CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / unethical behavior from this male supervisor

i witness a altercation between two shift supervisor i saw one of them was trying to get the stuff together for the truck and the african american man call this female one with curly hair nasty name and said things that really upset her and called her stupid. ive come to cvs alot and see her work hard and watching this man degrade is wrong i seen it last night and tonight someone needs to speak to this name i did ask one of the employee his they said his name was Geron something clearly needs to be done. the tall female with curly hair does a great job with customer and she care about her customers i dont wont to see her go. Please handle this matter i cant stand to see a man degrade a woman ever. Yes she left which i do feel like she did the right thing because he called her out of her name again please handle this matter

Nov 27, 2017

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