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I am not sure how well CVS is qualified to handle all of the manage drug benefit programs, for employees of the City of Chicago, the county, the Chicago Board of Education, the City Colleges of Chicago, the transit agency and the agency’s retirees. Their have been so many CVS employees that have been injured in the city of Chicago and they have a horrendous time trying to get their working compensations claims approved. They are expected to work insane hours and yet only get paid 45 hours, while not taking any breaks or lunch's. I know multiple store managers who have been injured and are currently out of work with severe injuries and all the required medical documentation, yet they get the run around from everyone in the company regarding their pay and benefits. If they are not able to take care of their own employees who bust their but for the company, how can we expect them to take care of the all of these employees for thecity of Chicago ?? These store managers are in fear of losing their jobs when they return to work, yet while they were working, upper management didn't seem to care that these managers were working 60-70 hours a week while only getting paid 45 hours, Their are some very serious safety issues at a lot of locations that directly lead to employee injuries, and when reported employees are pressured to return to work while still injured for fear of losing their employment.

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  • Fo
      20th of Jan, 2011

    I'm just another CVS Tech in Southeast-
    Just wanted to say how outstanding of you it is to go beyond what is asked of you by the company to look after those who can't look after themselves! I know CVS underpays you cause it's about the lowest paying drug store chain in North America and yet it is the largest! But still you are going beyond your job description to help others.
    The company may not know what you're worth, but that's long as you do! With the same measure you give it will be given back to you!

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  • Na
      21st of Mar, 2011

    hey, you are not the only one they treat like that there is whole bunch of people like that at the west coast dc in fear of loosing theyre job, almost like slaves, getting fair pay but, working like animals and dont ever think about complainting or you be a target of retaliation from your boss.labor det should do something about it, someone please heeeelp!!!

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  • Fo
      27th of Apr, 2011

    you've got that right, nadia13. I filed a discrimination charge against CVS back in June 2010... after trying to seek protection from the PIC, later the District Pharmacy Supervisor and finally HR.. but got no where. Time was running out for me to file for protection of retaliation, so I went the EEOC route and CVS has sent harrassed me in every way possible.. even sending some one from corporate on 2 different occassions to talk with me, to barter. I proceeded that it was not a matter of settlement, but principle.. and I wanted the retaliation to stop. It later led to this same corporate guy whose name I can't mention... asking me to sign a form that he subjected was just a form stating that matters discussed in the room that day would be kept confidential.. and that it was a standard form. I'd previously obtained legal counsel and was told to beware of GAG orders in disguise and DO NOT sign them. They would forfeit my rights from future protection. So I refused, he got on his plane and left. The EEOC is now in the process of an investigation on my behalf. I hope they see things as they are and not as they appear.. otherwise, when the case is closed... I will no longer be protected from retaliation. So I've just purchased a domain and will be promoting CVS Employees abroad to anonymously share their stories. So please be looking for the site to come up LIVE in the next few weeks. It's

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