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H Nov 14, 2017

My wife and I recently went to CVS pharmacy to fill her prescription (Suboxone Film) The pharmacist was very rude to my wife because the Rx was too early to fill. I called our Dr. and he called the pharmacy and told them that it was ok to fill. The next morning my wife called CVS to make sure that everything was ok and Charles once again was very rude to my wife, made her cry and hung up on her. Stated "I already told you that it was too early to fill and the dr would need to fix it" I called our Dr. and he said that he called them but he will call again to let them know that it was ok to fill early. After the Dr. called the pharmacy and let Charles know that it was ok to fill early, Charles called Me and told me " your wife is very rude, maybe i can talk to you" I told him that his statement is rude and that he was rude to my wife he said "listen BRO" i asked him nicely to not call me bro, that is very unprofessional and shouldnt be said. I asked him if he recieved the ok to fill the RX. he said yes but his license gives him the authority to turn down anyone and refuse to fill any Rx. I told him that we have done everything he has asked and now he is going to refuse to fill it only because i am not letting him be rude to me or my wife. He said " i am not going to fill her script, i have a license that gives me the right to make judgement on whether or not to fill a Rx. I asked for his name and his License #. He told me is name is Charles Snyder and said he refuses to give his License # and hung up on me. I called and talked to store manager, he said that there was very nice he apologized and talked to the pharmacist and called me back. when he called he stated that the pharmacist refuses to fill the script and refuses to talk to me or my wife. The manager told me to call after 3pm to talk to Rick the Pharmacy Manager/Pharmacist. I called back and talked to rick. i explained the situation and he stated that his pharmacist had to have had a better reason than that to not fill the script. i told him the entire story and he still said that there must be more to the story and said "im sorry but i stand by my pharmacist and there is nothing you can do. I said it is sad that a pharmacist can do something so mean to someone just because he got upset and you wont even look into it because you immediately back your pharmacist and refuse to even look into what im saying. he said "well thats how things work. all you can do is take it to another pharmacy. I could not believe that my wife and i were treated badly and the manager of the pharmacist told me tough luck and wouldnt let me file a complaint. So i have filed a complaint with the state of ohio board of pharmacy and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and now i am letting you know about the issue. Because of the horrible way my wife and I have been treated by your company i will file a complaint with every department, BBB, every Licensing Board, etc. The fact that you guys dont even look into these issues and just tell your customers tough luck is the worst practices i have ever witnessed. I have a licenses through the Department Of Insurance (DOI) and we take our license serious and treat people with respect and courtesy. I will file complaints against Charles Snyder and CVS as a company. He thought that because my wife is a recovering addict that he can treat her how ever he pleases and thought the same about me but I am an educated person and will not stand for someone or a company to treat their customers like crap. We did not raise our voices once, did not call anyone out of their name. We did not even curse while talking to anyone at CVS. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be treated this way and i will do my personal best to make sure that people do not get treated like this in the future. Have a good day, i will be amazed if i hear back from anyone and shocked if anyone at CVS does anything about this.

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