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The creditone website has a feature which allows users to establish text or email messages warning them of things like being over limit (Which shouldn't be allowed to happen, at all), or warning of an upcoming due date. I paid all but fifty cents of my balance due, and completely forgot about the remaining change... It's certainly not an issue for me to pay it - it was just a matter of logistics (I have two bank accounts and only had the routing and account information for one of them, because my computer died).

Lately, i've been receiving lots of phone calls, so I thought i'd look to see who it was. It turns out that it's creditone. So, I stroll online to check my account, and find that they have charged me a $25.00 late fee. For fifty cents... Which I simply forgot to pay. I would have set up a reminder, of course, but their website warning service isn't actually functioning. I cannot reasonably justify paying 25.00 for a 0.50 oversight.

I faxed them... Letting them know that i'll pay the fifty cents when they remove the fee, and that if they don't, i'll pay my bill on the 25th... And then i'll close my card. We'll see one happens.

CreditOne Bank

Mar 14, 2013
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  •   Mar 14, 2013

    Why can’t I haz my gubbermint cheeze?

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  • Br
      Mar 14, 2013

    If you're implying that I am either uneducated or living off of the government, you are grossly mistaken. I have four college degrees and am a licensed professional in my field. That being said, given your history of comments on others' posts, I cannot help but to think that your primary goal here is to troll and insult others. I would caution you, though, to leave your bitterness and assumptions at the door, lest you knock your teeth down your throat with the force exerted as you ram your foot into your mouth.

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  • Br
      Mar 14, 2013

    To the first response implying that I live off of the government or am uneducated: I have four college degrees. The latter two are both masters degrees in areas of my field of expertise. I have several years of experience and am currently a graduate student pursuing a doctoral degree. You should probably consider whether you have the authority to judge others before you open your mouth, lest you find yourself choking down the teeth you've inadvertently kicked out when you crammed your foot into your mouth. After having read the other comments you've posted, I can tell that you're quite simply a conservative troll who gets her rocks off by bashing other people. Really, you should piece together whatever semblance of a life remains in your sad, little world and attempt to establish relationships that aren't founded upon insulting others in a futile attempt to uplift yourself.

    To the second response, you're absolutely right with regard to the amount that I paid... it was misleading - I had made the minimum payment... not the entire amount. If I were to have paid off the full amount, there would be absolutely no reason for a late charge (and subsequently a post), as the minimum payment would have been paid in full. That being said, as you'll note from the screen-shot I posted, there remains a balance due of 0.50, and there was a late charge applied on 3/11. It is not customary to apply late fees to accounts which are currently in good standing or in which the full payment had been made. Given the industry standard, the company would have waited until their cutoff time for payment posting on the due date of my payment (which was 3/11). I will not have another late charge next month, as my payment for next month is not due until somewhere around (as you cleverly pointed out) 30-days following the previous payment... which would place it on or about 4/11. SO, I didn't miss the payment this month as well... I actually didn't miss any payments, I missed 2% of one payment (a total of fifty cents) which, you'll notice - assuming you actually review my complaint and the associated image - was not due in February. While it may be customary for some to wait until the last possible minute to pay their bills, I tend to pay mine as soon as they become available.

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