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Thanks CVS pharmacy in columbia, Pa for dropping the ball yet again! Today after my father had surgery, we picked up his antibiotic. We get home and I inspected the pills and instructions as I always do. Then I pull the insert about the medicine out of the bag. Well what do you know, it's not for the medicine we received. Thank god, we received the proper medication, however, I need these sheets to know possible drug interactions and side effects. My parents receive all of their maintenance drugs by mail order, thank god, so it's super important to have information on drugs that must be taken on the fly. Thanks for making a caregivers job more difficult. You will not be seeing my family or their money again. I really hope that the person who is taking latuda isn't a first time user, the side effects are insane!

  • Updated by Sinica, Jun 01, 2018

    And yes, I called the store to let them know of yet another disappointing visit. Pharmacy manager is on vacation. I talked to the pharmacists. She said she was sorry and that was it. Thanks for nothing.

Jun 01, 2018

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