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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / cvs.. read and assist

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I am disabled since 2011 (I have ssd documents - I have a million and one medical records) I can not understand who the pharmacist at the cvs "jj" thinks he is? Last month my doctor sent in my prescriptions earlier then I should pick up due to her leaving the country her grandmother passed and would not be here when I would be out of my medicine. I did not try and fill it early I called the cvs who carrys it (New pharmacist) a few days before I would be eligible to pick up and was told that because it was sent in early they deleted it! (It was sent in on the 16th instead of the 26th-27th) so I had to go with out my medication till she came back plus the holiday was around same time! Now here it is next month my doctor sent my same scripts in to same cvs and here we go! I printed out proof of script being sent and cvs same pharmacist who thinks hes god!! Said he doesn't have anything from my pcp now I was due to pick it up yesterday december 29th, 2017. Now its saturday my pcp is not in! And now this is a problem since tomorrow is new years eve and mainly everything is closed monday!!
What steps do I have to take regarding filing a serious complaint I have witnesses! I have phone records put it this way I am in the right! I totally understand that pharmacist have to do there job however if the pharmacist spoke to my doctors office last month!! And then prior to this month spoke to both my pcp and my insurance now he is just being controlling and honestly being impossible! I even said do you need to see my medical records?? Do u need to see the documents from court??

* i'm hoping that cvs takes this mayter seriously!! I know i'm in the right! If this pharmacist did not call the doctors office last month n prior spoke with them and insurance company then is understand!! But that's not the situation!

Disabled - need my meds annoyed and at this point i'm reaching out to my ssd attorney and my attorney (For my malpractice lawsuit) and also the government.

I've been seen by hundreds of medical professionals who does this pharmacist think he is??

Dec 30, 2017

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