CVS Pharmacy / after they changed the people working in there pharmacy I have had nothing but problems

United States

After they changed the people working in there pharmacy I have had nothing but problems. Today was the icing on the cake a young and I’m going to say it as it is, smart ### girl named Brandy first lied to my boyfriend, then to me, and then to cover her ### her boss. I will no longer be doing business with them. I’m the customer and they should do anything possible to help me instead of argue with me. And especcially lie to her boss. This is the CVS at Pryder and McCarren. It took 6 hours to get a hand written script from my Dr. good thing it wasn’t med. nessicary or I’d be dead. Get the other people back or train the new ones good customer service not how to be total ###.

Trying to get some stuffs from CVS and used their coupons. When I check out, the CVS staff was stare at me like I will steal things. When I scanned two coupons, she said you can only scan two which is something I dont understand. Why Cant I scan more than two coupons? And the computer accepted my coupons but the lady took out the coupons and said you didn’t meet the requirements for these coupons and I’m going to void them. So I said I don’t want to buy anything now. Since she ruined my day, I decided to leave without buying anything. But she suddenly I was stealing if I used the coupons.

How can a staff called a customer stealing just because the customer misused the coupons? I was very mad and I do NOT want to go back again. CVS needs to tell the employees how to treat customers!!!

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