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CVS - Gaithersburg, Maryland / tragic experience!

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My name is Gary Bishop and I live here in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am a man of 47 and have never in all of my lifetime had an experience so tragic as to what happened to me on May 19. 2007. It was a Saturday and I had spent most of the day over at Lakeforest Mall shopping center. I had my mom with me and she wanted to stop at the CVS drugstore located at 546 North Frederick Avenue. I drove her there and go inside. I tell my mother that I am tired from the shopping and I would wait in front by a patio display. CVS had set up a patio table and chairs and they looked very inviting to a shopper who had spent the day on his/her feet. I sat down and my mom walked into the shampoo isle just a few feet away. No sooner had I sat down when my cell phone went off and so I took the call. I talked with a friend for maybe one minute when Joy, the store manager comes inside with 4-5 shopping cart baskets. She eyes me and immediately comes over and shouts, "these chairs are for display only and you must get up." She sounded off like Marine Sergeant. I was really taken aback at her nasty tone of voice to me and so I rushed through my phone call but before I could get off the phone this "manager" circles the front end of the store and immediately returns asking me if I was with someone. I found that to be none of her business but I told her I was in the store shopping with my mom, who by the way was standing there witnessing the whole sorted ordeal. Once again she leaves my presence and does her little walk over the front of the store and returns asking me if I had prescriptions to be picked up. I ignored her question that time and decided to go up front and purchase some candy and wait outside until my mom ended her shopping. I then see this Joy at a cash register so I side-stepped her line and go to another cashier. Once I got to the front of the line I noticed that the man was an assistant manager. I began explaining to him what hell this Joy woman was dishing out to me and he just shook his head but said nothing. His actions spoke volumes to me as to how he was relating to Joy from the past. Well, as I began to detail how badly I had been treated Joy stops her transaction with a customer and comes over to us and begins shouting "if you have a problem come to me. I am the manager" She is also pointing at her badge that's going to impress me. Not only was she shouting at the top of her lungs at me I then find out she is a manager. I didn't know that at the time while I sat at the patio display. If she is a manager I am wondering how on earth that can be. It makes no sense. Well, after she shouted it out to me she was a manager I then turn to her in a cool and calm voice telling her I was going to file a harassment suit against the CVS for her attitude. I plan on doing that after I have spoken with top management. I wrote in my complaint letter I just mailed off that if she is this demanding and nasty to an adult customer I am wondering what her rapport is with small children who come into this store and the parents let them move about the store freely. This woman is the devil. Plain and simple and I would hate the thought of having a boss like her. Being that said I am indeed going to make her life as miserable as she made mine this past Saturday. Thank you readers for reading my post. If any of you have had similar experiences like this please feel free to write me.

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  • Lo
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    I am so glad you wrote a complaint to those above her. I would have been very angry & upset being scolded like a child from this so-called manager. I guess she is proud of herself since she feels the need to scream it to anyone within ear shot. Hopefully she is humiliated by her boss so she knows what it feels like.

  • Bu
      14th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    oh yes and I just bet you were all calm and nice and sweet. Notice you never see a comment where the perp was ticked off and angry. Perhaps you gave some attitude when asked to please stay off the displays because you were upset at having to hull your mom all over town. Remember stores do have to sell this stuff and I as a consumer do not want to purchase an item you have had your nasty butt on.

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