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I want to make a complaint this was not the first time I have left upset with this pharmacy located at 2075 E. Hatch Rd.The Pharmacy is the worst I have ever encountered. I had got a couple prescriptions sent from my newborns pediatrician since around 10:30 am on 3/13/17 .My daughter started running a fever I had to call the pharmacy because it was around 5:30 pm and they still did not. All me or text me about my prescription. I am enrolled in the auto message and text, I was on hold over 30 minutes.I gave them my info and they said for me to go by I go and they still do not have it ready. They told me they will expedite it and will have it ready in 15 to 20 minutes. Over 25 minutes pass and nothing.I got back in line to ask what is going on, I hear a pharmacist call my daughters name just the first name and makes me get out of the long line. I go and she ask info Oh and it's not mine she says it's a different person. That I need to get back in line very rudely to me. Like it was my fault it was a different person She should of called the entire name not just by first name .clearly it was her mistake. I told her I been waiting all day and they told me it would be 20 minutes more. She didn't care gave me and attitude very unprofessional and said just get back in line .Does she not have the correct training to call the whole name .no customer service skills at all . UNPROFESSIONALISM!! a lady with a big wording tattoo around her neck collar bone. She really needs training or this is clearly not a job for her.During all this my newborn is running a fever.This is just ridiculous that there is always something going on with this exact pharmacy other family member have also had problems with this one . What is something what if happened to my daughter between all this waiting time. I had to end up buying something over the counter and wait till I got a call back from her pediatrician for amount to give my newborn. Very disappointing most of the CVS I been to they are always rude to you.

Mar 14, 2017
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  •   Mar 14, 2017

    First baby? They do not call out the entire name because it is against the HIPPA (privacy) law. CVS is a busy pharmacy. Sometimes, you have to wait. As for your newborn having a fever, you could have called your pediatrician right off the bat to see what to give it in the meantime.

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