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CVS - pharmacist rude!

I have been going to my neighborhood cvs for years!
I had a busted blood vessel in my eye, it burned and hurt terribly, I went inside the store to get my rx asap, I told the pharmacist, please help me I was crying in pain for the burning in my eye. She said its too bad, because our normal wait time is 45 minutes!
I have never been treated so rudely, by a so called health professional!
Her initials were s. M. I never saw her there before and hope to never see her again!
I left the rx and came back to the drive through an hour later for my rx. I went home and applied warm compresses until I could get my rx, they were eye drops and only needed to have a label slapped on it!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Carrie Baby
Tunnel Hill, US
Oct 09, 2009 11:01 pm EDT

I guess you have never worked at a pharmacy before. There is alot more that goes with just"slapping a label on it". First of all you are not the only sick person dropping of a script. Most people don't go to a pharmacy because they feel great. Do you think it's fair to telling Mr. John Smith who just had a tooth yanked and who's mouth is throbbing with pain and was there before you that you have to put his script aside because you feel yours should take top priority. Then there may be insurance problems, doctor's bad hand writing, and if there is only so many tech's on shift then these problems do take extra time. Then there's filling and then phamacist verifying to make sure you and other's get the right medication and no interactions to other medications you are taking. So 45 minutes that you were told it would take doesn't seem all that bad. The pharmacy that I work at your told 15 to 20 minutes and that's no promise either. I wish for once we could just say "as long as it takes". Mistake are made when speed takes over safety. So please for your safety give us the time to do it right.

Stupidtown, US
Aug 11, 2009 8:12 pm EDT

While I was at first incensed as a fellow human being at your treatment, your last comment that it just needed "label slapped on it" took care of it. I don't agree with the employees attitude or behavior, but your assumption that its as easy as snapping your fingers is wrong. Possibly there could have been at least 100 orders in there before yours, and dozens of customers saying "now" when asked when they wanted to pick it up.

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