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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CVS - evil, heartless manager!

This CVS is located on a busy intersection. I stopped there on April 2, 2009 to get a few things on my way home from work around 5:30 (rush hour traffic). I was standing in line at the cash register when I heard another customer say, "Hey, there's a dog in here." Sure enough, around the corner came an adorable little puppy wagging her tail and jumping all over me. I work at a local pet care facility here in Fort Wayne so I'm sure the smell of the many dogs I come in contact with daily attracted the puppy to me. I tried to keep her near me in the store so I could take her home and proceed to find her owners. The manager of CVS came and picked her up and threw her out into the parking lot with no collar, leash or any supervision while I was still in line. Traffic was zooming by on the streets and he just didn't give a hoot. I wanted to scream at him at the top of my lungs for being such a heartless ### but evil like that can feel no remorse, what would have been the point. So I shot him the evil eye while he walked through the store with a big, mean, scowl on his stupid face. I left my things at the counter and ran out to grab the puppy before she got hit by a car and brought her home. I contacted Animal Control to file a found report. Unfortunately, Animal Control is just as prejudiced and ignorant as the majority of America about Pit Bulls. This was a puppy, not even a year old, and sweet as could be but since she's a Pit Bull, if the owner didn't come for her within 3 days, Animal Control would euthanize her. Now, my thoughts on that are a whole 'nother story and I'll probably write a complaint about that, too. So, I called the local SPCA, who are lovingly known for being a no-kill shelter but they didn't have any room for her. Now she's living in my basement until I hear from the owners or 30 days pass and I will be considered her guardian, in which case I will find her a good home.
Point is, even if having a dog in the store is frowned upon by management, throwing a harmless and helpless animal into the busy streets is frowned upon by everyone who has at least a little bit of heart. I told him I was going to take her with me and he threw her out anyway, with not a bit of consideration for the animal's safety or the concern of the customers who were watching this whole ordeal.
Even though this CVS is about 3 blocks away from my home, I think I'll travel the extra half-mile to Walgreen's from now on until that jerk is gone.
Customer Service is not just about service. It's about being human, with feelings, integrity, and compassion. This man had none.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Ringwood, US
Aug 20, 2009 3:31 am EDT

Simple.. animals are not allowed in the store. He can get fired & the CVS can be shut down by the board of health. People are allergic and who knows what the dog could have. Safety of people & following the rules comes first.

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