limit the sales and becuse of a bad commuinty re pain drugs
Or a doctor in question known to give large amoiunts pain drugs rx if your in that much pain your doctor or special er nurse can have you put in the hospital or discharge you will the meds for a short time your feeling better and cheacks to see if you have a history of needing pain meds. lots visits to the er and or many visits to the er your needing more pain meds or go to another pharmacy its not political to keep you in pain its up to the dr and or er both to realy tell how much pain your realy in and what to discarge you with or if your drunk and self abuse or your under the care of a dr for mental problems again the pharcy can see if your over done on pain meds and some pharmcys dont sell some high risk drugs
N  30th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Eddy Klein Eddy I hope you are never in a car accident and need pain pills. Not all of us who have gotten refused service are druggies. Who are the pharmacist to over ride a well respected high ranking Orthopedic surgeon?
N  17th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
First sounds like from reading your misspelled illiterate post your abusing pain meds or pot or alcohol yourself. Learn to use proper English an people will give you more respect. I've found honestly its people like you who the ones using pain meds often illegally. But no genius, its "not up to the Dr to tell me how much pain Im in" the Dr isnt me and cant feel my pain and no amount of training will give him this psychic ability. Yes a Dr should use good judgement and not prescribe narcotic* pain meds for injuries and illness he/she has no SUBJECTIVE proof of-Ie: "my back hurts" but there is no record and evidence of back injury-IE: medical imaging proving it or record of soft tissue injury -In the case of soft tissue injuries narcotic pain meds should be a very short term issue course as these conditions resolve fairly quickly-people with arthritis however nd sever orthopedic injuries or severe neurological disease are another matter-and those people dont needa doc telling them when they hurt and when they dont, and nor does some sheriff or politician trying to control drugs by playing DR-a field they are not qualified or licensed to practice...its between the Dr and his patient. Te pharmacist should fill the script as written. They are not Dr's. They are not qualified or authorized to second guess a Dr's impression of what is needed...the only time they should interfere is when a script has a contraindication or interaction the Dr may have missed . BTW you cant "keep people in the hospital until they are no longer in pain" LMAO..wow. You do know one or to days can cost 10's of thousands of dollars in the Hospital..they cannot afford nor do they have the beds to keep everyone in severe pain in the hospital, Insurance companies would go broke, and our rates would go sky higher. You've typed nonsense.
N  11th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
@Mike Abbott You too have many misspelled words, as well as improper punctuation. People who are quick to point out errors in other peoples posts, publicly, should pay closer attention to their own mistakes before passing judgement. In your first sentence, the word illiterate should be replaced with illegible.Perhaps many of us would benefit from "learning proper English"...You have typed nonsense as well
N  15th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
@JaNelePhant You should take your own advice JaNelePhant. There are times when you did not use proper punctuation. Your last sentence should have ended with a period. You should have put quotation marks between "illiterate". There should be a comma after "learning proper English.
N  22nd of Sep, 2017 by    +2 Votes
Pharmacists are doctors. they are doctors of pharmacy. they know more about drugs than your doctor does. you are well known in your pharmacy for abusing controlled substances to the point of being put on a step down drug to help you get off of your abused drug. that is why your pharmacy will not fill the narcotics. nor should they. the law gives pharmacists the supreme right to decide which scripts they will fill since the pharmacist is the one responsible for every script's drug they dispense.

Your boyfriend is going to have to find a pharmacy that does not know you,
N  24th of Sep, 2017 by    -1 Votes
your right a pharmacist does have the right to decline a customers " for any reason "THEY" like! Which is there right but they usually do it because of there religious beliefs which I find ignorant and they continue to help spread disease like"AIDS" just to name one of many STD contracted diseases because "THEY" have the right to refuse to sell insulin syringes under the " if you don't have a scipt [censor] we cant sell you needles! so where do the people go to get there syringes? they just share with other addicts who have them and... you know what sharing needles creates, the list is long and all bad! And there are NOT doctors! they fill pill bottles ! I have a doctor for for my health needs, they are there to catch mistakes your doctor may have made in your prescription and to inform you of drug interactions which may interfere with the drug prescribed. Large corporate pharmacy chains are robot assembly lines with no MANNERS or RESPECT Find a small owned and ran pharmacy and youll be amazed at how much better service you will receive ! please forgive me for any spelling errors, I'm just backwoods redneck! Thank you
N  24th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
By the way "wine is as bad as HERION" Wine is good!
N  25th of Sep, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Timothy Bates I drink wine. I like wine. I do not however abuse wine. I do not have bars or liquor store refusing to sell me wine because I am a doped out alcoholic. Unlike others on here complaining about their pharmacy.
N  1st of Oct, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@Wine Is Good As a nurse we were taught pain is was se important it was called the 5th vital sign measurement. I recently suffered a torn meniscus and was told by my PCP that if I needed pain medication I wold havr to go see a pain specialist. WOW, she knew me and had been my PCP for several years and I had never asked for nor received a pain med. I did go to a pain clinic as I did need relief and that was a truly frightful experience just sitting in the waiting room. Dr's are scared to death to prescribe even obviously needed pain medication. What a shame! Now politicians are encouraging Suboxone, whom a dear friend is addicted to and has even resorted to buying off the street at 30.00 a strip! He will be facing financial ruin very soon. It is jst as bad and just as life shattering as a true opioid abuser.
N  1st of Oct, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@Deborah Crumpton Don't blame politicians for the problem with narcotics. Blame the DEA, who regulates medications.
A  4th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
Pharmacists aren't exempt from being [censor]
N  18th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Doovid Pharmacists do their job as federal law requires.
A  26th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
I have chronic pain I am 70 years a 100 percent disabled vet and can't get the meds I need from VA had to go outside jump thru many hoops cost 300 per month ...and never CVS
A  15th of Jan, 2018 by    0 Votes
Read my complaint about CVS. I am a pharmacist & they refused to fill my legitimate prescription for Norco. CVS pharmacist never spoke to me directly & showed no professional courtesy. Technician claimed it was policy to speak to prescribing doctor before filling all first time narcotic prescriptions for customers. Complete bull.
N  15th of Jan, 2018 by    +1 Votes
@bolocheung Just because you are a pharmacist does not mean you control THEIR pharmacy. As a pharmacist you should already know why they are so careful with controlled substances. The fact that you are here complaining about their policy, which should match your own, tells me you are either the worst pharmacist in existence, a crooked pharmacist, or not a pharmacist at all.

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