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CVS - painkiller profiling

My Prescriptions for Pain Killers has been refused on numerous occasions at the CVS on Springside road in Westampton NJ Store #2094 For various reasons, I have an idea that I am being profiled, I am not one who would make this accusation lightly but I seem to be the only one who can't fill MY Prescription for percocet I have no trouble getting my Diabetes and Blood Pressure Medications but I have to send someone else or go to a different CVS (Mt.

Laurel) for MY painkillers, I have been given all kinds of reasons why (they can't read it, it's not filled out correctly, ect.) I have told my doctor about it and he is extra careful with writing the Prescription. Last Sunday 5/10/09 not only did they not fill the Prescription the Pharmacist proceeded to grill me about how many pills I take a day and why I need them. this CVS is close to home and I have to go to a different CVS to get my Painkillers. I need to know if any other African American males are having this Problem. I have heard that people sell their drugs on the street I am not one of those people and I resent being scutinized as such.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Ringwood, US
Aug 20, 2009 3:16 am EDT

When it comes top certain drugs, they HAVE to be 100% sure that they can read a prescription and that all of the information is there and filled out correctly. This isn't a matter where they think you're going to sell it on the street. The pharmacy is liable for your health and safety. If they misread something or something isn't right, there could be serious complications. They won't take a Script for something as simple as the date not being written on it. They CAN'T. & If they're grilling you about how much you take, it's because too much is bad. And it's not necessarily you that is the problem. Many doctors over-prescribe narcotics. Taking too many narcotics, (or of any drug) can cause long term effects.

Stupidtown, US
Aug 11, 2009 8:56 pm EDT

dude, the second you played the race card I was done. What directions are they putting on there? If they write it for more than the recommended dose that might be a factor. Also, if they post date it, don't completely fill it out, they can refuse to fill it. Actually, they can refuse to fill it -period. They don't have to explain why. If you have that many problems, just go to another pharmacy.

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