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CVS / pharmacy abominations

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I have worked for CVS since Sept. '08 as a pharmacy tech and all I have to say is that, from my experience, most pharmacy employees could care less about helping customers and are only concerned with satisfying their own needs. They enjoy working at production (the station where prescriptions are filled) and data entry (where prescriptions are dropped off) but God forbid they should help a customer at the registers or at drive-thru. They feel as though they're gods or something because they're handling drugs and then forget about our most important commitment, which is supposed to be customer service. They feel like they're too good to be operating a cash register and dealing with customers.
That's where I come into the picture. I get shafted every time I show up to work. I am stuck at the registers and at drive-thru for hours on end, day after day, because that is the least coveted position at the pharmacy and I am viewed as being too incompetent for technical work by the pharmacists. Hmmm...I wonder why that is? Maybe because I HARDLY EVER get the chance to work at production or data entry, thereby becoming less and less efficient at my job, while the others, being there all day every day, are getting better and faster. We are supposed to rotate around the pharmacy every few hours, but that doesn't really happen. And most of my co-workers are just terrible people, period.
The lead pharmacist is a [censored], the other one is a [censored] with a capital B, and the third is just a freak. I swear, they are some of the weirdest people I have every dealt with in my entire life. And some of the technicians are sooooo passive aggressive that I just want to lash out and punch them in the face. For example, here are some case scenarios on what I may experience in a typical work day:
1) I FINALLY get to production and I customer shows up (typical) and the other tech (who has been there all day) is busy with her finger up her butt. The pharmacist says to me, "Ben, I need you up front" while I'm in the middle of filling a prescription while the other tech is doing nothing at all (or will sometimes make herself look as though she's busy). As soon as I leave to help the customer, she'll take over, and when I finally get back to production the prescription has been filled.
2) At last, I get to data entry to enter a prescription that has been sent electronically, but lo and behold, someone pulls into drive-thru. Once again, I hear the pharmacist, "Ben, I need you at drive-thru" while the other technician is standing around, either texting on his cell phone or making himself look busy...I swear this "making yourself look busy" is a classic pharmacy tech ploy when they don't want to help a customer. I proceed to drive-thru and, much to my surprise, when I return he has finished entering the prescription.
3) I once again find myself in production (a rare sight) and there is a freshly entered prescription that needs to be filled. I try to print the label, but wait! It's already been printed at another printer by another tech (they're not supposed to do this). He knows I want to fill the prescription but is doing this to spite me and to gratify his own wants...mostly the latter.
4) There is a long line at drive-thru and one of my co-workers is there at the window (a sight for sore eyes). As soon as the car pulls away, he dashes from the window as fast as he can in order to avoid the next customer. Soon, the computerized male voice on the pharmacy phone's speakers announces "One Drive-up Call" and I am summoned to take over because he's too special to be working at a drive-thru window and proceeds to production.
The list goes on and on.
Also, most of my co-workers are buddies but they exclude me from their circle and never invite me to hang out with them. It's very rude of them to talk about going out after work or getting together on the weekend and not even asking me if I would like to join them. They're not obligated to invite me but it would be nice of them not talk about their get-togethers right in front of my really hurts.
By the way, CVS employees are entitled to one 30 minute unpaid lunch break (who the hell has time to eat their lunch in 30 minutes?) or two paid 15 minute breaks, not both. I have actually lost some weight because of this and it is worsening my gastrointestinal problems because I have to practically inhale my food as opposed to chewing it thoroughly. The pay also SUCKS! I have actually increased my alcohol consumption because of all the stress I am dealing with. Sometimes I will go home craving a drink just to forget about my horrible day at work. As soon as I get nationally certified I am leaving this hell-on-earth called CVS.

The moral of this story is that CVS sucks. Wal-Mart is so much better.

Take care, everybody!

- Ben

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  • Mo
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I call the cvs on yesterday to get a refill on my medicine in montgomery alabama the pharmacy department I always have to get them to call the
    doctors office for my refill my I add that the doctors
    office is closed on friday. Because I was in georgia with my mother in the hospital I couldn't jump up and go to the doctor to pick the refill up I ask Lela the lady at cvs would she please fax that to my Doctor she told me no She didn't care that other cvs did this for their patients She wasn't going to to do it I thought to myself This lady have a problem working for cvs I really didn't think cvs should ever say they have good customer service ever again . Well I can say wal green was the place that fax my medicine to my doctors at 730 at night Thank god for walgreen the pain was really bad for me and I could hardly stand

  • Ro
      11th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ben, stop whining and talk to your Pharmacy Supervisor. Talk to your pharmacy trainer, talk to your store manager. And stop assuming Walmart is better, same crap, different pharmacy.

  • Ro
      11th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    And it is not their job to call your doctors office for you, it is your responsibility. Most doctors offices around where I work require patient calls, and even refuse to take pharmacy calls for it, because of patient non-compliance.

  • La
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    30 minutes is enough. without a doubt.

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