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9497 Ralston Rd., Arvada, CO, United States
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Phone: 3035527845

My phone has had no service since 2/18/14 (Today is 2/25/14) I went to the arvada store on tuesday, they said they had it fixed. Tuesday evening I had no service.. Wednesday no ride (I am disabled & don't drive)... Thursday, they also said it was fixed... Again, by the time I got home, no service.. Sunday... Back again !!! Pablo called the corporate office, they troubleshooted the phone. I callled for my ride... Got home... & no service !!! Tuesday... Once again got a ride to the cricket store (Pissed off at this time) the fellow troubleshooted my phone again, then told me that I needed to go to the corporate office they would take care of me. I begged my driver lady (Who is fed up with me & my phone to the point of cussing) to take me to the wheat ridge corporate office. Gabby called th supplier & ordered another phone. S o o o o... Now, I have to wait for a new phone to arrive.
I depend on my phone for medical reasons. I have brain damage from a car accident and it's literally my "life line !!! I have to contact somebody when I need a ride, but, no ^&%$ing phone !!!
I was told at the arvada store that I would be compensated at the corporate office for my troubles. Gabby at the corporate office told me that I needed to talk to the arvada office & they would.
I am tired of getting the "run around" I can be "the straw that breaks the crickets back" if this problem is not resolved.
I have absolutely nothing else to do, seeing how I am disabled and tired of being pushed back and forth. This will be fixed, one way or another !!!

... Sincerely,...
... Troy babb.. ...

Feb 25, 2014

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