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Cvs creates a bad environment to work in. They truly do not care about the people who work for them. If you have a sick child at home and have to leave-too bad. If you are not a pharmacist you are just a piece of sh... To them. I used to go shopping at cvs all the time before I started to work there part time but not anymore. They treat us employees so badly that they are missing out on some of the best customers ever. Us employees. The prices are just outrages in the front store and yes, I still work there but I do not give a crap anymore. I feel badly for the people who need the job to survive. Thank goodness I do not. By the way, I am going shopping at walgreens now because I am being appreciated as a customer. Cvs sucks!!!

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  • Cv
      20th of Mar, 2010

    CVS does not provide for breaks or lunches for pharmacy staff. They will let you take it if you make a loud enough noise, but then the pharmacy is behind because you left for 30 minutes. They absolutely do not have enough help. They do not train their "techs" and expect them to do a job that is as important as mix medicines and count pills. CVS pharmacies are NOT safe.

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  • Wa
      8th of Aug, 2010

    OMG! CVS Sucks so bad that I am a 38 year old mother of two who just used OMG. You would think I would have learned my lesson after the last three unbelievable experiences that I have had there. Unfortunately I felt obligated to try yet another CVS to spend the $50.00 gift card that I received two horrible experiences ago. I did not get to use it the last time I was there because after being called a lier by the pharmacy manager over and over again as she insisted that she took the scripts from me herself and preceded to count them on her three fingers over and over again, " Stating we do not have a script for June that she could not create something from thin air that I never gave her to start with. The astonishing part was that I had the reverse argument last month with another pharmacist that told me that she could not fill my script before June 24 because she did not have a script for May. Unfortunately I have a cancer that has caused tremendous damage to my spine and have to take some Expensive drugs that the Pharmacy will not order without a script and the law will not allow refills I must turn in a separate piece of paper. So My Doc gives me three at a time. If I do not give them CVS in advance they will not order the drug and if I wait I will run out and it can take a week or so before I can walk. Big catch 22 for me because I can't seem to find a CVS that can keep up with them and they may not be faxed or phoned in. Well, I always start the argument a day or to before. I gave you Three in April. No MS. all I have is June nothing for May Yada yada, needless to say a day or two later it miraculously appears only after I take a trip to what ever CVS and make them look. Usually in alot of pain The gift card was not to make up for any bad experiences but for coupons I had. This last fight was a big one because once I called for a refill and they old me for the 4th time that They only see where I picked it up in May. I asked her to check in the used folder since in May all they had was, June and the pharmacist replied, " this is not my first rodeo.". So of course I have to make the monthly trip to the CVS. Doesn't matter which one because I have been taking meds for over a year and they have yet to keep up with them at 4 different CVS at this point. CVS is the only place that will break a box as they come 28 in a box and i need 180. So she proceeds to tell me that I'm lying and she took them herself and not only did I not give it to her but that I could not have had this same problem last month because Someone filled May. Yes after a four hour stand off she finds it. That girl no longer works there of coarse so this is like my 4th fight with this same CVS. She says I'm lying and she can't pull it out of thin air since she took them herself and remembers like it was yesterday. I was guilty at this point of calling her stupid she then explained to me that the nine years of collage she went through made her smart enough to keep up with a piece of paper. Told me to sit in the chair like a 4 year old and when I asked her to call my DR. she said she would not be responsible for me losing my script. Well it had been over an hour at this point and I go to the front to get a phone book. When OOPsie Guess What? Yep she found it the best part was it was in the first place I told rodeo girl to look. She does not apologize She smugly stats that everyone makes mistakes and I said but not everyone calls the customer a lier and counts over and over on there fingers one, two, one two, No June. I then reply that it seems that it seems that her nine years of school was a waste and did not make her any-less stupid. I do realize that that was immature on my part but this as the 4 time at this CVS. Well I ask it for it back and she freaks, well I already ordered $30, 000 worth of the drug just or you, which again not my finest hour told her she could stick it up her well u know. At that point she threatens to call the police and I reminded her that I did not say I was going to stick them but she could and I would be happy to tell the police how stupid you are. Needless to say I did not use my gift card. You would think it could not get any worse so tonight I went to buy some cosmetics as kinda of a hobby since I went from working 70 hours a week to disabled. I walked in at 9:30 and they have two carts full of clearance stuff. FUN so I start digging and grab a ton of stuff about 9:45 this guys walks up to me and says are you finding everything OK, which I replied yes and that I realize that you close soon and I will try to hurry well i get some markers for 2 year old and some request for my 14 year old and then go to the make-up area with my list. He had been following me around for the last five minutes and reminds me that they close in two minutes. Well I worked in the hospitality restaurant business for over twenty years and when we close at ten does not mean we lock the door at nine and let people dine till 10. They are welcome to enter the establishment until ten to do business. I have waited from 10 till 2:30 hundreds of times for those last late diners and treat them with the same pleasant demeanor that I would if they would have come in at 7:00. Especially now people should be happy they have a job. Anyway I had no intention of staying late but five more minutes with out following me would allowed me to check out the his and hers but I relinquished my quest for personal items and was herded to the register at like 10:06. I then let the girl know because I was being tag teamed at this point that I tried to get things that were priced but the bargain bin was quite disheveled. I was careful to watch the ringing up of items as the mark downs were huge. Well the colors or things without a sticker rang up at full price of coarse and I pointed it out and he said well that is what it is then, while he had to punch in the prices for the other items which all rang up as taxable item. Well he said these are full price so I turned around and grabbed a big handful of them from the bargain basket and started looking for prices well he got mad at this point and went to the back to look like I was trying to get something over on him. Wouldn't u know it all the unmarked items I had were in fact discontinued and were $1.25 while he was trying to charge me $8.99. I had about 40 items or so and had to let a few bargains get away since he refuse to investigate and did not even give me the items that were on sale for buy one get one 1/2 off. Anyway it came to like $147.00 not a bad sale in this climate on unnecessary junk. Well I gave him my gift card and surprise $0 Balance two CVS idiots ago did not put any money on my gift card which I asked my husband about as I normally get two $25 each with two coupons. He said the girl said she put it on the same one. So he calls and it would seem that some how I had a new gift card that has never been used and had a $0 balance(GO CVS!) Now its like 10:15 and he is trowing things around IM so rushed I'm dropping things looking for my credit card and when I finally get out the door is cracked open about two feet they meet in the middle. The girl follows me to the door and has I exit I'm fumbling for keys and there was a loud nose like a gun shot. I jumped like two feet dropped all my crap broke my keys! I looked down I thought I was shot! When I turn around It was the girl she slammed the door so hard I almost had a heart attack. I'm in tears with pain trying to bend over and collect all my stuff from my purse and my bags. My keys fell apart and I was scared to death in a pitch black parking lot trying to collect all my stuff. Me and Bluecross spent over $100, 000 on scripts last year me only like $2, 500 but still and the kicker my receipt has like $17.00 in Bonus bucks on it. I am truly scared to ever go back to any CVS any where I am so thankful my local Harris Teeter agreed to manage my medication for me. Where do they get these people. I truly am worried for my children when this is what people have become. A product of taking God out of the schools and parents letting their children run wild. I am not proud that the pharmacist at CVS have driven me to the point where I even called the girl stupid that should never happen and I apologize to society for adding to the problem but enough is enough CVS SUCKS. Ohh one last bit from the past incident when I walked out the regional manager called me at home and said that they have had a huge problem losing scripts and that they would like me to know that they are working on a new computer system to help with this problem. I guess the days of filing things in alphabetical order went the way of the egyptians. People wonder what happened to them when they were so far ahead I guess CVS moved in and started training employees and stupid spread like wild fire. SQUARE PEG ROUND HOLE! SQAURE PEG ROUND HOLE! Concord NC

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  • No
      15th of Dec, 2011

    You sound like a nut case. Obviously, your 3 prescriptions that you are yakking about are narcotics. Don't be stupid and turn over all of your 3 narcotic scripts at once. Just give them each month when you need them. I am a pharmacist, and I can't stand when you nutcases go crazy over your Oxycontin. The law is strict about those types of meds so you have to be kind and courteous to whoever pharmacist you are dealing with b/c most of us pharmacists think your type of customers are just plain hooked. If you make it difficult or cause a scene, then the more we don't want to deal with your type and tell you we don't have it nor can we get it in. Those with long term narcotic scripts should choose one pharmacy and get to know the pharmacists on a name basis so they can trust you and give you good service.

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